Mapendekezo yataonyeshwa baada ya kuandika kwenye sehemu ya utafutaji. Tumia mishale ya juu na chini ili kutathmini. Tumia ingia ili kuchagua. Ikiwa maneno yaliyochaguliwa ni kifungu cha maneno, kifungu hicho kitawasilishwa kwenye utafutaji. Ikiwa pendekezo hilo ni kiunganishi, kivinjari kitaelekeza kwenye ukurasa huo.
Jinsi ya kufanya

Taarifa za usalama kwenye matangazo

Safety is one of our top priorities. To help prevent surprises and ensure transparency, we ask that Hosts welcome guests responsibly by completing all safety and accessibility sections with helpful details about what to expect.

What sections to update

Make sure you complete the House rules and Health and safety info sections in addition to detailing the information below in your description. Listings that don’t include safety information will contain warnings in the Things to Know section. Guests should review everything and message Hosts for additional info.

Safety considerations

Describe the property and its surroundings:

  • Pool/hot tub: Direct access to a swimming pool or hot tub protected by a gate or lock
  • Body of water: Direct, unrestricted access to an ocean, pond, creek, etc. on or near the property
  • Climbing or play structure: Direct, unrestricted access to a playset, swing, slide, ropes, etc.
  • Unprotected heights: Access to an area or structure higher than 1.4 meters/4.6 feet that doesn’t have a rail or other protection

Safety devices

We do not allow security cameras or other recording devices indoors, except in limited circumstances, such as certain listings where cameras are required by applicable law. Hosts are required to inform guests of permitted security cameras, recording devices, or noise decibel monitors on the property, even if they’re turned off or disconnected. This will show in the Safety & Property section.

Let guests know about the presence of things like:

  • Exterior security cameras or recording device: Devices that are exterior to the listing that capture, record, or transmit video, images, or audio should be disclosed.
  • Noise decibel monitor: Devices that assess noise, sound levels, and their duration that do not record audio should be disclosed and are not allowed in bedrooms, bathrooms, or sleeping areas.
  • Smoke alarm: Devices that detect and warn of the presence of smoke and/or fire—if not present or if the Host does not address whether the smoke alarm is present not, “Smoke alarm not reported” will show on the listing.
  • CO detector: If present, carbon monoxide detectors should be noted under Amenities—if not present or if the Host does not address whether the CO detector is present or not, “Carbon monoxide alarm not reported” will show on the listing, possibly followed by a statement that it’s not needed.

Property info

Inform guests of the following:

  • Parking: How many vehicles they can park on the property, on-street parking information, etc.
  • Pets: Type and number of pets on the property, and where they can usually be found or where they’re off-limits
  • Shared spaces: Whether they should expect to share any spaces (kitchen, bathroom, patio, etc.) with others
  • Stairs: Whether they’ll need to walk up and down stairs during their stay
  • Noise: Whether there may be unavoidable noise, such as traffic, construction, or noise from nearby businesses
  • Amenity limitations: Whether guests may not have access to things they expect, such as wifi, running water, or an indoor shower—find out which amenities are considered essential by Airbnb
  • Weapons on property: Whether there is at least one weapon on the property. All weapons must be properly safely secured and stored.
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