Mapendekezo yataonyeshwa baada ya kuandika kwenye sehemu ya utafutaji. Tumia mishale ya juu na chini ili kutathmini. Tumia ingia ili kuchagua. Ikiwa maneno yaliyochaguliwa ni kifungu cha maneno, kifungu hicho kitawasilishwa kwenye utafutaji. Ikiwa pendekezo hilo ni kiunganishi, kivinjari kitaelekeza kwenye ukurasa huo.
Jinsi ya kufanya

Nini kitakachotokea baada ya kupiga picha zangu za kitaalamu?

After the shoot, the Airbnb photography team carefully reviews each photo to make sure your home looks its best. If the photos don’t meet our standards or we think there’s room for improvement, we’ll send them back to the photographer for additional editing and processing.

Photo reviews

Our team edits and reviews all images before uploading them directly to your listing. We’ll upload them within 2-4 weeks, depending on the number of edits and reviews required. Once we approve the photos, we’ll upload them to your listing and notify you.

We’ll upload photos that showcase your space from different angles, including wide-angle images and close-up shots. You’ll get at least 12 photos, but the total number depends on the size of your home.

We won’t accept or upload any photos that don’t meet our standards. For example, we won’t accept multiple photos of the same feature, or photos that use angles or processing to make your home appear differently than it does in person.

Saving your photos

We’ll upload the photos directly to your listing and they’ll be visible to everyone on Airbnb. If you’d like to get copies of the photos, please follow these instructions:

To save your photos to your computer:

  1. Go to Your listings on
  2. Click your cover photo or listing title to view the photos
  3. Scroll to Photos and click Edit
  4. Right-click or control-click the photo you want to save, then click Open image in new tab.
  5. In the new tab, right-click or control-click on the photo and click Save. To save high-resolution images, remove the “/im” after “.com” in the URL.

We want you to enjoy and share your photos, but note that they’re for your personal use only, and cannot be used on another real estate or rental site.

Je, makala hii ilikusaidia?

Makala yanayohusiana