Nenda mbele ili upate matokeo yaliyopendekezwa

    Hariri anwani ya tangazo lako

    You can only edit your listing address before you accept your first booking. Once guests have stayed there, or if you have an upcoming reservation, you’ll need to contact us to change it.

    Ili kuhariri anwani ya tangazo lako

    1. Nenda kwenye Matangazo kisha uchague tangazo lako
    2. Chini ya Maelezo ya tangazo, nenda kwenye Eneo
    3. Karibu na Anwani, bofya Hariri
    4. Hariri anwani yako, kisha ubofye Hifadhi

    If you’ve moved or you’re listing a new place, you’ll need to create a new Airbnb listing

    You can also customize how your listing is shown on the map to be more general or specific in public search results. But for safety and convenience, always provide confirmed guests with your listing’s exact address and map location.

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