Mapendekezo yataonyeshwa baada ya kuandika kwenye sehemu ya utafutaji. Tumia mishale ya juu na chini ili kutathmini. Tumia ingia ili kuchagua. Ikiwa maneno yaliyochaguliwa ni kifungu cha maneno, kifungu hicho kitawasilishwa kwenye utafutaji. Ikiwa pendekezo hilo ni kiunganishi, kivinjari kitaelekeza kwenye ukurasa huo.
Jinsi ya kufanya

Mimi ni mtumiaji kutoka China Bara. Ninaweza kutumiaje haki zangu kuhusu matumizi ya data?

If you reside in mainland China, you can find helpful information relating to personal information protection such as deleting your account and access or modifying personal information in this article. If you have more questions about personal information protection, please email us.

How do I delete my account?

Deleting your account will result in the permanent closure of your Airbnb account that can't be reversed. Once your account deletion request has been processed, we'll no longer be able to provide our services to you. Please note that unless otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations, your account and personal information will be deleted once you have your account successfully deleted. You'll need to create a new account if you want to use Airbnb again.

You may not be able to complete the deletion of your account if you’re a guest and you have an upcoming trip, unpaid trip, or outstanding refund

Kufuta akaunti yako

  1. Nenda kwenye Akaunti > Faragha na kushiriki
  2. Chini ya Dhibiti data ya akaunti yako, bofya Futa akaunti yako
  3. Chagua nchi unamoishi
  4. Chagua sababu iliyokufanya usitishe akaunti yako
  5. Bofya Inayofuata
  6. Bofya Futa akaunti

How do I deactivate my account?

When you deactivate your account, any current reservations you have will be deemed automatically canceled by you, and the relevant cancellation policy will apply. If you want to deactivate your account, please see below.

Sitisha akaunti yako

1. Nenda kwenye Akaunti > Kuingia kwenye akaunti na usalama

2. Chini ya Akaunti, bofya Sitisha

3. Chagua sababu iliyokufanya usitishe akaunti yako

4. Bofya Endelea

5. Bofya Sitisha akaunti

How to access, rectify, and delete your personal information

You can edit your account settings, as well as some information on your public profile, from your Account section. Go to on Edit your account settings to learn more.

You can also request deletion of the following personal information by email:

  • Personal information collected without your consent
  • Personal information processed in violation of applicable laws, standards, and agreements
  • We stopped operating Airbnb (in which case we'll let you know as soon as we can by reasonable means)

Upon receipt of your request, we will delete your relevant personal information as soon as possible, unless otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations or by regulatory authorities to retain.

Please note that in order to maintain the trust and safety of our community, we may need to ensure that certain personal information, such as date of birth, is authentic, accurate and cannot be changed at will. Hence, not all information you provided may be changed at any time.

If you have successfully deleted your account, your personal information will be deleted accordingly, unless otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations or by regulatory authorities to retain.

Requesting your data

To request a copy of your personal data, go to the Privacy & sharing section of your Account and select Request your personal data. You have a choice of selecting between the HTML format, the excel format, or the JSON format when making your request. Once your data request is processed, you'll receive an email informing you that your data is available as a downloadable data file.

Note: The data file is available for download for a limited time only. If you do not download the data file by the specified date, you'll have to submit the request again

How to withdraw my consent

Within the scope of requirements by applicable laws and regulations, you may request to withdraw your prior consent for our collection and processing of your personal information in the following ways.

You may exercise your right to opt out from receiving marketing emails, notifications, messages, tips or subscriptions of updates on policies and community news by logging in to your account and following these steps:

  1. Go to the Airbnb website, and click on the Profile icon, then click Account and Notifications
  2. After logging into the Airbnb mobile app, click on Profile > Settings > Notifications

You may also turn off the device permissions granted to us by going to Privacy or Settings.

Personalized recommendation: Go to the Settings in our mobile app or turn off personalized recommendation for stays/experiences.

Please note that withdrawing your consent does not affect the legality of any processing activities based on that consent before its withdrawal. You can also request us to explain the rules of our personal information processing activities by emailing us.

Je, makala hii ilikusaidia?

Makala yanayohusiana

Pata msaada kuhusu nafasi ulizoweka, akaunti na kadhalika.
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