Nenda mbele ili upate matokeo yaliyopendekezwa

    Ninaweza kuunganishaje Facebook na Google kwenye akaunti yangu ya Airbnb?

    When you connect your Facebook or Google account to Airbnb, you'll see how you're connected to others on those accounts, either directly or through mutual friends, depending on your privacy settings. Your social accounts will also highlight your Airbnb activity, which may include your username, profile photo, and recent locations you visited, to your friends on your social accounts who are also on Airbnb.

    Kuunganisha akaunti zako za Facebook na Google

    1. Nenda kwenye Akaunti
    2. Bofya Kuingia na usalama
    3. Nenda kwenye Akaunti za kijamii, chagua Unganisha karibu na kila akaunti kisha ufuate maelekezo

    Ili kukata muunganisho, fuata hatua kisha uchague Kata muunganisho karibu na kila akaunti unayotaka kuzima.

    When you turn a Facebook or Google account off, your Airbnb account remains connected to that account. However, your Airbnb activity won't be shared with that account’s friends on Airbnb.

    Your public Airbnb activity, such as Wish Lists you've created or reviews you've written, will still be shown to other people on Airbnb.

    If you've enabled a Facebook or Google account but don't see any connections, it might be that your friends from that account aren't active yet on Airbnb. Refer them to earn travel credits.

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