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Sehemu maarufu za kukodisha wakati wa likizo mjini Santa Cristina Gela

Wageni wanakubali: sehemu hizi za kukaa zimepewa makadirio ya juu kwa upande wa mahali, usafi na zaidi.

Da Totino - Trattoria & Camere
Chumba cha kujitegemea · Wageni 2 · kitanda 1 · Bafu 1 la kujitegemea

Da Totino - Trattoria & CamereCamere con arredi nuovi - Il prezzo esposto si intende per ogni notte in una camera doppia o matrimoniale. In caso di più camere (max 2 persone per camere) il prezzo finale sarà pari al multiplo del prezzo esposto per ogni camera prenotata.

The house of wine
Nyumba ya makazi nzima · Wageni 4 · vitanda 3 · Bafu 1

The house of wineComfortable and quiet accommodation located in an old stone house in the center of Piana degli Albanesi, the most important Albanian colony of Sicily founded in the fifteenth century, located at 720 slm, just 30 minutes from Palermo and among two splendid nature reserves: Serre della Pizzuta and Lake Piana degli Albanesi. The house of wine is perfect for those who want a digital detox holiday without tv and wifi to find themselves among nature,trekking,history and good wine.

Casa in campagna
Nyumba ya mjini nzima · Wageni 5 · vitanda 4 · Mabafu 2

Casa in campagnaCasa nelle campagne tra Monreale e Giacalone. Aria pulita in mezzo alla natura a 15 minuti da Palermo e Monreale. Il mezzo di trasporto proprio è indispensabile in quanto la zona è servita da una navetta che passa con frequenza molto bassa. A 5 minuti presente uno dei ristoranti migliori di Palermo (il ragno ristorante). A 7 minuti dall'acquapark di Monreale).

Sehemu za kukodisha wakati wa likizo kwa kila mtindo

Pata nafasi ambayo ni sahihi kwako.

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Ukodishaji wa makazi mengine ya likizo ya kifahari huko Santa Cristina Gela

  1. Vila nzima
  2. Giacalone
House of Pine
$39 kwa usiku
  1. Chumba cha kujitegemea
  2. Piana degli Albanesi
Pernottamento E Colazione in Maneggio
$21 kwa usiku
  1. Nyumba ya kupangisha nzima
  2. Belmonte Mezzagno
Casa vacanze Belmonte Mezzagno (PA)
$41 kwa usiku
  1. Chumba cha kujitegemea
  2. Marineo
Oasi Lega Internazionale Vigilanza - CAMERA 2
$34 kwa usiku
  1. Nyumba ya kupangisha nzima
  2. Pioppo
La foresteria di Villa Mirto il camerone
$33 kwa usiku
Bado hakuna tathmini
  1. Chumba cha kujitegemea
  2. Piana degli Albanesi
Camera nel verde di Piana degli Albanesi
$55 kwa usiku
Bado hakuna tathmini
  1. Vila nzima
  2. Marineo
country accomodation
$29 kwa usiku
Bado hakuna tathmini
  1. Nyumba ya makazi nzima
  2. Piana degli Albanesi
$89 kwa usiku
  1. Kitanda na kifungua kinywa nzima
  2. Altofonte (Piano Maglio)
$29 kwa usiku
  1. Chumba cha kujitegemea
  2. Marineo
Agriturismo Parco Vecchio
$33 kwa usiku
Bado hakuna tathmini
  1. Chumba cha pamoja
  2. Santa Cristina Gela
Casa Pianetto
$23 kwa usiku
Bado hakuna tathmini
  1. Nyumba ya makazi nzima
  2. Altofonte
Comodissimo appartamento, Altofonte
$50 kwa usiku

Mambo maarufu ya kufanya huko Santa Cristina Gela

Shughuli za kipekee zinazoandaliwa na wataalamu wa eneo husika ambao wamehakikiwa kwa ajili ya ubora

  • Foodies of Palermo - street food tour
    If you want to taste the authentic Sicilian street food and catch the real soul of Palermo, this is the right choice! We will walk you around the Capo and Vucciria markets of Palermo to enjoy the best local street food. We will stop at selected food stalls, family-run bakeries and old inns to sample traditional street food and sip some "limited edition" wine ;-) We'll stop at carefully selected food spots. We will unveil the secrets of Sicilian cuisine, discuss history of foods and recipes. We will introduce you to market vendors and fun street characters. Please be aware that this is not a gourmet tour nor a touristy tour! This is a street food walk with a local friend! Palermitan street food is renowned for being various but also stretch your belly! Not only food! during the walk we will also discuss other topics like history, arts, traditions and social issues (eg.mafia). We will also share with you the best tips to enjoy the rest of your stay like a real local. MORNING TOUR (all year round) explores the local markets of Capo and Vucciria. Choose the morning option to experience the colorful and lively markets. EVENING TOUR (May-Oct) takes travellers around the intricate alleys of the modern port La Cala and the busy nightlife area of La Vucciria. Choose the night tour to skip summer heat and try some unique night-time bites
    Kuanzia Bei:$58 / mtu
  • Sicilian Cooking Lesson
    On a typical lesson day we meet in the morning at one of Palermo’s oldest markets, shop around for any items we will need for the lesson and then stroll to the air-conditioned kitchen in The Sicilian Pantry cookery school where we prepare a 4 course Sicilian meal, learning the techniques and tricks needed to recreate it when you return home. Meals are made up of a starter, pasta course, main course and desert (changes can be made for individuals with specific dietary requirements where appropriate). After the lesson we can sit down together to enjoy the fruits of our labour along with a selection of Sicilian wines rounded off with some homemade liqueurs and coffee. We believe that the true expression of Sicilian cuisine comes from the quality of its fresh seasonal produce so we strive to always ensure that we have the best of what Sicily has to offer in order to share this with our guests. This is an entertaining and informative day out, recommended for cooks of all levels. Other things to note Please let us know as soon as possible if you (or any in your party) have any dietary requirements, intolerances etc.
    Kuanzia Bei:$88 / mtu
  • Discovering the anti-mafia rebellion
    You will walk with me or one of my fellow team members through the main roads and the back streets of the picturesque old town. You will learn about the Mafia, its brutal violence and its business, as well as about the people who stood up against the power of the organised crime. We will stop in front of monuments, memorials and shops, each is connected with a particular aspect of our story. Sometimes a small detail, that seems unsignificant at first glance, has a story behind it that is worth to be told. You will meet shopkeepers who have said NO to the protection money and hear their stories: you will also have the chance to support them, just buying a gelato, some local products or a souvenir of Palermo. Other things to note You can recognize me because at the meeting point I will have a "No Mafia" bagpack on my shoulder. IMPORTANT! The tour is offered in English, Italian or French, depending from the dates. Please scroll down this page and choose the correct date/language in the section "SEE MORE DATES".
    Kuanzia Bei:$35 / mtu
  • Walking Tour & street food tour Palermo
    The MORNING GROUP WALKING TOUR of Palermo lasts 3 hours. My group tour is not simply a food tour, but it's a mix of history, culture, monuments and street food. The MORNING GROUP WALKING TOUR starts at 9.30 am, with me or with my team of professional Tour Guides, we will walk for about 4 km (3 miles). In the first part of the Walking Tour we will visit monuments and churches and in the second part of the Walking Tour we will explore the big outdoor food market and we will eat the famous street food of Palermo. At the end of the tour I will give you many suggestions of what you can do on your own in the afternoon. You will understand Palermo and its old history! The Group Walking Tour is in english and italian. Other things to note Street food tastings, arancini, pizza, fresh juice, spleen sandwich, cannoli, etc (it’s like a lunch! no fish) and entrances fees in the churches that we will visit are included. Green pass is required. Before book a private tour please send me a message to check my availability.
    Kuanzia Bei:$42 / mtu
  • Instagram Photoshoot in Palermo
    This is a photo tour adapted to anyone! Solo travelers, Couples, Families, Friends, Models, Influencers, or people just tired of selfies! Photo memories in the authentic Historic Center: We will hit the old streets of Palermo, seeking out its landmarks and secret squares, I will share with you my favorite spots and of course we will walk through the most iconic locations of the city, while capturing the moment for you with my camera. First time having a photoshoot? There is no need to worry. Even if this is the first time you take a photoshoot it's going to be easy since I will tell you everything of how to pose. And whether you want a photo shoot with your partner, family or friends, this will be a very fun experience. It will be a good walk so you should be prepared to have fun on the way. If you care about fashion and stylish stuff, I recommend you to bring some clothes more, in this way you will have photos with different outfits. Sounds good? If you want know more about me and my photo style check my 2 instagram pages @chiarafantauzza and @instawalkpalermo **I will send all your best photos (100 or more photos for 10 spots) in 2 days max** ** FROM JUNE TO AUGUST, I will have a collaborator trained by me, that, of course, he will respect my style of photos. Mainly I will always be there with you, but it could happen that sometimes he will do the tour on my behalf**
    Kuanzia Bei:$65 / mtu

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