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Cozy cabin with fireplace & playground.
Nyumba ya mbao nzima · Wageni 6 · vitanda 4 · Bafu 1

Cozy cabin with fireplace & playground.We would like to invite you to a lovely cottage situated in the mountains, with a beautiful view of the mountains and the forest. It is not only a perfect place for a short weekend rest (about 45 minutes away from the city of Cracow) but also for a longer escape from everyday life, allowing contact with nature, staying away from city noise and avoiding crowds of tourists. We rent the entire cottage to a very high standard exclusively for you (it is some kind of luxurious).

Year-round eco-cottage by the lake in W. Pomerania
Nyumba ya shambani nzima · Wageni 5 · vitanda 3 · Bafu 1

Year-round eco-cottage by the lake in W. PomeraniaEcologically built year-round unique house by the lake surrounded by forests and nature. Huge windows let you enjoy the sun and nature even from the inside, summer or winter. Water from the well, filtered and safe to drink, ecological and efficient fire-place to keep you warm in the cold season. Recuperation cleans the air, water is re-used for garden watering and toilet flush. No concrete used in the house! Clay walls. No other buildings to within 1km. Bikes, canoe, badminton, zipline, bonfire.

Bukowska 21
Nyumba ya kupangisha nzima · Wageni 2 · kitanda 1 · Bafu 1

Bukowska 21Wyjątkowy i nowy apartament w centrum Poznania, znajduje się zaledwie parę minut piechotą od Targów poznańskich w kamienicy odrestaurowanej w 2019r. na ulicy Bukowskiej.Nowocześnie urządzony, posiada takie udogodnienia jak zmywarka, pralkosuszarka,żelazko,deska do prasowania,suszarka do włosów ,lodówka, winda, szybki internet (gratis),tv sat (ponad 100 kanałów), TV 42 cale. Całość urządzenia nowe. W najbliższej okolicy parking (płatny) sklepy i restauracje.Doskonała komunikacja ze starym miastem

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Ukodishaji wa makazi mengine ya likizo ya kifahari huko Poland

  1. Chalet nzima
  2. Jordanów
Polish woodhouse 'Przytulas'
$77 kwa usiku
  1. Nyumba ya kupangisha nzima
  2. Wrocław
Uroczy apartament Art Marina z widokiem na rzeką
$51 kwa usiku
  1. Nyumba ya kupangisha nzima
  2. Kraków
2-Bedroom Apartment / Św. Marka 31 / Main Square
$51 kwa usiku
  1. Nyumba ya kupangisha nzima
  2. Gdańsk
AVRA Residence I Stare Miasto
$57 kwa usiku
  1. Nyumba ya kupangisha nzima
  2. Łódź
Kameralny apartament w sercu miasta.
$41 kwa usiku
  1. Nyumba ya makazi nzima
  2. Potrzanowo
Sarna - cosy wooden house in the Polish forest
$66 kwa usiku
  1. Nyumba ya kupangisha nzima
  2. Kraków
Main Square Apartment / 31 Św. Marka Street
$39 kwa usiku
  1. Nyumba ya kupangisha nzima
  2. Szczecin
Booker Apt / Right in the CITY CENTER
$30 kwa usiku
  1. Kibanda
  2. Pawłowo
Domek na Jeleniej łące.
$64 kwa usiku
  1. Kijumba
  2. Lisna
$92 kwa usiku
  1. Kijumba
  2. Konopnica
Domek nad Wartą - Park Krajobrazowy
$32 kwa usiku
  1. Nyumba ya kupangisha nzima
  2. Poznań
MooN - apartament + miejsce parkingowe dla gości
$30 kwa usiku

Mambo maarufu ya kufanya huko Poland

Shughuli za kipekee zinazoandaliwa na wataalamu wa eneo husika ambao wamehakikiwa kwa ajili ya ubora

  • Pierogi - polish dumplings - class
    I want to invite you for PIEROGI COOKING CLASS to my private apartment located in the city center. We will start slow with freshly homemade sweet buns and conversation. I will tell you about Krakow, jewish district and history of the buidling that I live in (I am working on a documentary about the owner). Then we will make traditional polish dumplings (using my family recipe) with cheese and potatoe and sweet ones with the fruits. I will be explaining you all the steps and also telling you stories about all the products, polish customs and my personal experiences. Don't worry, if you don't cook much - I am here to help you and guide you. I promise you - you will make delicious pierogi! At the end we will eat pierogi with my Mom's pickles and talk more about history, politics, culture, people, traditions of my country and anything you are interested in. Every guest will get my e-book "Travel to Poland from your kitchen" with recipes for pierogi and other traditional polish meals and my recommendations for what to do in the area. Other things to note Pierogi are vegetarian, but not vegan (cheese, butter)
    Kuanzia Bei:$46 / mtu
  • Solve the Mystery Escape Room
    One of the BEST Online Experience for Teams! We provide games for groups up to 500 PARTICIPANTS in ONE game! In our games you are always playing TOGETHER, as ONE TEAM! Plan your Christmas Party with us! We have Christmas and Halloween Specials scenarios! Our games are available in 60 or 90 minutes option! We have a couple of different scenarios! Book a private experience for your group and enjoy the game! How is the game going? 1 - We are going to get to know each other - you will get to know who your team is from a different angle ;) 2 - Game Master will introduce you to the rules and the plot of the game. 3 - You will become a team of detectives who will try to solve the case we've prepared for you. In large groups (from 12 - 100 participants) you will be divided into special teams (breakout rooms in the app), in which you are solving your part of the investigation. The final is common for everyone, each team needs to bring their final answer to the Game Master, we combine them and... hopefully you will win! 4 - You’re solving the riddles! Some riddles are more tricky, some of them will awaken your creativity, some will make your brain hurt, and some will make you laugh!:) If you want to know more about the games write to us! -> If you are preparing for a special event - LET US KNOW! Maybe we will be able to prepare something special! We are DeRiddly! :)
    Kuanzia Bei:$18 / mtu
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour
    You will follow the fate of Jews and their tragedy that happened to them during the Second World War. So after a short introduction from Jewish Quarter where I pick you up, you will go visit the largest Nazi Concentration Camp I in Auschwitz and Extermination Camp in Birkenau where You will see the remains of the crematories , the unloading ramp and exhibitions with evidences of the crimes . Those two camps are about 3 km away from each other .This tour is for guests who want to deepen their knowledge of the Second World War,its consequences and victims ,based on an exhibition consisting of undeniable evidence of the crime. Other things to note On Starowiślna 65 is our meeting point but for your safety pick up from Your place of accomodation is possible.
    Kuanzia Bei:$38 / mtu
  • Taste the Best Polish Vodkas
    You will meet one of our Vodka Experts right in the center of Warsaw in one of the cool vibrant bars. There we will guide you through the amazing world of Polish vodka! After a short introduction to what vodka really is, and an explanation of its history, you'll experience with all of your senses what makes a really good vodka. For sure at the end of this journey, you will be able to decide which is your preferred vodka. Our Vodka Experts will show you the perspective of locals living in the city and share insider stories about how life used to be back in the days. They will introduce you to an interesting world of Polish vodkas with a chance to try out at least 6 of the best types from the ones we have selected ourselves. Along with your beverage, you will try 2-3 food pairings with typical Polish snacks enjoyed while drinking our beloved vodka. Other things to note We know you are traveling and that's why you might start enjoying alcoholic beverages in the earlier hours. Keep in mind though that during our experience there will be enough to drink ;)
    Kuanzia Bei:$31 / mtu
  • Photo on glass, 19th century method
    After arriving to my home studio and getting acquainted with you, I will tell you briefly about the history of the Process. Then I will show you my beautiful dark room, wood camera, explain how it's working and how to set the correct exposure time. Also I will show you and explain the difference between Tintype and Ambrotype. After that I will prepare the chemistry and we will be ready to make a portrait on a glass plate for you. Whole process of taking a photo on glass will take approximately 20-30min. After all of guest receives portrait on the glass.
    Kuanzia Bei:$34 / mtu