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Sehemu mahususi ya kazi
Eneo la pamoja lenye Wi-Fi inayofaa kwa ajili ya kufanya kazi.
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Kila nafasi iliyowekwa inajumuisha ulinzi wa bila malipo dhidi ya ughairi wa Mwenyeji, taarifa zisizo sahihi kwenye tangazo na matatizo mengine kama vile matatizo ya kuingia.
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
Rebuilt in 2020, this elevated absolute beachfront house is situated on one of the finest beaches and gives you amazing views from high above over the lagoon and onto the white sandy beach fringed by coconut trees. below.

Enjoy every moment, rain or shine. Created for outdoor living you can enjoy the morning and evening sun and sunbathe on the sun deck right above the water's edge whilst the covered deck lets you enjoy the stunning views in the rain and scorching sun. Best of both worlds.

A cozy house on a sandy beach, overlooking a postcard like turquoise lagoon, one of the most beautiful spots on Rarotonga. Sparkling clean water filled with small tropical fish and some blue starfish are easy to spot too from your bed, covered deck and sundeck.

The house is a family home but made available for rent when we are away which due to the pandemic we are for quite some time.

10 years experience of living and hosting here allowed us to design our new home to allow beach side living in the best possible way, to enjoy the views of the lagoon, the sea breeze and outdoor living every moment of the day and night.

Our previous house had only a covered deck and too many places on the island do not take into account the fact that for a visitor often every ray of sun is precious. For us it is priceless to be able to wake up now with sunlight entering the bedroom, watch pink sky above the lagoon, fall asleep with the stars stretching acorss the inky night sky but also enjoy the sun when we want without dragging chairs onto the beach. Our new deck extension that goes out further onto the beach allows us and you to enjoy the feeling of sitting in the open space right above the water, waves breaking underneath you when the tides are high, eating breakfast easily brought out from the kitchen in the gentle morning sun and enjoy your dinner in the pleasant evening sun, where there is no light on the beach anymore. In our winter you will be incredibly pleased with this feature of our house. You can also sunbathe right on the deck above the lagoon even when wind picking up grains of sand makes it annoying to walk on the beach. (ask my husband!) When the midday sun is scorching you can enjoy reading, eating and socialising in the peace of your own covered deck, where you can also hide from the wind and rain whilst still enjoying outdoor living and the amazing, dramatic views of the lagoon and experiencing rarotonga beach holidays.

Many come to Rarotonga expecting only perfect weather but it may be also just simply too hot to be out in the sun but also too windy and stormy to enjoy being on the beach. And in the months like June, july, August and September when it cools down, those sun rays you can catch right from your deck are precious . During Summer you may experience rainy days. This is when our outdoor deck and panoramic bedroom and living room windows will allow you to have an amazing experience of a different kind. it's well worth it. in fact we hope you will be lucky enough to experience it all because when it is stormy and rainy to be in the house raised on poles right above water's edge where the waves break underneath you is an an unforgettable experience.


The House has modern facilities, brand new kitchen, washing machine and galley down stairs, everything has been rebuilt and replaced in 2021.

Facilities include all linen, towels and beach towels, a wooden table on the beach, WIFI at providers' pricing using vouchers we can provide.

There is one bedroom available built high above the beach with a unique king size bed and a huge panoramic window overlooking Avaavaroa passage, the lagoon (turtles and stingrays are frequent visitors), and the sandy beach fringed with coconut trees.

Cozy lighting, a spacious modern wardrobe, in Wall USB chargers and a unique work desk with cabled internet where you can work sitting or standing round off your bedroom.

The lounge has a large dining table, a bar, sofa, shelves filled with books, artworks ,nice lighting. An open plan kitchen made out of tropical hardwood has brand new kitchen appliances, everything you may need, including blender so you can enjoy tropical smoothies right in your home. Big panoramic windows amaze you with unobstructed views of the sparkling lagoon waters. Large sliders opens to the covered purple heart deck which again leads to a sundeck with a special maritime feel to it.


Both covered with a space that is shaded from the wind and uncovered open space above the beach and lagoon will give you that maximum beach holiday experience. The decks are our best most valuable addition to our home. They make the stay in the house truly enjoyable in every weather condition. Any artistic, aesthetic soul will be delighted with this creation, the unique nature experience. each day an unforgettable spectacle of light and water that you can enjoy from the deck, feeling the breeze on your skin, enjoying the shade or sun whatever you prefer. It is a maximum aesthetic and sensual experience, something difficult to describe in words or pictures. It's a blend of beauty, feeling of freedom, nature connection, sensual pleasures - it has it all and offers this experiences in every moment of your stay here, each of them unique.

You can enjoy your breakfast or dinners right on the deck, the same level as your kitchen, or use our wooden table with bench and eat right at water's edge, with the toes in the sand or cooling in the shallow water of the lagoon.


This is indisputably one of the best if not THE best (that's our view) beach on Rarotonga - clean, beautiful spot for snorkeling, teeming with tropical fish and swimming in crystal clear turquoise water. All the beaches here are amazing but not many have such big open spaces great for swimming or that powdery white sand with with nice sandy bottom.

We provide stairs to the beach, outdoor shower and tap to clean your feet so you don't carry the sand into your living space. Enjoy the water right in front and to the right of the house where the best swimming spots are and coral gardens

A few minutes walk to the left will take you to the Avaavaroa passage. You can enjoy the passage with a guide or on one of the tours, including turtle tours but unless it is a very low tide and you can safely walk towards the reef we do not recommend to venture too deep alone or swim in the passage as the currents there are strong. It is however full of amazing sealife so it is worth visiting or taking a tour.

This area is very quiet. There are only 3 other luxury holiday rental places here, the first resort and tourists are further down the beach. You can walk there to grab a drink or walk further on, some 10 minutes, to the surprisingly well stocked Wigmore's superstore for some ice cream, local food, the typical island plates of food or freshly caught tuna from teh lcoal fisher men, landed through bespoke Avaavaroa passage.


If you value privacy and a pristine beach the water here is exceptionally clean yet the beach is not busy due to the absence of big resorts and low density of other accommodations. A walk away there is a nice resort with a restaurant but the visitors usually stay in front of the resort on the beach chairs and rarely wander this way.


The house has mosquito nets in all the windows that you need to open.

There are big sliding doors and high windows along the whole beach side of the house opening onto the roofed deck so the house is bright but not hot and breezy. The bed room windows puts the ABSOLUTE into beachfront so to speak.

There are also windows on all other sides in the main room and another one in the bedroom allowing the breeze to go through.

The house is on the poles raised up which mean there are no CRAWLY VISITORS - no centipedes whose bites are extremly painful or other uninvited crawling guests here ever, very few mosquitos outside (only at certain times of the day and when it's really hot and still) so you can enjoy time on the deck and on the beach without need to use mosquito spray.


The bus stops wherever you flag it down. You can walk to the best, third biggest supermarket on the island where you can get good deals on local vegetables and fruit and where you can find some local specialities - apart from having all main brands they sell bread from local bakery and dishes cooked by the locals. You can get here ika mata - coconut fish, freshly squeezed coconut cream, locally baked cakes, plates of delicious local food. A trade mark of the shop is its icecream - big island scoops!

Next to the supermarket there is a Take away and a small cafe -very good value for money.

A good restaurant, "Vaima" serves Parrot fish, a must try here. You can walk to Vaima either on the road, a bit past the supermarket, about 10 minutes walk, or stroll there along the beach. You can dine at the tables on the beach, sand between your toes, same as at our home but someone else will cook for you ;)


For rent only to very reliable respectful and cultured people with reference. We entrust you with all our earthly possessions so we would like to be sure you are going to take good care of them and respect our little slice of paradise.

We hope you will enjoy your holidays here and will do our best to help you with all your arrangements and advice.

It is always really rewarding to hear back or find letters from our guests praising the place and telling us how they enjoyed it here. With some we remained friends. So far we only had good experiences and hope it will stay like this.

We also provide a VOIP Phone where you can call us overseas it need be and always have someone nearby to provide help should you require it.

Kia Manuia - we look forward to welcome you.

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Takitumu District, Visiwa vya Cook

Vaimaanga - great beach, never crowded, often empty, good swiming spot and everything you need within walking distance - great little supermarket, best on the island for fresh bread, vegies, fish, steak and fruits (Wigmore's Super Store) Palm Grove Resort and Vaima Restaurant, Cafe, Bus stop, playground for kids

Mwenyeji ni Evita

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  • Utambulisho umethibitishwa
I am Polish, my husband is German. He has been working and living here for the last 20 years. I lived in Australia and new Zealand and ten years ago came to Rarotonga on my way from Tahiti to New Zealand. it was supposed to be just a short stop over but I have been living here ever since. 2 months after I came we were engaged, soon after married and our daughter was also born here. Due to Covid 19 only my husband remained in Rarotonga to rebuild this home which i finished to a very high standard at the end of 2020.

We love the island, the lifestyle, culture and the attitude people have and it is the best place to bring up a happy heathy child. people here love babies and babies are just part of their life, they do not turn their lives upside down because a new person arrived, becoming a parent is the most natural thing. Someone told me here that in Cook islands a house without children is like garden without flowers.

We both travelled a lot and our wee one, just a 6 months old now travelled around the world. She has been twice to New Zealand, Thailand, around Europe, Stop over in LA and is a great little traveller, loved meeting people and seeing new things.

We are happy, easy going and respectful. We love our little place. We go to Europe for a couple of months each year and would like to have people staying in our place. We hope that we can become friends with our visitors and so we will make all the effort to make their stay here comfortable and great as we would love to have them come back if they turn out to be respectful and responsible guest.

Enjoy our amazing little slice of paradise.
I am Polish, my husband is German. He has been working and living here for the last 20 years. I lived in Australia and new Zealand and ten years ago came to Rarotonga on my way fro…

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Usually we rent out this house only when we are overseas and provide local phone numbers and a phone to call these numbers for free for:
- Neighbour
- friend with mechanical skills
- cleaner
- us via local number

Note: Due to Covid-19 my husband had to remain in Rarotonga so you can also contact him locally.
Usually we rent out this house only when we are overseas and provide local phone numbers and a phone to call these numbers for free for:
- Neighbour
- friend with mechani…
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