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Chumba cha kujitegemea chenye Wi-Fi inayofaa kwa ajili ya kufanya kazi.
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Unaweza kuingia na mhudumu wa nyumba.
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Kila nafasi iliyowekwa inajumuisha ulinzi wa bila malipo dhidi ya ughairi wa Mwenyeji, taarifa zisizo sahihi kwenye tangazo na matatizo mengine kama vile matatizo ya kuingia.
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
A place where the world ceases to exist in the midst of nature. We have built a cabin of wood, stone, mud, slate and glass. An ode to slow living for the hustlers in the city, we present to you, an adaptation from an ancient mountain building technique - DHAJJI HOUSE.

It was born out of a searing need to create a home that pushes us to seek from the ancient forest surrounding our estate , to sing along with the birdsong and to sleep looking at the stars.

*PRIVATE 100 mbps WIFI
*WE HAVE 3 ROOMS as well
*NAGGAR CASTLE is a minute's walk
*BASIC GROCERIES are a 2 minute walk

This is not a commercial homestay or a hotel.

We are sharing our home with you and expect you to be responsible guests.
We believe in co-existence and living with each other self-sustainably, enjoying each other's company as well as helping each other.
Please don't treat the cabin as a hotel room but as a “short term vacation rental”.
This means we give you the keys, and then the cabin is yours. You take care of your dishes, kitchen, and cleanliness. We will help you with your luggage if needed. :)

Perfect for 2 adults, the space has a cosy kitchen, living and washroom just as you enter on the ground floor. The kitchen is stocked with all the basic supplies for you to cook and a wooden island as a dining and working table. The shower room is right beside , an experience and wind down spot in its own self. Reclaimed wooden stairs lead you up to the bedroom and viewing deck of your cabin. The bedroom is snug amidst the deodars with the deck as the best sunset point in all of Naggar. The bed is king sized with an 8 inch mattress. For descriptive details, scroll below!

Hot water bottle for warming up the bed.
Radiator heater
Laptop Table
Working desk lamp light
Electric Kettle
Coffee maker
Towels (2)
Hair Dryer
Laundry basket
Gas Stove
Coffee, chai, local herbal teas, sugar and milk
Some ingredients to cook, oil, bread slices, butter and herbs
Running HOT WATER in all taps
Cooking utensils and cleaning supplies
Lots of tea and coffee mugs!
Wine, whiskey glasses
Picnic basket

We charge laundry by the load. Every load will be 300 INR. Please make sure you have enough clothes to fill up the machine (7 kg front loading machine) so we can save electricity and water.

Puran, our cook makes home cooked and simple meals for us and our team everyday. You can inform Tirath or him of the same at least a meal or a day before so we can count you in. The charge for that is 320 INR per meal, per person.

We created a tiny hideaway in the mountains where the tipping balance of the world ceases to enter. It is for the movers, shakers and doers to charge back up for the creation phase.


The cabin is perched a short walk up the steps, above our bees and below the deodar forest behind. Between the apple trees, you can see it revealing itself to you the further you climb. You might run out of breath but we promise it’s worth the climb.

The cabin is, a first of its kind adaptation, of an old Himalayan building technique called “Dhajji Dewari”. It is an earthquake resistant natural building technique. Our aim with this cabin is to ignite a movement. One that spreads in our hearts first, our minds next and our eyes last. A mud house is no longer a ‘kachha ghar’ and a sustainable building doesn’t need to have the layout of a home from 50 years ago. This cabin forms a synergy between what has been and what will be. And the details speak for themselves, no?

Our cabin is not an escape, it is a presence. A playful design meets rich natural textures, simple decor that greets functionality and crazy shapes. We’ve got to warn you, you might have to bend a little but your stretching for the day is all sorted!

The kitchen greets us as we step inside with big windows covering the entire wall facing the valley. You can put some music on, sizzle an omelette on the skillet while a fresh pot of coffee brews on the side. All before the widest part of the Kullu valley.

Sun Deck
At the cliff, our cabin juts out into the valley, a drop beneath and the stars above. We have built a viewing deck, perfectly lit and the cosiest spot to lay down and look at the sky above.

An escape from the noise in our minds, we seek to create a space where balance and coexistence breathe, intertwined.
A space to slow down and gaze out. We wanted the cabin to have a vastly different feel to it in the morning and the night. At the same time its a place where you can work, play or sleep as well. As times change and we do too, we need our spaces to as well.

A pine forest behind and an apple tree in front, we have built the bedroom as a look out. Feeling the swaying pines outside while tucked into the blanket inside.
It is a safe space where you feel free amongst the pines, nobody to disturb you. You can sit on the bed and watch the daily show in the forest. There are dogs digging for god knows what, the occasional crow being chased by the monkeys and the ever
changing skies.

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Mahali utakapokuwa

Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, India

We live in the centre of Naggar, walking distance from the nearest ATM, the local market, a pizzeria and cosy coffee shops littered along the mountain side.
Even being bang amidst the heart of this village, it is very easy to find complete isolation and quiet if you keep walking up our property. We love the balance of the boisterous village and its ongoings along with the meditative calm the woods above give.

The market for any supplies, the nearest ATM machine and the clinic all are a 10 minute walk away.


There are multiple villages hidden amongst the mountains which you can trek up to. You can either go up the mountain or down into the valley right to the thundering Beas river.

There are also ancient temples around with magnificent views and a different energy enveloping the space. Krishna Temple, a small trek up, is the perfect meditation spot.

There is Roerich Art gallery which is the restored estate of a Russian painter and political activist, Nicolas Roerich. He travelled through the Himalayas, finally settling in Naggar and spent the last years of his life painting the mountains. You can view his brilliant work at the estate.
Naggar is also famous for its Naggar castle which is an old structure made of stone and wood that stands on its own through just joineries. It also has a heritage museum which we are redesigning at the moment.
Other than that, the entire mountain and roads are yours to explore!

Mwenyeji ni North

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Habari zenu nyote!
Tuna vyumba 3 katika nyumba yetu na nyumba ya mbao, vyote katika nyumba moja. Umeziunganisha hapa chini -

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