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Built out of brick, our cabin is directly on Hilton Creek for your enjoyment of all four seasons. Surrounded by pure rushing water and a quaking aspen glade, this Eastern Sierra location borders on magical. See for yourself, our photos show just a glimpse!

Old cabins have an authentic feel that is tough to replicate. Seldom will you find one that is built right on the edge of a rushing creek-bed in the High Sierra. Here it is, if you were any closer you would get wet!

COVID UPDATE! - I'd like to explain to all potential guests (like you) what we are now doing in the time of COVID. First off, we don't do any more back to back rentals. If you book then the day prior and after your departure are automatically reserved to allow time for dust to settle and the cabin to air out. During winter it is tough to air out but we do it and burn fires around the clock to keep the cabin from freezing up while doors and window are wide open!

All parts of the cabin are spray sanitized and rigourously cleaned. We no longer have regular repeat use silverware, cups/mugs, plates, and bowls. Although we don't like to use disposable paper and plastic we have to for the time being. If you happen to run low just let us know. Cookware is still included.

Masking up is always required if you want to meet up and unfortunately keeping a healthy distance is just the new normal. Sorry about that but all during the pandemic we have rented and everyone has remained healthy and safe, we plan to keep it that way!

Thanks for reading through this update, now on with the regular details.

Each season is different but summer and fall are guest favorites. Please note that during the winter (and most of spring) Yosemite National Park cannot be accessed easily from the cabin because Tioga Pass (HWY 120) is closed.

The cabin is on the small side but perfect for two, three adults works too depending on your space needs. Keep in mind this is an original tiny home, before they became popular. Well behaved children can be accommodated but no pets please. We love pets, but some of our eldest family members have pet allergies and use this cabin too. If you ask to bring your pet I will just reply as stated above.

There is a separate bedroom with a double bed (slightly smaller than queen sized) and heated blanket, the bathroom has a shower, and the kitchen is combined into the living room. Direct TV and wifi are available, sometimes the creek makes so much noise it is hard to hear the TV! During the colder times of year we have a wonderful wood burning stove and plenty of firewood. If you don't know how to build a fire, let us know, my wife and I are pro's.

Some folks are concerned that the cabin is isolated in the middle of nowhere and that access is difficult. We live on the property, have a main house and this rental cabin in back. Our road is paved, parking is paved and its a short 25 foot walk to the front door. In the winter we will remove snow to make your life easier. The neighborhood is upscale, quiet, and safe. Although the buildings are close together the creek creates an ambiance of privacy and drowns out all sounds, this cabin faces the creek and forest -- you may as well be deep in the wilderness.

Domestic water is piped in straight from the creek. It's filtered but guests should drink bottled water, we'll start you off with a gallon. Creek water is perfect for showering, cooking, brushing teeth, etc. You'll notice the difference.

We have fiber optic cable internet installed to our house and backyard cabin. For those that are interested in working remotely in this beautiful setting consider this: with speeds up to 100 times faster than DSL or cable, our gigabit upload and download speeds are among the highest in the state.

The kitchen includes a two burner stove, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, pots/pans, dishes and utensils, wine opener, garlic press, mini-fridge, etc.

The living room includes a single-wide futon mattress for children or a third guest. No charge for children 12 and under, but additional adults are $25/night.

12% Mono County bed tax included in rates.

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Crowley Lake, California, Marekani

Hilton Creek is located at 7100 feet with many smaller branches of the creek flowing through the neighborhood. We're just 15 minutes from Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Mountain. Even so you might find even more interesting side trips up Rock Creek, McGee Creek, or Convict Canyon.

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We are recreation specialists and enjoy the outdoors: Snowboarder, skater, hiker, mountain bike, dirt bike, cook, wine/beer commonsewer, reader, writer, love working around the properties, planting trees, dirt bikes, spending time with my wife, seeing the kids excel at life, and enjoy most everything about the eastern sierra. I'd put up a photo but don't want to scare away any potential guests! Every day on the Inyo is a day added to life.
We are recreation specialists and enjoy the outdoors: Snowboarder, skater, hiker, mountain bike, dirt bike, cook, wine/beer commonsewer, reader, writer, love working around the pro…

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We live an outdoor life but like to meet new guests if we are around. Recreation, real estate, and helping others relocate here are passions, if you're interested let us know.

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