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Coyote’s Cabin Valentines Day Special Booking Now

Mwenyeji BingwaAlbertville, Alabama, Marekani
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Coyote's Cabin
-Romantic Retreat ❤️
-Great Fall Views
- No visitors allowed unless pre-approved
- No pets/No smoking
- Private sandy beach along the creek
- We are only a 10 minute drive to Guntersville State Park
- Beautiful 240 sq ft cabin that sits above Scarham Creek
- The cabin sits on a bluff
- Large deck that has full view of the creek
- Large outdoor fire pit
- Loft area with 3 large windows
- Large open outdoor shower
- Outdoor claw foot tub
- No WiFi
- Coyote’s Cabin On Facebook

Book now for your Valentines Day stay! I will be providing wine or champagne. Whichever you prefer. Will provide chocolates, candles, gift basket and will decorate the cabin for Valentine’s Day. Since we do not have many options for cooking at the cabin, I highly suggest reservations at The Rock House Eatery in Guntersville. It’s wonderful. I will be happy to book the reservation for you, if you’d like.

No local renters accepted at this time. NO HUNTING, PETS OR SMOKING ALLOWED-STRICTLY ENFORCED! Please do not send me a message and ask for an exception.

I’d love for you to share any photos you have taken at the cabin during your stay. If you’d like. You can add them to my Facebook page, check it out- coyote’s cabin!

I have tried my best to point out all the details of the cabin inside and out. Please be sure to read below for all of them.

There is a trail to the creek- this thing is very steep. I mean very steep. Most are able to get up and down it but some have not been able.

The bed downstairs is only a full size! That’s as big as that will fit. Upstairs you will find a queen size mattress. It came out of one of those cordoroy brand bean bags. You can fluff it up to your liking to make it comfortable.

There are steep steps going to the loft. Naturally these are very steep. If you do not feel safe climbing these, there is a bed downstairs.

We have a window unit for cooling and small heater for heating.

There are no curtains or blinds in the cabin as you can see from the photos. Views from all the windows are completely private views.

This is the woods! There are insects and wildlife, including snakes.

This is still a newly built cabin and we had to clear the land in order to build it. By clearing the land, trees had to be cut. The cabin sits at dead end of the road and out on edge of bluff. Please see google earth picture I posted.. The front of the cabin faces nothing but the hills, tress and creek.

Before booking, please read the Other Things To Note section and the House Rules and let me know you have read it when requesting to book

We just added a claw foot tub outside of cabin. The view is amazing where we sat it. Unfortunately for now, to use it, you will have to use the outdoor garden hose to fill it up. So there is no hot water but hey who cares with that view. Check out the pics.

As you can see from the picture, there is a lot of windows on the front side of the cabin. The house faces the east so therefore a little after 6:30ish A.M. it’s pretty bright inside the cabin. We opted to not put in curtains or blinds as we felt like it takes away from the cabin. We wanted this cabin to be like a camping experience.

We have a VERY STEEP TRAIL that leads down to the creek. Please note that it’s still a hike ( VERY STEEP ) to get to it but I promise you it’s worth it. It’s not for the faint of heart!! There is a sandy beach down by the creek and it’s like being on a secluded island. See the pics. To access the trail, go down by the tree that has the sign that says Elzie Gray’s trail. I

There is wood cut up already on the property in between my house and the cabin. Feel free to get what you need to use in the fire pit.

This is the woods and there is wildlife and bugs. Even though we spray inside and outside the cabin every couple of months, you will still see bugs. If you are afraid of insects and such, this place is not for you.Please note, after lots of rain, the creek flows heavy. No internet but some get cell phone service. You can bring kayaks, tubes, floats, boats, etc.

There is no full kitchen but there is an outdoor grill.

There is a small fridge, kureig and outdoor grill and microwave.Plates, utensils, cups etc will be provided but there’s no stove or dishwasher.

Bathroom has a toilet , shower and sink. We have added an outdoor shower as well.

Please read my Guidebook for awesome places to eat and drink that are nearby.

There is room to bring your boat. It’s only about 15 steps (12 1/2)to be exact from where you park and steps taken to be at the cabin

Ufikiaji wa mgeni
plenty of land to roam but please do not go to any neighbors property. There are plenty of beautiful views all around you where the cabin is.

Mambo mengine ya kukumbuka
I cannot stress this enough, this is for 2 people only. No parties and no children. No visitors for insurance purposes. Must disclose how many are staying.We have put a lot of time and money into this cabin so please take care of it.

This is meant to be a peaceful retreat for couples to come and enjoy and get away from the fast paced life style for a few days.

Please be sure to clean up after yourself when you leave.

No smoking on the property.

The creek can be used for splashing in, kayaking, tubing etc. please note though: during lots of rain it’s very rapid. Please do not wear your shoes you wore outside, inside the cabin.

The towels provided are not to be used for anything outside of the cabin. If you plan on going to the creek, please bring your own beach towels.

Please leave the cabin basically as you found it when you arrived.

If you damage the property or smoke inside or bring an animal you can be charged up to
$500 damages
Coyote's Cabin
-Romantic Retreat ❤️
-Great Fall Views
- No visitors allowed unless pre-approved
- No pets/No smoking
- Private sandy beach along the creek
- We are only a 10 minute drive to Guntersville State Park
- Beautiful 240 sq ft cabin that sits above Scarham Creek
- The cabin sits on a bluff
- Large deck that has full view of the creek
- Large outdoor fire p…
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Albertville, Alabama, Marekani

We are close to Guntersville State park, short creek, there are some great coffee shops and great food options. We are on a dead end road which feels far away from town but is only like a 10 minute drive into downtown Albertville. We are 6.1 miles to the closest boat ramp

Mwenyeji ni Christy

Alijiunga tangu Oktoba 2018
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  • Mwenyeji Bingwa
I am a mom to 3 grown boys and 3 grandkids. 2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter and 1 miniature schnauzer. I am married to my best friend! I love the outdoors and am into fitness. I love to travel.
Wakati wa ukaaji wako
I do live on the property about 400 ft from the site. Our house is equipped with security cameras but there are none at the cabin.
Christy ni Mwenyeji Bingwa
Wenyeji Bingwa wana tajriba, wakaribishaji wageni walio na viwango vya juu na waliojitolea kutoa ukaaji bora kwa wageni.
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