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2br/2ba House across from Beach - Newly Remodeled. Amazing screened-in front porch

4 heartbeats only. This includes all adults, children and infants. I have a fire code I must follow with the City.

We are gluttons for punishment when it comes to remodeling - and The ShoreShack was our biggest test yet! This is our 9th Shack in The RatherShacks family. You'll be glad we passed. This house is literally across the street from and one block closer to the beach than all our other Shacks, and it was a rundown craphole when we bought it in 2015. But as they say in real estate: "Location, location, location!" With ShoreShack fronting on the Folly's best beachfront street (East Arctic Ave) you are just 100 feet from 4th St beach access. You might as well be ocean front when you stay here! The former owner was an older couple who were trying to fix it up one board at a time for years. We kept hearing their Skillsaw 7 days a week behind the thick overgrown bramble that choked the backyard. Luckily for us, and YOU, they ran out of gas and decided to sell to us. We cleared out the lot, moved in to the decrepit unfinished mess, and put in new septic fields, roofs, HVAC, new siding, and remodeled every inch inside. We made several trips to Key West to "research" beach house colors, and came up with the lime green exterior. We also came up with a good buzz while there on Duvall Street - all with the blessing of our accountant!

Yes, it took longer than expected to create our most luxurious Shack, but we did it! And YOU win! The property is really two houses - an original one story home built in the 1940's at ground level. This is where you'll stay and marvel at all the amenities. Behind it up on stilts is another house built in the 1980's that we are moving into. We named that one Our Shack - simply because that's where we will live, retire, and die. Because, and read my lips here: WE. AIN'T. DOING. NO. MORE. REMODELS! Downtime is what we need after all this work, so if you see us sleeping on the beach with a Coors Light or Tito's IV drip just turn up the flow rate, and rotate us so our tans will be nice and even. If you haven't figured it out already, when you do stay at the ShoreShack you are guaranteed to have the coolest neighbors on Folly, and that's us!! Ok, Ok, even if you don't think we're cool, you may find yourself poking your head around back to find out what that delicious smoky smell is coming from our grill. We have been known to share.

The first thing you'll notice about The ShoreShack is the screened-in front porch which doubles as an outdoor living room with dining table for 4, and a dual chaise lounge you'll fight over as the best place to take an afternoon (or afterbeach) nap. If the ocean breezes don't cool you down enough, you can kick on the outdoor fans which rotate at multiple speeds to help you find your zen chill. And you'll love watching the morning come up over the beach while having coffee and tea here. Pelicans ride the updrafts above the beach-front houses in full view and you'll appreciate the tranquility here on E Arctic Ave. As there are far less cars than E Ashley - because it's a one-way street! Don't worry though, there is plenty of people-watching to be done with all the bicycles, skateboards, golf carts, joggers, surfer dudes, dog walkers, and bikini bottoms that go by. We were amazed how much more "beachy" this place feels than our other Shacks after we moved here. We often said we LIVE on the front porch, and we will miss it when we move upstairs, but we're glad to give it up to fine folks, like you, to enjoy.

The main living/dining area inside has the original vaulted ceilings, and with some creative structural beam work, we opened up the space so you'll have all the elbow room you need to gather around the custom-made granite-topped island. We kept some original house Karma as the island uses an original 1940's door for it's front-face. The full kitchen is well-appointed with custom cabinets, granite counters, all stainless appliances, and a corner pantry that took three carpenters to make it perfectly level (one of them named Elvis). Tucked above is the kitchen ceiling made from deck boards that washed up after Hurricane Irma that delivers more house Karma, as well as a nice rustic touch to counterbalance the overall white wash decor of the place. Outside the kitchen door is your own dedicated grill area, beach chairs, and outdoor shower.

For the floors inside the ShoreShack this was a near debacle DIY project that was all my darling wife Katt's idea. She saw it on Pinterest and told me to hang on for the ride. We cut sheets of plywood down to 8' planks, sanded them to a fair thee well, dunked them in whitewash, glued and nailed them down, then sealed the whole thing with a water-based urethane. We did most of the work ourselves and to our surprise, two things happened: 1) the final product looks beach cottage cool, and 2) our marriage survived!

The bedrooms continue the open vaulted ceiling space and sport large and quiet ceiling fans. Each has their own full bath with custom tile, glass showers, and queen platform beds. The headboard motif we pioneered in our SurfShack is well applied in each room as well, and we think you'll agree we nailed it when we said we wanted a "romantic spa-feel."

Unlike our other Shacks, this one is practically beach front! And like our other Shacks, this is just two blocks from the world-famous Bert's Market, and a short three and a half blocks to Center Street with all the bars and restaurants Folly has to offer. so book your vacation today at The ShoreShack, our newest most luxurious Shack yet!
See you soon!
Love Katt & Sam

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Folly Beach, South Carolina, Marekani

ShoreShack is three and a half blocks to Center Street - where all the action is. Twenty bars, restaurants, the pier, and entertainment. If you find you need a midnight snack, a 24 hour market is located a block before Center Street (Bert's Market). ChillShack is only a short walk (across the street) to the sand, surf, and sea.
If you want a deeper dive into the surrounding area - head downtown for some of Charleston's rich history, ghost tours, the aquarium, horse-pulled carriages, and much more.

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I give my guests space but am available when needed. We live upstairs so we are always easy to find.
Call me with your ETA the day you are traveling. Check in is after 4pm. Call me for late check-ins. 843-870-8097

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