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Aure, Micro-house on the banks of Tessungåe

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Come and experience nature in this magical lodging, tucked away in the heart of the Norwegian forest. Disconnect from technology and immerse yourself in the sounds, sights and smells of the river setting, while still enjoying all the comforts of a modern cabin.

The perfect size for a couple or small family, the modular sleeping mats combine to make one large or three small beds, according to your needs. Enjoy the atmosphere of a campfire with the wood burning stove, and while away the hours soaking in the warm glow of a roaring fire.

This smart micro-house was conceived so you can benefit from the qualities of staying in a tent — feeling connected to nature, rising with the sun, deep relaxation — while also the providing you the luxuries of a cosy cabin. The clever design and attention to detail in the construction mean that you’ll joyfully discover unexpected features throughout. With the back terrace overlooking the river Tessungåe, the front terrace offering a mini kitchen and the sitting area doubling as bedroom, you will be able to use every space in different ways.

Heat up some crystal-clear river water and wash yourself with an Indian-style bucket bath on the rear terrace. Or, if you want more of an ‘outdoor spa’ experience, try a bush bath and soak in the steamy water while taking in the spectacular view.

The kitchen is equipped with a gas cooking top and utensils, so making a small meal or pot of coffee is easy. A large, communal kitchen and a campfire for grilling is available to you over at the camp, only 60 meters away.

Nearby, you will find a well maintained outdoor composting toilet, designed to adhere to our eco-friendly principles.

Aure, which is the word for trout in the local dialect, also means "he who moves along the sandbanks”. We look forward to welcoming you at our newest offering at Å Camp.


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Tessungdalen, Telemark, Norway

The surrounding nature is an old pine and spruce forest, with a variety of animal life and loads of river trout in the stream. Depending on the season, you can fish or forage for mushrooms and wild berries. No matter the time of year, all can be observed through big, beautiful windows of the cabin.

There are different hikes and cross-country skiing opportunities just around the cabin, but if you drive just a bit up the valley it is easy to access Hardangervidda, which is one of Northern Europe's biggest national parks and plateaus. Featuring stunning landscapes and scenic lakes, the area offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities such as biking, skiing, and fishing.

You can also travel to World Heritage Listed Rjukan where you’ll find both hikes and a very intriguing war history. Situated in a deep valley, the beautiful architectural buildings are cast in shadow by the surrounding mountains, even in the middle of the day, for 6 months out of the year. Giant mirrors were installed to reflect sunlight down into the town, which is a sight to behold.

45 minutes away, you'll find Gaustatoppen, one of the most beautiful mountains in Norway with an altitude of 1883 meters. If the weather is fine, you can see all the way south to the coast and eastward to Sweden. It's possible to see one sixth of the country from the summit.

Mwenyeji ni Isaac

Alijiunga tangu Desemba 2014
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Hi! My name is Isaac and with loads of help from family and friends, I have been building a place to experience the Norwegian nature in an authentic, simple and inexpensive way. The goal is to make a great place to camp, hang out and do different activities along the untouched river Tessungåe. I have developed a collection of small living spaces in tents, cabins and treehouses. The outdoor facilities are shared, and we have recently finished some great additions like heated bathtubs by the river and an outdoor kitchen. Next up: a sauna! It’s the perfect place to take a break from everyday life and meet new people from all over the world. There are a range of possibilities to explore nature, do exciting sports like kayaking and kiting, as well as discover great fishing and skiing spots. Looking forward to meeting you!
Hi! My name is Isaac and with loads of help from family and friends, I have been building a place to experience the Norwegian nature in an authentic, simple and inexpensive way. Th…
Isaac ni Mwenyeji Bingwa
Wenyeji Bingwa wana tajriba, wakaribishaji wageni walio na viwango vya juu na waliojitolea kutoa ukaaji bora kwa wageni.
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