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Waterfront Penthouse Apt. with a Stunning View

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Situated right on the Bosporus, this penthouse apartment is immersed in spectacular sights of the city worthy of Sultans. It’s truly breathtaking to enjoy your morning coffee on a comfortable sofa in the spacious living room or your evening drink stretched out on a deck chair on the extensive terrace while gazing at 270-degree views ranging from iconic monuments to the ferries cruising along.

The building is named Samibey, built by and named after my late grandfather Dr. Zülfü Sami Özgen, with the penthouse apartment designed as the family’s main accommodation located on the 4th floor and accessible through a private elevator. The apartment has recently been completely refurbished with contemporary period furniture and modern equipment, nevertheless its authenticity has been preserved with a number of historic items sprinkled throughout the space.

The entrance is typical of post war period İstanbul apartment buildings with a heavy iron frame glass door and central white marble steps leading to a landing from where a stairway climbs to upper floors and flats. Once the door that separates the interior from the street shuts behind you, the city’s modern noise and hum is dimmed for a moment and if in the right mindset you might as well feel having disembarked the Orient Express. It is only when entering the penthouse apartment and facing the magnificent view of the Bosporus that one is jolted back to present.

The 150m2 flat has a circular layout with a large living room and an accompanying spacious terrace facing the Bosporus, offering abundant cozy sofas as well as a large dinner table. The terrace also boasts deck equipment to enjoy the ample sun İstanbul has to offer.

Two full bathrooms are located on two parallel hallways leading away from the communal area with a shower in the smaller one and a bathtub in the larger. Both bathrooms have been modernized for guests’ comfort. The kitchen is located on one of the hallways, next to the smaller bathroom and offers new appliances and equipment such as stove, microwave, fridge, dishwasher, coffee makers (filter and Turkish), kettle, toaster, pots and pans, plates, cutlery, utensils and basic cooking ingredients.

All four bedrooms are located in the back hallway connecting the two hallways from the communal area, completing the circular layout of the apartment. Two of the bedrooms have queen beds and the other two double beds, all with fresh linens, extra pillows and blankets for those guests that seek added comfort and warmth as well as ample closet space for heavy packers. Also, all bedrooms have A/C units for those hot summer days.

In between the bedrooms is a laundry/utility area where extra towels are stored and equipped with a washing machine and an iron just in case.

A large communal garden located on the ground floor of the building is available for the pleasure of our guests along with other residents, presenting ample green grass to lie on and an assortment of mature trees to relax under.

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Beyoğlu, İstanbul, Uturuki

Unlike many of the flat metropoles of the world that are set around rivers, İstanbul’s landscape can best be described as medium height hills stretching along parallel coasts of the Bosporus, the strait connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara and the Mediterranean, which was formed 10.000 years ago during the end of the last Ice Age. During the last decade Neolithic settlements have been discovered along the slopes leading to the shores of the city, pushing its history back to nearly 10.000 BC.

The city was initially populated on one of these hills that extend into the sea forming a peninsula. With the Sea of Marmara on one side and the Golden Horn penetrating deep into the mainland on the other, this stretch of land is today named as the famous historic peninsula. This is where Romans established settlements, which eventually evolved into the Byzantine Empire. In time, Genovese traders settled on the other side of the Golden Horn creating the Pera district, today called Beyoğlu. When Ottomans conquered the city in 1453 they subsequently started building settlements on flat stretches of land and adjacent hill tops along both coasts of the Bosporus. These areas now constitute the most interesting and esteemed neighborhoods in the city.

Our building is located in Kabataş, considered as one of the most prominent of these historic neighborhoods, evidenced by the Dolmabahçe Palace right across the street, from where the Ottoman Empire was run in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The neighborhood stretches along the coastline towards the historic peninsula, just below Beyoğlu (Pera) neighborhood, which emerged as the cultural epicenter of the city during the last days of the Ottoman Empire and the early Republic era and still is one of the top touristic destinations.

As you exit the building, you find yourself facing the Bosporus and Asia on a small road (İnebolu Sokak) above and parallel to the main street (Meclis-i Mebusan Caddesi) that runs along the coastline. If you take a right (southward) turn and walk straight along this road, in about 30 min. you will find yourself on the famous Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn, about to set foot on the historic peninsula. Along the way you can enjoy kebab restaurants and local hip cafes scattered around historic monuments. Around Tophane neighborhood, located about half way, where Ottoman canons used to be cast back in the day, you can now witness the emergence of the grandiose new cruise ship terminal bustling with hotels and a wider selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops, local and international. Finally, when you find yourself in Eminönü, you have now entered the historic peninsula and will be surrounded among the most prominent, glorifying historic landmarks of the city; the Mısır Çarşısı (Egyptian Market), the Covered Bazaar, Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern (main water reservoir of the city) the Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Çemberlitaş Hamamı (bathhouse) and countless more to explore.

Alternatively, if you take a left (northward) turn as you exit the building, another great 45 min. stroll along the coastline awaits you, this time leading to the also historic and multicultural neighborhood of Ortaköy, which used to be a hodgepodge of Muslims, Jews, Greeks and Armenians together. Along the way you will pass by the Dolmabahçe Palace, Beşiktaş district and its inland Bazaar famous for its variety of local delicacy street food offerings, the Çırağan Palace, Ortaköy Mosque and finally Ortaköy Square full of local flea market like shops and restaurants.

Taksim Square, accessible with a 15 min. light to moderate southwardly climb up the hill behind the building, is considered as one of the main touristic hubs of the city. İstiklal Street stretching from the Taksim Square all the way down to the Galata Tower emerged as the cultural epicenter of the early Republic era and still boasts many attractions both for tourists and locals such as the historic tram, Galatasaray Hamamı (bathhouse), St. Anthony of Padua Church, the famous Pera Palace Hotel where Agatha Cristie wrote “Murder on The Orient Express” and boasting the second oldest elevator in Europe along with great local and international restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, museums, art galleries and theaters.

Nişantaşı, considered by many as the most Europeanized neighborhood of İstanbul, is accessible with a 25 min. moderate northwardly climb up the same hill behind the building, this time along the Vodafone Park Stadium. Nişantaşı is the city’s shopping district boasting posh malls, streets lined with shops of global brands, mainstream and boutique hotels and probably the most abundant westernized culinary options.

Of course, all the above destinations are also accessible via other modes of transportation such as a 5-15 min. taxi ride depending on traffic. This might be a better option to reach Taksim Square or Nişantaşı in case light to moderate uphill walk is not of preference.

Mwenyeji ni Emirhan

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I had the pleasure of growing up in the mesmerizing city of İstanbul, before I went to college for a year in London and three in New York, acquiring an Environmental Studies degree from NYU. After graduation, having developed a genuine concern for the ecosystem of our planet, I was lucky enough to be able to return home and help found a Waste-to-Energy-to-Organic Fertilizer Company with my father and two brothers. I enjoy cooking, eating and conversing with friends around good food. Although for me there is no comparison to the variety and quality of the available food options in İstanbul, one thing I missed the most about New York eating scene was Mexican cuisine. That’s why I partnered up with two friends to open, first Taco Department, our Mexican food delivery restaurant and later Bowl Department for salad and rice bowl options as healthier considerations. I reside in the Bebek area of this beautiful city, in the same building I used to live as a kid, now with my fiancé Melis and our labrador Buddha. Apart from everything about food and eating, I enjoy the nature and try to put together camping trips whenever I get a chance. I love travelling with my fiancé, especially around the western and southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. I play basketball with my friends and I like music, particularly electronic/house/dance, but will listen to anything. Although I’m generally a humble person, I consider myself as a great ambassador of famous Turkish hospitality. I take pleasure in being an Airbnb host and look forward to meeting new guests. I love experiencing İstanbul and try to do the best I can for my guests to be able to take pleasure in my city as much as I do.
I had the pleasure of growing up in the mesmerizing city of İstanbul, before I went to college for a year in London and three in New York, acquiring an Environmental Studies degree…
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Feel free to reach out and either me or one of my associates will be of assistance.
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  • Lugha: English, Türkçe
  • Kiwango cha kutoa majibu: 100%
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