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Welcome to a magic retreat in wild nature, kilometers away from any sign of civilization. This is the pure taste of wilderness. What we are offering is a guided off-the-grid experience, with tours through the forests to collect mushrooms and on the hills for healing herbs, to the nearby waterfall and the ghost village turned art project. Our domain is surrounded by lands travelled by the herds and shepherds for generations. In this isolated place you feel the depths of both nature and community.

Living under the blue sky, gazing every night at the flickering stars and sleeping in the moonlight.

What we are offering is an intense experience of raw and wild nature that sharpens your senses, and the first-hand practice of BASIC LIVING in an ISOLATED PLACE far away from any road or village. We'll teach you to MAKE FIRE, to collect HEALING HERBS and most delicious EDIBLE MUSHROOMS. We'll also give you TOURS through our beautiful surrounding area, a hill landscape, partly covered with thick forests, with a WATERFALL and an old fairy tale ABANDONED VILLAGE that has been revived as artistic project.

You can also take advantage of the unique opportunity of enjoying some time on your own. It can offer pure INSPIRATION for writers, artists or musicians in search of peace for concentration, or the perfect atmosphere for anyone in need of INTROSPECTION The most powerful and altering experiences in Poiana are lived in perfect SOLITUDE, when one is confronted directly with himself.

ACCOMMODATION (tents, shared spacious wood pavilion, house for less than 3)

2-3 guests are welcomed in our home, if you are comfortable with sharing the open space with us.

As we have a small house, the groups larger than 3, will be sharing the space in the WOOD PAVILION or sleeping in TENTS. So please bring yourself tent, mattress and sleeping bag.
(For those of you who can’t bring their own sleeping necessaries, please announce and we’ll prepare something for you)

DAILY LIFE details:
Our house is on top of a hill, bordered by the forest on one side and the valley on the other. We have NO ELECTRICITY and no current water. The drinking water is fresh from the SPRING, about 200m away from the household. We cook on the fire. The shower and toilet are outside. As you will see, these conditions are inevitably making us organize in a small community, where everybody contributes. Bringing wood from the forest and drinking water from the spring will bring you more sunshine than any all-inclusive resort.

Most meals will be cooked on the OPEN FIRE. Preparing the food is actually a RITUAL at which everybody participates which makes it mostly rewarding. each helps with something, either cutting the vegetables, bringing the water or making the fire.

We suggest the menu to be mostly VEGETARIAN as we have no proper cold room to store easily perishable products so be aware if you think of bringing meat, or any of the like.
We can supply eggs and dairy products from the LOCAL FARMERS, on request.
You can buy all your basic food supplies from Boarta village, before going up to Poiana.

* You should prepare with enough provisions to last you during your stay, up in Poiana, or either prepare to take a trip of 5km to the village and then 5 back, to re-supply.

THE ROAD to Poiana:
The meeting point is in Boarta village.
From Boarta village you will take an off-road, through a young acacia forest, opening at the top of the hill with a wide plateau, a monoculture that is only a small reminder that people are everywhere :)
The road is up-hill, about an hour, though not necessarily rough, yet it’s advisable to pack light.

* If the off-road hiking trip is not suitable for you, there is also the option to come with a tractor from Boarta village up to our estate, or arrange this just for the luggage, for an extra payment.

We are sharing the space with wild animals, as well as insects, so you will be listening to a myriad of birds, you’ll be hearing the deers barking in the woods, and you’ll be pinched by all sorts of insects, from mosquitoes, to wasps, and ticks. You’re most likely fresh blood :) so if you feel uncomfortable, you should prepare with a spray.

Sagittarius A* is a platform that develops, hosts and aids projects that devote themselves to the exploration of the substance of reality through movement, through the experience of sound and vibration, music, art, techniques of meditation and random contemplation. We experiment with different states of consciousness through practices that engage the whole of our being, as yoga, acroyoga, contact improvisation, dance, and other types of mindful movement. Sagittarius A* is a realm that invites you to explore freely the nature of the body, of thought and emotion, of the inner and outer worlds, of the inner and outer wilderness, of communion.

Furthermore, before becoming Sagittarius A*, Poiana was our home for three full years, three full cycles and a lot of other intense moments spread around, in which we nurtured a fairytale and experienced a brutally beautiful reality. We've befriended every inch of this area, travelled its surroundings far and wide, got to know it intimately. And it is this connection that we open for you to tune into.

By renting our space, you are contributing to the Sagittarius A* community, and helping us improve its hosting facilities.

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Boarta, Județul Sibiu, Romania

The area surrounding our domain is called on map Poiana and it once was a small village. During the communist period, the entire community had to move down, taking their houses with them. All, except one, ours was the only one left standing.
As such, while walking around in the neighborhood you can still distinguish the traces of the the old households by the orchards and the graves.

Bordering our property and stretching for many kilometers, is a forest in which you can get lost, in which you stumble from time to time upon a fairytale opening with fruit trees, a well, some ruins and other signs of a property that was once inhabited.

Crossing a part of the forest, after an 8km walking trip, there's an abandoned village that still has a lot of its houses standing or in ruin. The scenery is bewildering as there's no human being around anymore. The beautiful fortified church along with few other properties are now part of an artistic project.

Mwenyeji ni Misha&Ioana

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We, Ioana and Misha, recently moved out of the city and into the nature, almost in the wilderness of a forest, leaving behind an agitated city life, a past full of cultural activities – some relics of which you can find in the house. We invite you to feel yourself at home in our beloved home. We can’t wait to meet you :)
We, Ioana and Misha, recently moved out of the city and into the nature, almost in the wilderness of a forest, leaving behind an agitated city life, a past full of cultural activit…

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It is your choice if you want to spend time in solitude or engage in community activities. We will guide you through the basics of off-the-grid living. We can also teach you about wild life and give you tours in the surrounding area. Or we can leave you contemplate in peace and experience nature on your own.
It is your choice if you want to spend time in solitude or engage in community activities. We will guide you through the basics of off-the-grid living. We can also teach you about…
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