Luxury and big apt for 2 in BA

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Mwenyeji huyu amejizatiti kufuata mchakato wa hatua 5 wa Airbnb wa kufanya usafi wa kina.
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Asilimia 100 ya wageni wa hivi karibuni walimpa Romina ukadiriaji wa nyota 5 katika mawasiliano.
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
Room in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by shops, restaurantes and craft breweries.
You will feel at home using WiFi, Smart TV, DVD, Coffee maker, Toaster, Air Conditioner, Heater, Washing machine, Elevator... and preparing meals in the spacious kitchen, enjoying a movie from the comfortable armchair, or just relaxing on the king size sommier

It’s a luminous apt, located in a 4th floor with elevators.
- The kitchen is fully equipped: oven, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, kitchen utensils, non frost fridge and freezer, washing machine.
- The living room has a comfortable armchair for two in front of a 40” smart TV Cable and DVD.
- Complete bathroom with a bathtub. Towels are provided.
- Heater and Air Conditioner.
- Room with a king size sommier and balcony.
- High speed WiFi.

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Lanús Oeste, Buenos Aires Province, Ajentina

Lanus is a typical neighborhood of Buenos Aires located in the south, there are restaurantes, places to do shopping, and have some walks around.

Mwenyeji ni Romina

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ME Hey everyone! Romina is here, I'm an 35 years old girl born in Buenos Aires! I work as a RE/MAX realtor. I studied accountancy, and I'm a travel agent. I really enjoy travelling, I visited each point of my country with my friends and family. Argentina has the feature of having beaches, mountains, snow, hot and freezing days... it well worth visit each :) I enjoy going out with my friends, singing, even just for a road trip. I also enjoy the beach, music, watching movies, going for walks, going for drinks, photography, reading and meeting people from everywhere. LAST TRIPS On July 2010 I decided to travel on my own for first time, and go across the Atlantic Ocean, visiting England, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Fortunately I have met a lot of people on my journey. As that trip was just perfect, I decided to travel and discover the whole world. Along August and September 2011 I traveled to Portugal and Spain. Both countries are awesome. 2012 was for Chile, and 2013 for Brazil and Patagonia Argentina. During May 2014 I travelled to USA. The ticket had destination Miami, but I visited another places like NYC (I have been there before), Washington, LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas. I would have like to visit Hawaii, but... I wanted to enjoy each place, and not run from one side to another, so next time... :) In May/June 2015 I came back to Europe, and visited the central and east part where I have never been before: Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Turkey... On the other hand, the culture of Morocco was always interesting for me, so as my flight arrived to Málaga (South of Spain) I went there for four days. In April 2016 I came back to the Patagonia with a friend, my hub was El Calafate, and from there I visited El Chaltén, and then I went across the Andes mountains to visit the National Park Torres del Paine in Chile. The experience of walking on the glacier Perito Moreno was awesome, I'll definitely come back as soon as I can. In September I took a skiweek to Ushuaia, I went there for first time 10 years ago, and it was pure pleasure to come back to the southernmost city of the world. In April 2017 I went again to see the glaciers in El Calafate and then I spent some days in Puerto Natales in Chile visiting the National Park Torres del Paine. In June I took a flight to Barcelona, as I had visited it before, I stayed just for a couple of days and then I travelled towards the Pirineus side, visiting Girona and Sort (close to Andorra). Later, as summer is magic, I visited Sardinia and Corsica islands for two weeks. I felt in love with both places, the beautiful beaches and mountains are awesome. Even the people from there, their own cuisine, everything there was perfect. At the end of the year I came back once again to Patagonia (yes, I love it!) The beginning of 2018 surprised me with a short but amazing trip to Iberá wetlands, a mix of swamps, stagnant lakes, lagoons, natural slough and courses of water surrounded by exotic animals and colourful birds in Corrientes, an argentinian province. Along July I was travelling around Europe, starting in Seville (Spain) where I wished to visit their culture, the riverside, the flamenco's dance feelings. From there I had a short trip to Algarve (Portugal), where I fall in love with their beaches. Then I took a flight to Iceland (yes! something totally different!) where the summer reminded me is not always about hot days. The experience was awesome, the landscapes surrounded by glaciers, geysers, waterfalls... every step I made there was a great surprise. And to finish that trip, I spent 10 days in Mallorca island, looking for the real summer hah. That was one of the places I wish to live, mountains, beaches, good food, friendly people, weather... what else? :) This year took me to Uruguay for work, and then I spent some days in Punta del Este trying to surf those waves. I needed more days XD Then I travelled to the north of Argentina, around Salta, Jujuy and Tucumán. The landscapes are unbelievable! salinas, wineries, mountains, jungle... absolutely recomended. And at the end of September I finally could visit one of the 7 wonders of the world: Machu Picchu, Perú. What can I say? is breathless climb that mountain and see all the surround.
ME Hey everyone! Romina is here, I'm an 35 years old girl born in Buenos Aires! I work as a RE/MAX realtor. I studied accountancy, and I'm a travel agent. I really enjoy travelling…

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I work from Monday to Friday until 5pm, after that I usually study or go to the gym, so most of the day I'm busy, probably we'll see by night.
If I'm free we can go everywhere, we can drink something with friends, or visit interesting places around BA.
I drive my car everyday so, we can go everywhere.
I work from Monday to Friday until 5pm, after that I usually study or go to the gym, so most of the day I'm busy, probably we'll see by night.
If I'm free we can go everywhere…
  • Lugha: 中文 (简体), English, Português, Español
  • Kiwango cha kutoa majibu: 88%
  • Muda wa kujibu: ndani ya siku moja
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