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Stay aboard the Magic Carpet, your sailing school's home base. Learn to sail small catamarans, while living aboard a Polynesian style coastal cruising cat, Magic Carpet. This is an educational sailing expedition through the beautiful waters of St. John and the British Virgin Islands. This adventure is about exploration, love, laughter and teaching you how to sail. Bring your positive energy to the islands!

Magic Carpet is a twenty-six foot customized Pahi Tiki Roa sailing catamaran designed by James Wharram, the old salty goat. She provides comfortable areas to bask in the sunshine or hide out in the shade. Her decks and hammocks for yoga and relaxing are what sets her apart from the other ocean crafts in our neighborhood. Come night time, she offers our guests an assortment of interesting little nooks to sleep. None of these spaces in any way, shape, or form would be considered luxurious. However, they all get the job done and have their own Magic you will probably never forget. If you love to camp, I feel you will be good as gold on her. If camping and adventuring are not high or your fun list, there are many other special spots on St. John to find on Airbnb. This little Cat is really something unique and different. However, please be honest with yourself. If you are not adventurous and open minded, I promise you, this is not your scene.

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I believe a creative life is an amplified life. It's a happier life, an expanded life, a fulfilling life and a much more interesting life. I risk delight with a balance of seriousness and lightness. My lifestyle is about finding positives. I am adventurous, energetic, honest, conscientious, kind, friendly, possess a strong work ethic and have a deep appreciation for the natural world, ......especially the wild ocean. I try my best to be a responsible human with an open heart. I like to live simply and be by the sea. I have worked around the world as an Adventure Guide since being a young man. My work has taken me to many wonderful places around this planet. I have guided professionally in New Zealand, Bolivia, Mexico, Belize, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Australia, The Cook Islands of the South Pacific, Bonaire in the Southern Caribbean, Panama, The Western USA states of Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, and New Mexico. I have put another fifteen plus years in guiding here in the Virgin Islands on St John and the British VI's. I guide because I absolutely love it. The opportunity to teach and to share is a gift. To turn a gift into your work is a blessing. Besides free surfing, there is no better place for me than giving back positive energy through my guiding and teaching. To get a small feel of my energy and teaching style you can go to Youtube and then in the search box you can enter Sffg5k9tqw0. This is the video from when the boys from Rock the Park came to St John. This is an ABC television show which features adventures in our National Parks. This was just the two of them and I doing sailing instruction for the day. This is not the adventure trip with Magic Carpet. However, it gives a small feel for me.
I believe a creative life is an amplified life. It's a happier life, an expanded life, a fulfilling life and a much more interesting life. I risk delight with a balance of seriousn…

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This is a mini expedition in the islands on small sailing catamarans and trimarans. Our nights and mornings are spent on Magic Carpet. The days consist of learning, laughing, and adventuring. We teach sailing and possibly a bit of surfing. The main focus of the journey by far, is sailing your own little catamaran or trimaran. This is how you will travel and explore the Virgin Islands. We will start on St. John and sail our way through the British Virgin Islands. You need no experience in sailing at all. Teaching sailing is what we love to do.

The days are filled with smiles and excitement. The mornings start on Magic Carpet. We enjoy yoga at sunrise, breakfast, sailing instructions, and positive vibes before heading out for the day. We will teach you all of the things you need to understand to sail and travel on a small sailing craft. You will sail every day gaining knowledge, experience, and confidence. We hope the journey is soul-stirring.

The late afternoons are open for you to explore on your own or to just relax on Magic Carpet. During this time of day, we typically go for a swim, hike, or possibly a surf, if the little waves are around. You are always welcome to come with us. This portion of the day is really up to you.

The evenings are very chill for us on Magic Carpet. We like to relax, have something to eat for dinner, then settle into our nooks to get ready for sleep. That's it. Simple style. Our version of ocean life.

We are here for you as your friends and guides. If you prefer to be learning every day with us, we are all for it. We built this trip for you around our lifestyle of teaching and playing. Our goal is to give as much as you are open to receive. However, if you are looking for a super relaxed vacation, sitting around drinking, this is NOT it. We are looking for guests who want to go exploring and adventuring with us, but once exhausted are willing to relax and have some laughs.

All stays on Magic Carpet are eleven days or more. We will have two guests total on every expedition. We are looking to accommodate one couple or two close friends. The price is set at $100 per person per day. This includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner on board. Everything from U.S. National Park fees, British Virgin Island fees, fuel, mooring fees, the list goes on and on. All included.
What is not included:
Alcoholic beverages, going out to eat or drink at a local cafe, bar or restaurant, taking a helicopter tour, sky diving without a parachute with LIAT airlines, scuba diving, and any other things along these lines.
Healthy power cookies are always rewarded for the exceptionally well behaved, super positive guests.
Discounts are available to all return guests. We need you to return. So please be sweet and return.
This is a mini expedition in the islands on small sailing catamarans and trimarans. Our nights and mornings are spent on Magic Carpet. The days consist of learning, laughing, and a…
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