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The Agro Organic Forest Side Homestay is an eco-friendly homestay located on the hills of the Maipathal Village in Ilam, Nepal. At a height of 2250 m, life at this zero pollution zone is simple and peaceful giving you some quality time with nature.
From the farm you can see the 600-hectare community forest of the Maipathal village surrounded by clouds.

There are 4 shared rooms with a total of 9 beds for the guests with shared toilet and bathroom. Hot water is available for bath.
Kitchen with an open dining area is available with a view of the village. Organic vegetables and groceries are available for you to make your own scrumptious meal. Cooked meal will also be available at an extra cost of Rs. 400 per person - breakfast, lunch and dinner with tea included. In case of more than 5 people, we can provide you the same at a subsidized rate of Rs. 300 per person.

There is also a mini bar available with domestic and imported liquor, which you can purchase during your stay.

The weather here is upto 30° C during summers and less than 15° C during winters with occasional showers of rain. Hence, it is recommended to bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

Nearby attractions:
The area is rich in flora and fauna including medicinal plants and exotic flowers that add beauty to the place. Red Pandas, native to the Himalayan region could also be spotted here if you are lucky!

Other attractions:
Todke Waterfall:
The second tallest waterfall in Nepal, this place is a 2-hour trek from the homestay.

Maipokhari Lake:
Regarded as a pilgrimage center by both Buddhists and Hindus, this lake is located about 3 km South East of the homestay and can be reached by foot.

Tea Gardens:
Ilam District is most popular for it's lush green Tea Gardens which offer a strikingly beautiful scenery along with producing Nepal's best tea. You would notice the gardens on your way to the homestay (if in a vehicle) which is a 45-minute walk.

Cheese factory:
Cheese produced here is exported to the capital for selling and you could get a demonstration of the production process here. It is a 1-hour walk from the homestay.

Lying on the Indo-Nepal border, Sandakpur offers a breathtakingly close view of Mt. Kanchenjunga along with the other highest ranges of the world including Mt. Everest, Lhotsu, Makalu and so on. The place is increasingly becoming popular among local and foreign tourists and the trek can be guided by us at an extra cost.

Similar to Sandakpur but a shorter trek, Chentapu offers one of the best views of the Mt. Kanchenjunga and the eastern Himalayas. The total trek up and down from the homestay takes about 8 hours.

Volunteering at the Farm:
While at the farm, you could be a part of the evolving community based farm project which is currently focused on producing kiwis, mushrooms, ground apples and various kinds of fruits and vegetables.
We are also building structures for kiwi farming, building a bamboo cottage for lodging and creating a flagstone road that could withstand the monsoon season.

Neighborhood :
This is one of the best trekking areas in Nepal. There are good hiking trails in the area with incredible views, depending on the season.
In the local village which is still undergoing development, we have a shopping market for vegetables and fruits where you can meet the local Nepalese people.
Even during your time at the homestay, you are likely to meet some of the locals.

Getting around:
Shared taxis are available from Ilam to Deorali bazaar. From there vehicles are available in the morning until 10 a.m. to the Cheese factory. From the Cheese factory, the farm is a 10-minute walk.
In case you are reaching late in the evening, you could stay at our Agro Organic Café and Lodge in Ilam for the night. (Check out our Facebook page -

Located at an altitude of 2250m in a forests makes it a unique homestay. From forest side homestay its just 10hours trek to sandhakpur (3750m) located in Indo-Nepal border it's famous for magnificent views of Mt.Kanchachunga and Mt.Everest.

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Maipokhari, Eastern Region, Nepal

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