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Lovely penthouse in the city center with a fabulous view of four bridges across the Danube River. In the main walking district (Knez Mihailova), & close to Sava Mala nightlife. Walking distance to the medieval Kalemegdan fortress, Belgrade Zoo, & Skadarlija bohemian quarter. Just across the bridge from New Belgrade business parks & shopping centers. Newly remodeled unit with modern furnishings. Upgraded super soft sofa, Large pvt outdoor view terrace. This condo will make your trip unforgettable

Welcome to Four Bridges View!
Toplicin Venac 29/63 Belgrade 11000

We hope you enjoy your stay at our apartment and that you feel like you are at home. Here are is some information about the apartment.

Internet: We provide Wifi internet for your use. The Wifi network is “24.3B.F3”, the password is “EVW32C0N00036659”.
Cable TV: The Cable TV has over 100 Channels, including several English language channels
Water Heater: There is an on/off switch for the water heater (boiler in Serbian). The switch is located in the hallway outside of the bathroom, next to the light switches. If it is not on upon your arrival, please turn it on and feel free to leave it on at all times for your convenience.
Stove Top: The stove top has touch-screen controls. To activate the stove, press the on button lightly and hold for 3 seconds. Use the “+” and “– “touch screen buttons too control the temperature. Please remember to turn the stove off after you are done by pressing the off button and holding for 3 seconds.
Air Conditioning/Heating: The apartment has a wall mounted air conditioning unit that also can be used as a heater. The optimal room temperature is 23 degrees, but feel free to adjust it as necessary. During the fall and winter months, there is central heating in the apartment that is provided by the radiators on the wall and is a constant temperature.
Clothes Washing Machine: This is a very small apartment, and it was a challenge to fit a clothes washing machine in it. It is located in the cabinet under the kitchen island. Because of the tight space, you will need to use a spoon to pour in the laundry detergent.
Refrigerator: The refrigerator is built in to the cabinet under the oven. There is a bottle of water in there for your use. Tap water in Belgrade is good quality as well.
Towels/Linens: Towels are provided in the bathroom. Extra towels are located in the closet if needed. Extra linens are in the closet as well. Please put dirty towels/linens in the clothes bin provided.
Bathroom: We have provided soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and toothpaste for your use. While showering, please make sure the vent fan is activated, and please leave the door open after showering for ventilation.

Smoking: Our apartment is a smoke free environment. In consideration of non-smokers, please do not smoke inside the apartment. You are welcome to smoke outside on the terrace.
If you have any questions please contact me over the Airbnb messages and I will respond as soon as possible.

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Beograd, Serbia

Go see/do:

Knez Mihailova Street - main pedestrian area, filled with shops, cafe's etc.

3)Skadarlija - old bohemian quarter cobblestone street with kafana's that usually have live tamburica music at night time. On the back side of skadarlija is the BIP pivara (brewery) with a nice outdoor seating area for when you need a cold one.

4)Kalemegdan Fortress - old Keltic/Turkish/Serbian Fortress with lots of cool stuff to see (Monuments, sculptures, WW1 and 2 tanks and artillery out in the open). Wander around for a couple hours. Good Restaurant with views there - Kalimegdanska Terasa

5) Ada Ciganlija - lake/relaxation and sports area in the middle of Belgrade. This is where most people in Beograd go to beat the heat in Summer. It is a few miles around the lake, and there are cafe's and restaurants along the beachfront. you can also rent bikes or rollerblades and ride around the lake. There are also sports fields (soccer, baseball, volleyball, american football) on Ada Ciganlija, and Beograd's only golf course.

6) Shopping - There are small shops all around Knez Mihailova and Terazije in the vicinity of our condo. Just across the river is the Beograd's best shopping mall - USCE. It's just down the street from the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It's a 2 to 3 dollar cab ride from our place, or a 15 minute walk if it's not too hot. Nice place to hang out if it's really hot as it is fully air conditioned. They also have a movie theater. Delta City shopping mall is also nice, but a bit farther away in Novi Beograd.

7) Zemun/Gardos - Zemun is just across the river, and has it's own vibe/style. It developed independently from Belgrade until about 100 years ago as it was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. you'll notice the different architecture, catholic and orthodox churches, and a different vibe. The walkway (Kej) along the river is where locals take day/evening strolls, and it's got a lot of great riverside restaurants/cafe's. The river is lined with bars/clubs on barge's (splav's). The ones by the old Hotel Jugoslavia are the liveliest at night.

Eat & Drink:

There are a lot of great restaurant's and bars near our condo. Here are some that we like the best. Most of them have reviews on Google as well:

'Deli Supermarket' Cafe - It is actually a restaurant, nevermind the name. literally a 30 second walk from our place, located at Topličin venac 19-21. Really great place for sit down breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, drinks. They have outdoor seating and indoor. The coffee/pastry shop next door is great as well. I think it's called Coffee Room. There is a minimarket right next door as well.

'Vespa Cafe' - small causal cafe right across the street from our place on Toplicin Venac. Great Cevapi and home cooked meals (sarma, etc.), really inexpensive.

'Manufaktura' - Great restaurant for traditional Serbian food with really cool Ambiance/Decor. Try the Karadjordjeva Snicla or lamb. located at Kralja Petra 13, just off Knez Mihailova

'Cica' - My favorite place for cevapi in the neighborhood. It's on a side street of Knez Mihailova, Djure Jaksica street and you can barely see the sign - that's how you know it's good. The Banjalucki cevapi are with garlic, Sarajevski without. Order with Kajmak. Also this place is right across the street from the menjacnica (exchange office) that has the best rates in the area.

Bakeries (Pekara) - Most of the bakeries in the area are awesome, except for the one on the corner just downhill from us. My favorite are Pekara Nikolic (open 24 hrs) on the corner of Marsala Birjuzova and Carica Milica street, and Hleb i Kifla (chain) on Knez Mihailova. The best/greasiest burek I ever had in Beograd is at Pekara Trpkovic located at Nemanjina 32 across from the big glass national bank of Serbia building near Slavia square - almost always a line out the door.

Nightlife - The City really wakes up around 11PM - Splav's on the Danube & Sava, and Night clubs. I am sure the National Team guys will show you around.Just down the hill from us on the old Beograd side of the river is the Sava Mala & Beton Hala area, a very popular place with Cafe's/Night Clubs for live music of all sorts. A two minute walk from the condo is Obilicev Venac, another popular street closed to vehicle traffic that has a ton of bars/cafe's that are great for hanging out/people watching or blejanje "bley-on-yeh" as they say.

Most shops and sit down restaurants accept Visa & Mastercard, and a few take AMEX. The smaller shops and bakeries are almost exclusively cash. The exchange rate is about 100 dinars to the dollar, and there are exchange offices all over. When you go in, ask them 'koliko je dollar" and they'll tell you the exact rate before the transaction. Most places don't accept ripped/torn/marked-on bills, so best to get new bills from your bank/ATM here. You can also use your ATM card at machines all over the city to get Dinars, but we never do because of the transaction fees and exchange rate.

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions!

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