❤️Beach Homestay Surf ❤️ワーケーション@湘南茅ヶ崎+江ノ島+鎌倉

Chumba cha kujitegemea katika ukurasa wa mwanzo mwenyeji ni Eugene & Soness

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  2. chumba 1 cha kulala
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Wi-Fi ya kasi
Ukitumia kasi ya Mbps 92, unaweza kupiga simu za video na kutazama maudhui ya video mtandaoni kwa ajili ya kundi lako zima.
Kuingia mwenyewe
Kujiingiza mwenyewe na kisanduku cha funguo.
Eneo kubwa
90% ya wageni wa hivi karibuni walilipa eneo alama ya nyota 5.


Kila nafasi iliyowekwa inajumuisha ulinzi wa bila malipo dhidi ya ughairi wa Mwenyeji, taarifa zisizo sahihi kwenye tangazo na matatizo mengine kama vile matatizo ya kuingia.
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
"Slow down, relaxing beach town from the busyness of Tokyo yet lots to do and see!"
Easy communication with English/Japanese
Smoke-Free Traditional Japanese tatami room looking over a garden.
Awesome beach with a great view of Mt Fuji nearby
• Free bicycles--cycle along the beach to Enoshima Island.
• Free Wifi• Free
• Free one taxi ride from Chigasaki station (south exit) on arrival
• Free surfboards+bodyboards.
• We Have Cats!

This is Your Home. Take off your shoes, pour a cup of tea, and relax. Catch up with the world our home internet is super fast!

Homey, traditional Japanese house. Get the feel of Japan with friends.

Wake up to the ambient daylight through Shoji paper doors.

Start your morning with a bowl of our homemade Vegan Organic Miso Soup with seasonable veggies. Or help yourself to a bowl of granola.

Feeling jet lagged?
Make yourself at home to plenty of coffee and tea to jump start your day.

Want to see all the sights? Here's a ready made itinerary :)

Day 1
Lounge around with the cats or you might want to ask to be woken up for an early morning surf. You can use our surf and body boards and bikes freely. Yes, free of charge.

Take a leisurely cycle along the beach to Enoshima Island. Spend the day immersed in one of Japan's 7 "power spots" as you walk around shrines, eat white bait dishes, flattened squid crackers and get a sunset view of Mt. Fuji over the ocean.

Love Sake + craft beer?
Chigasaki craft beer and Nihonshu are famous, yet only made in small quantities. Get your hands on the Shonan label beer by Kumazawa Brewing or try a sampling at Mokichi Foods Garden restaurant.

Post-dinner Hot Spring:
Take a free shuttle bus from Chigasaki station to our hot spring. Bring a towel with you or rent one. No tattoos.

Day 2
Picture yourself in "Slam Dunk" when you ride the Enoden Train Line from Fujisawa (3rd stations from Chigasaki towards Tokyo) . Get an all-day pass to take that shot, get off again at Hase to say hello to the Big Buddha, and Hase-Dera Temple. You can walk through the woods to ZenAriaBenTen to launder your money ;) washing your money brings you 10x more!

Then make your way to either:
A) Kita-Kamakura (JR line) for Enkakuji Temple Saturday 1PM Zazen meditation, Kenchoji temple, and Meigetsuin for hydrangeas.
B) Kamakura station area Hachimongu Shrine and depending on the flower season, you can choose from so many temples!

For dinner, try Shonan Yakitori (chicken) just around the corner from home.

Day 3
hosts more than just the best hot springs in Japan! Take the JR train from Chigasaki going away from Tokyo direction to Odawara. Change the train to Hakoneyumoto there or get out of the station. You can check out the Odawara samurai castle before getting in the zigzag mountain climbing train to Hakoneyumoto.

You can find several hot springs (onsen) that allow tattoos at the information centre. Just ask them with showing your tattoos.
Hakone Open Air Museum where the sculptures moods change with the seasonal backdrop of mountains, see Picasso works rarely seen, and play in the labyrinth.
Sail on lake on the colorful ship while viewing Mt. Fuji. And take the cable car to Uwakudani to eat hot spring steamed eggs and live an extra 7 years for every egg you eat!
There's just so much more to write to see in Hakone!

For dinner, eat like a local with a Teishoku set meal of main dish, rice, pickled vegetables at Kano Shokudou near Chigasaki station.

Day 4
Start early to make your own personalized Cup Noodle Ramen cups and custom ingredients. Very popular souvenirs and they are limited daily. Stroll around the Yokohama bay and the Sankeien traditional Japanese tea gardens featuring ponds, streaks and winding paths.

Shop at Minato Mirai, the red brick warehouse then grab a bite at Hard Rock Cafe or go underground in the shopping centers for lesser known but fantastic restaurants from Sushi to YakiNiku.

How is Japanese beer made?
Kirin Yokohama Beer factory gives brewery tours.

You learn the history of beer brewing and its production processes. Smart brewery students finish the tour with a tasting of freshly brewed beer.

What about Tokyo?
We commute to Tokyo for work. It's 55 minutes on just one direct train. ¥1000~ one way.

You can ride the train with Eugene to his work area: Roppongi Hills.

Check our Mori Hills and the variety of art exhibitions. Delicious vegetarian restaurants in there.

Rush across Shibuya Scramble--
the most people crossing in the world! Walk along to Harajuku for young fashion and Harajuku Koen Park for people watching.

The cheapest view in Tokyo is not Tokyo Tower or Sky Tree. It's the Shinjuku Metropolitan Building. Overlook Tokyo for FREE!

Akihabara for your anime, electronics and game needs. Rock down to electric avenue!

Just want to take things slowly?
Great! The beach is 2 minutes away. Rest, read, swim, surf, gaze at Mt. Fuji...

Explore local restaurants--Chigasaki has friendly locals dining!

Many of our homestay guests stay for 7-10 days just to slow down and live our local lifestyle.

Learning Japanese?
We speak both Japanese and English at home. Request which language you prefer.
Staying with us a while? There are free daily Japanese lessons at our local culture center.

Our home is professionally cleaned before you check-in by Noda-San. She speaks some English and is very friendly :)

Mahali ambapo utalala

Chumba cha kulala
godoro la sakafuni1

Vitu vinavyopatikana katika eneo hili

Mandhari ya bustani
Kufika kwenye ufukwe
Wi-Fi ya kasi – Mbps 92
Maegesho ya bila malipo kwenye majengo
Beseni ya kuogea
Ua wa La kujitegemea – Haina uzio kamili
Inaruhusiwa kuacha mizigo
Kikaushaji nywele

7 usiku katika Chigasaki-shi

26 Jul 2022 - 2 Ago 2022

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Thamani kwa pesa

Mahali utakapokuwa

Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japani

• 2 min to surfing beach
• Hot Springs-- 5 minute shuttle from station.
• great restaurants in neighborhood (within 5 min walk)
+ South Indian (vegetarian friendly),
+ Yakitori BBQ,
+ gluten-free friendly cafe,
+ Japanese set meals (cheap),
+ Soba noodles (famous),
+ Sushi,
+ Tempura,
+ Coffee cafes
+ Italian

🚭 Our neighborhood is NON-SMOKING.
It’s part of our contract. We can not have smoking guests. Our neighbors are also non-smoking. So please, no smoking inside or outside.

Mwenyeji ni Eugene & Soness

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Job: TEDx coach + voiceover for anime + standup comedian
From: USA; moved to Japan 23 years ago
Interests: surf, entrepreneurship, Zazen meditation on Saturdays in Kamakura
Quirky: cooks 3 meals a day in a rice-cooker.
Character: happy & positive

Job: Physiotherapist.
From: Fukushima; moved to New Zealand at 16 years old; Traveled around the world as a river guide. 16 years abroad.
Sports: Karate, surfing, snowboarding, rugby
Character: zen peaceful & happy
Job: TEDx coach + voiceover for anime + standup comedian
From: USA; moved to Japan 23 years ago
Interests: surf, entrepreneurship, Zazen meditation on Satu…

Wenyeji wenza

  • Yuji

Wakati wa ukaaji wako

Introvert or extrovert?
We connect with our guests. Of course, you have freedom to come and go in quiet solitude, as you please. I'm an ambivert (introvert and extrovert mix) and he's an introvert.

Easy communication:
We are both fully bilingual and bi-cultural (Japanese-New Zealand-American) so you can ask every cultural question you want!

Zen meditation:
I often attend easy Zen meditation at the temple in Kamakura on Saturday 1PM. Wanna go?

Your schedule and our schedules vary, so use the kitchen freely!

We eat organic vegan miso soup for breakfast. You can join us. Because your schedule is free, you can pour yourself a bowl of granola anytime. Feel free to buy groceries and keep in the fridge if you'd like to cook your own meals.
Sometimes we have dinner together like Japanese Nabe hot pot soup in winter.

Tea or coffee?
Help yourselves to a variety of teas or a slow drip coffee. Let's have a chat at the Tea Table sitting on cushions in the family room overlooking the maple tree.

Surf check is 6AM. Morning is best to join us for a surf. Of course, you can go by yourself anytime (waves are better in the morning).

Free surfboards & bicycles.

Getting to the house?
I can meet you at the station or give you taxi directions if you are independent. It's a 2KM walk (18 min walk according to maps) from Chigasaki station or a ¥810 taxi ride.

Got Rolling suitcases?
Poor with maps?
One taxi ride on me!
We will pay you back for your first taxi ride from Chigasaki Station south exit (with receipt) ¥800.

Most days I'm available to get you settled and you can have freedom to come and go as you please with a key.
Introvert or extrovert?
We connect with our guests. Of course, you have freedom to come and go in quiet solitude, as you please. I'm an ambivert (introvert and extrovert mix)…
  • Nambari ya sera: M140008400
  • Lugha: English, 日本語
  • Kiwango cha kutoa majibu: 100%
  • Muda wa kujibu: katika kipindi cha saa moja
Ili kulinda malipo yako, kamwe usitume fedha wala kuwasiliana nje ya tovuti au programu ya Airbnb.

Mambo ya kujua

Sheria za nyumba

Kutoka: 11:00
Kuingia mwenyewe na kisanduku cha funguo
Haifai kwa watoto wachanga (chini ya umri wa miaka 2)
Uvutaji sigara hauruhusiwi
Wanyama vipenzi hawaruhusiwi
Hakuna sherehe au matukio

Afya na usalama

Mazoea ya usalama ya COVID-19 ya Airbnb yanatumika
Ziwa la karibu, mto, maji mengine
King'ora cha Kaboni Monoksidi
King'ora cha moshi

Sera ya kughairi