Romantic Italian Castle at the foot of the Alps

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Ninth-century castle beautifully restored and recently augmented with central heating and modern amenities. Located on a high hill in the Valle d'Aosta an hour from Milan and Turin, it features stunning views of mountains, waterfalls, a medieval church, and carefully manicured gardens. With easy access to Gran Paradiso National Park, world-class skiing, fine dining, hiking trails, dozens of other castles, and hundreds of medieval churches, it combines the very best of the past and present.

A winding Celtic path or 230 stairs bring you from the quaint village of Montestrutto and its famous rock-climbing park to the castle's carefully manicured and enclosed garden. There, in the secluded niches amid palm and fruit trees, you may want to enjoy your favorite beverage, a snack, meal, or quiet conversation before heading inside to the castle's perennially cool two-story entrance hall richly decorated in the 1920s with frescoes of the castle's history. If you arrive hungry you can enter the dining room and fully equipped kitchen to the right of the entrance hall. If you'd prefer to view the gardens from inside, you can turn left in the entrance hall and go to the richly paneled and elaborately frescoed conservatory and study in which the famous musician and composer Rosario Scalero taught Leonard Bernstein, Samuel Barber, Nino Rota, Gian Carlo Menotti, and many other renowned composers and musicians of the following generation. Should you like to lie down, you can head up the stairs opposite the entrance, past one or more window niches to the bedrooms on the second and third floors, where you'll also find the grand living room with its marble fireplace, elaborate medievalist shutters and windows, exquisite built-in cabinetry, and extensive decorative frescoes. To the left of that room is the Master bedroom, with more, elaborate woodwork, and a wooden porch overlooking the back of the castle. And to the right of the living room is the library, with yet more beautiful woodwork and frescoes as well as access to a winding staircase that leads up to the tower bedroom, which naturally offers the most stunning views of all, not to mention a few memories from a fairy tale or two.

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7 usiku katika Settimo Vittone

31 Des 2022 - 7 Jan 2023

5.0 out of 5 stars from 11 reviews

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Settimo Vittone, Torino, Italia

The Castle is located on a high hill (pack light and be ready for a steep walk!) overlooking the quaint village of Montestrutto, which is famous for its climbing park, year-round creche scenes, and friendly people. It also features "La Dolce Vita," which is widely reputed to be the best pizzeria around, irregardless of the fact that it's also one of the most economical, and across the Strada Statale, at a cafe named for the road, you can enjoy a delicious espresso or cappuccino at almost anytime of the day or evening. If you feel a little more adventurous and want to work off that caffeine, you can head up the myriad trails extending from the back of the castle grounds, into the hills, and on or along the Via Francigena, which is a medieval pilgrimage route that ran from Canterbury to Rome and winds among many ruins that date back to the Middle Ages or even earlier. If the cafe or the hiking has only whetted your appetite and you can't wait for a pizza dinner at La Dolce Vita, you can go to the gelateria next to the climbing park for locally sourced treats that include myriad experimental flavors in addition to such standards as stracciatella and nocciola. Or you can walk a few minutes up the Strada to Settimo Vittone, where you can not only get groceries, household supplies, and souvenirs, but also enjoy fine dining, particularly at La Sosta, a beautifully rustic Via Francigena waystop that features regional, locally-sourced, often organic dishes that are absurdly delicious, especially at these prices.

Mwenyeji ni Karl

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I'm an art history scholar with a specialty in medieval culture and in post-medieval responses to the Middle Ages, so this castle and the hundreds around it, not to mention the thousands of medieval to Baroque churches in the area, really scratch one of my itches. As does the landscape. Much as I love art and architecture, I also adore nature, so I get endless enjoyment from the Alpine scenery, medieval pilgrimage and hiking trails, cross-country and downhill skiing in the nearby mountains, rock-climbing by the base of the castle hill, and quiet moments in the castle's carefully manicured garden.
I'm an art history scholar with a specialty in medieval culture and in post-medieval responses to the Middle Ages, so this castle and the hundreds around it, not to mention the tho…

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But I'm always reachable by email or, if necessary, also by phone. Barbara Charles who lives in a neighboring village and speaks some English and French, as well as Italian, will meet you to help you carry your luggage upon arrival (for details on this process, see the "check-in instructions" below, under "arrival details"). You may ask her questions and she can help you, should you encounter problems with the functioning of the washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc., or if you have any other questions. For 50€ per adult and 25€ per child (payable in cash directly to her) she's also available to cook delicious regional specialties for lunch/brunch on weekends and dinner most nights of the week, including 2-3 appetizers, a first course, a second course, dessert, coffee, and wine.
But I'm always reachable by email or, if necessary, also by phone. Barbara Charles who lives in a neighboring village and speaks some English and French, as well as Italian, will m…
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