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April 28, 2019
While it is fun to browse the antique stores of Hudson, they are also quite expensive. For real bargains, head to Meisner’s on Saturday night. Prices are normally 1/10th to ½ than they are in Hudson. Be sure to CAREFULLY inspect what you want to bid on ahead of time (during the week or right…
December 13, 2018
A Saturday night 5 pm auction here is a great experience, often with amazing values. Box lots often start at 4. Stop in, register, get your number on an index card and then see what happens. Try it even if you've never gone to an auction before. You could get something wonderful, and you probably…
June 8, 2017
This auction house is great experience for treasure seekers and collectors.
November 28, 2014
Offering antique auctions on most Saturday evenings at 5 pm.

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  1. Roshani nzima
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Private, luxurious Berkshire loft/cabin

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“This turns out to be a great friendly local place, particularly for wings and very good burgers. Pizza oven too. Bar, good selection of craft beers on tap. Find this place in a back corner of the Midtown Mall next to the OTB, but don't let that deter you. Closed Monday; the kitchen serves on other days until 10 but the bar stays open till 2 a.m.”
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Mkahawa wa Kimarekani
“Sustainable and locally sourced food. Great menu in an unassuming location.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“A great place up route 22 for U-Pick berries in the early summer, like strawberries and raspberries. Also a great source for produce, meat, and particularly pies.”
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“On the Lenox/Pittsfield line. This is where we like to go for hibachi, sushi, and Japanese food. Best bargain is half-price items from 3 to 6 on weekdays, like sushi and an excellent shrimp and vegetable tempura. Also, if you're a Groupon user, they coupon there all the time.”
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Book Store
“Adorable bookstore in town that has an attached wine bar. Check out their web page for current activities and events.”
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438 Columbia Pike
New Lebanon, New York 12125
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