La Ocean Vista

Nyumba ya mbao nzima mwenyeji ni Dale

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Nyumba nzima
Utaimiliki nyumba ya mbao kama yako wewe mwenyewe.
Usafishaji wa Kina
Mwenyeji huyu amejizatiti kufuata mchakato wa hatua 5 wa Airbnb wa kufanya usafi wa kina.
Wanyama wapenzi wanaruhusiwa
Wageni mara nyingi hutafuta kistawishi hiki maarufu
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
So you've read the news about problems in Nicaragua. None of the protests and the resulting problems happened in Playa Gigante or any of the beach areas for that matter.
Tourism has falle dramatically and so have prices. My places are still spotless clean, same friendly staff and even better, everyone loves a tourist because there are so few.
Now would be a very good time to help Nicaraguans regain their lost employment and growing standard of living. I'm sure you will be very happy you came.

Lovely place to post up and enjoy the beach scene. Your private porch has Views of the beach and waves. You can check the surf and surf the net. Your floor is teak and your bathroom really neat. Treetop water tank assures your water pressure.
Right above and overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, La Vista is a airy open and breezy. There is a lovely, above it all, close to the action but just far enough away to be able to reflect.

Vitu vinavyopatikana katika eneo hili

Ufikiaji wa ufukwe – Mwambao
Maegesho ya bila malipo kwenye majengo
Wanyama wapenzi wanaruhusiwa
Ua au roshani
Ua wa nyuma
Haipatikani: King'ora cha kaboni monoksidi
Haipatikani: King'ora cha moshi

Chagua tarehe ya kuingia

Weka tarehe zako za safari ili kupata bei kamili
Weka tarehe
Weka tarehe

4.80 out of 5 stars from 94 reviews

Thamani kwa pesa

Mahali utakapokuwa

Playa Gigante, Tola, Nikaragwa

Where to eat:

Standing on the beach. looking at the ocean, if you turn right you will come to a small hill we call the LOMA. At the bottom of the Loma is Mana Lynn’s and the Gigante Spanish Language School. Dona Lynn cooks Nica style meals over a wood fire. Everything is good. Consult the white board for options. Ask the price before you order, sometimes there is confusion over the price. They are a good source for close, cold beer. Bring your own bottle to trade so you can get a cheaper price.

If you turn left right at the front fence and follow it across the river you will come to the Bar Cascada. This short cut keeps you from having to walk thru Dona Lynn’s. Cascade sells ice cold beer to go and tacos, burritos and chicken dinners. All very good. Remember that we reuse the beer bottles in Nicaragua so to avoid paying a deposit take a bottle from the bucket in the largest chill zone. Look around you will see it.

Buena Vista is at the top of the Loma and offers a commanding view of the sunset and beach to the north. The food is good.

Now, if you were to turn left on the beach, right next door you can get a drink from 4 to 8 and have a great third floor view. Continue south on the beach and you will come to Mirador Margarita’s. This is a beachfront restaurant that doesn’t serve margaritas but the fish is some of the best in town. The reason for this is the fish processing plant is owned by the same family. It is just next-door on the inland side. You can buy fresh fish here also.

Now leaving the beach and walking down the road to the right and the center of town
you will come to Blue Sol. They have Wifi, TV and an upstairs dining room. Some guests love the food and others say it’s just passable. Service is inconsistent.
Across the street Kitty Corner is an un-named restaurant. Dotina Cachita cooks wonderful meals but bring a good book. It takes awhile.

Next-door is the Eskimo Ice Cream store!

Across the street is Mar y Mar. Another place offering typical Nica style foods. They were really popular till they installed the JukeBox. Sometimes the noise is just a bit much.

About another block down the road is Michelle’s. This is the “fancy” place in town. Weekends are full of people from Managua. They have proper drinks and an extensive menu . I’ve eaten there twice.

Party Wave has smoothies and lunch specials on the right side of the street.

The next restaurant down the road is “Juntos” pronounced who n tos. Canadian run bar and restaurant, that is probably the most popular in town. They have oven fired pizza on Fridays and they really work hard on quality and service.

Then you have The Hostel which is called Camino Gigante. The restaurant is there and they have food. Most everyone goes for the drinking. Tons of people. Wednesday is open mike night with local talent. In this little town, it is a big deal.

Next door to the Hostel is Giant’s Foot surf tours. They are only open to the public on Monday for Burger Night. Go early and and the rush.

Many places rent surfboards, I recommend Doug at Salty’s Surfboard Rentals. Go all the way into town on the only road till you have to turn left. There he is.

Mwenyeji ni Dale

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Dale has been living in Nicaragua since 1993. During this time he has lived in and encouraged a sweet little community in Playa Gigante. He has a beachfront compound of eight dwellings and two stores to furnish food, clothing and hardgoods to the guests and surrounding community. Still a Wander by nature, Dale often leaves his sweet spot in the hands of a trusted confidant and sails his 34 foot trimaran throughout Latin America.
Dale has been living in Nicaragua since 1993. During this time he has lived in and encouraged a sweet little community in Playa Gigante. He has a beachfront compound of eight dwell…

Wakati wa ukaaji wako

There is a Bus that leaves the Rivas Mercado at 1:30 PM and arrives in front of my places to stay at 3:30.
You can also catch a cab from Rivas for about 500 cordobas. Be sure to have your driver turn right on the only street in town. I am 300 meter down the road, right on the beach behind the green gates. Keep your eyes open for a sign because sometimes the gates are open .

The easiest way to get here is to have a driver meet your flight. If is during working hours, he will take you also to a large store for shopping and to use an ATM. This costs $85 and is easy.
There is a Bus that leaves the Rivas Mercado at 1:30 PM and arrives in front of my places to stay at 3:30.
You can also catch a cab from Rivas for about 500 cordobas. Be su…
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Ili kulinda malipo yako, kamwe usitume fedha wala kuwasiliana nje ya tovuti au programu ya Airbnb.

Mambo ya kujua

Sheria za nyumba

Haifai kwa watoto wachanga (chini ya umri wa miaka 2)
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Afya na usalama

Zimejizatiti kufuata mchakato wa Airbnb wa kufanya usafi wa kina. Onyesha mengine
Miongozo ya Airbnb ya kuepuka mikusanyiko na mingine inayohusu COVID-19 inatumika
Maelezo kuhusu king'ora cha kaboni monoksidi hayajatolewa Onyesha mengine
Maelezo kuhusu king'ora cha moshi hayajatolewa Onyesha mengine

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