Treehouse off-the-grid built by Master Pete Nelson

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This is the World famous TREEHOUSE as shown on Animal Planet-TreeHouse Masters-Kentucky Climbers Cottage.

This tree house is ideal for those who want to unplug & have an off the grid immersion in nature. Walk a ramp into the treehouse. The large barn doors open to let outside in. There’s a King size bed and 2 leather couches and pull out cot. Best for 2 adults & 2 kids under 10 Has electric, air, wood-burner. Date taken? See other listings Aliyah treehouse, Hickory or Love Bus

We are excited you found us! A TreeHouse that is recommended for...nature lovers, people who seek time away from technology, that love to play, adventure enthusiasts who appreciate unique places to stay.

Please take the time to read through the description below.

We are EarthJOY village and offer three treehouses on 200 acres of privately owned land strategically placed to give you privacy and close enough that you can rent out all three. They are all family and pet friendly. Pets can be added after you reserve for 50.00 a pet per stay

The Pete is treehouse number 1. This is what you are looking at now. It has a wood burning stove, the biggest floor plan with lots of open space and an over sized loft with a king size bed. Best suited for Pete Nelson treehouse lovers & a couple with two small kids

Our Aliyah treehouse is unique with a snuggle palace is 30 feet high and is our tallest treehouse. It’s great for when you’re a family that likes to spread out. In the main cabin is a full size bed and across the swinging bridge is a bunk bed with a twin & full size bed.

The hickory is unique in that it has a play ground, consisting of a slide, a swing and two hammocks. It has a cozy nook with lots of games. This treehouse is best for two adults and 4 kids that want to be in the same room at bed time.

More about the treehouse you are looking at now.

It was built by Pete Nelson- the Treehouse Master and a best friend to all. It aired on season 4 episode 6 as Kentucky Climbers Cottage!

This treehouse is for those wanting "off the grid nature experience" quiet and seclusion. For guests that want experiences and love to explore.

The treehouse has electricity, lights, full kitchenette, and back up space heater. You will stay super cozy with a favorite feature - an inside wood- burning stove.

This treehouse experience comes with 200 acres of themed trails that begin right under your treehouse. You can hike the rolling hills, check out the views and solitude of old growth trees, nature and forest provided.

The best feature of this tree house are the barn doors and open space that bring the inside in.

Imagine you start your morning enjoying your breakfast or a cup of coffee in front of a crackling fire next to the wood burning stove in the middle of the woods in a treehouse! .

A fully stocked kitchenette inside has everything you need to cook all your meals on a four burner range stove. We supply olive oil, salt pepper, and coffee and mr coffee maker. You also have 3-gallon tank of water, pots and pans, plates, bowls, and utensils.

You can also cook up a delicious barbecue dinner on our gas grill outside on large deck with comfortable seating that overlooks the valley
There is no running water you do have a portable sink for clean up and can fill up your tank at outdoor spigot by your private bathroom 5 min walk.

Sleeping arrangements include king size bed on second floor and on first floor behind the couch is a child's cot and camp mattress. In the stools you will find sleeping bags and extra linens.

With the treehouse having electricity, you have cool stained glass lights, ceiling fan, heat and air!!

Guests have their own private bathhouse with flushing toilet, sink, shower, towels, wash rags, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and paper towels at entry of property about 400 feet from the tree house and for quick restroom trips a compost toilet 5 second walk outside the tree house. There is no running water in the tree house. We have a three gallon tank to wash your hands, do dishes and for cooking.

When you venture outside and down below the treehouse you will find two Adirondack chairs and bench around the firepit and a hammock a few feet away.

A little more about the trails and varying degrees of difficulty. The heart trail takes you around the property, is hilly and is 3.3 miles and leads. In total we have approximately 11 miles of trails.

Besides the old growth forest, you can spot turkeys, deer, squirrels, rabbits, and sometimes cows and a horse. There are no dangerous animals or venomous snakes.

The hobbit tree house trail where you can find yourself immersed in finding the 10 hobbit houses. Make your way to the end of the trail to make a wish in the creek located by the oldest tree on the property.

The cabana village trail you will find a tree pod that holds two adults. You can use for picnic, "sit spot" to take in nature, read a book, nap or just use as secret hideaway. Drum the ceiling or floor with your hands and instantly you are inside a big drum!

Kids can go on scavenger hunt to find the 5 ponds, explore an abandoned 1800s settlers log cabin, and wade, hike and play in several cool creeks
We also invite you to hike Jacobs Ladders trail. A prayerful trail whereas guests hang chimes along the trail in memory of a loved one. They spend time on the trail expressing to the one deceased all that they loved about them

The five tree grove is available to you to book a unique one of a kind guided tree climb. Here our professional facilitator will take you to the top for the best views! You can learn all the tree tricks including coming down upside down. Or just hang out in the GIANT green net! You can schedule this after you book.

.Once you get to the treehouse CHECK OUT THE tree house manual inside the with loads of invitations to connect you to yourself, nature and others.

For the wood burner you can have your wood delivered right to the tree house for $40.00 a load (one load equals one night and about 20 pieces) or bring your own just make sure it's 12 inches or less. The wood burner will heat up the entire tree house. We recommend bring a fire starter unless you are experienced fire builder. You also have access to small heater as a supplemental.

Other safety considerations of this tree house. The steps to the second floor is a ship ladder. We recommend you be in semi good physical condition.

Check in to treehouse and or property is 4PM. You can pay for early check in of 130pm to property or tree house can be prearranged for 30.00 organization/expedite fee that goes directly to cleaners or we recommend booking two nights to fully take advantage of all the property has to offer.

Please take note*** The tree house is in the middle of the woods you may encounter a mouse, wasp, bees, ticks, deer, turkey, flies, ants, water bugs, hear coyotes, and owls especially out on the trails. This is their home too! We ask that you be a person that respects wildlife.

It is rare to see critters in the tree house. Since part of the adventure are the famous barn doors that open to the outside occasionally one may sneak in. We recommend not leaving the barn doors open when you leave the tree house for a hike or overnight since flying insects love the tree house.

More,about the area
**A favorite of guests is visiting the Historical town of Augusta Ky. Childhood home to George Clooney. The Irish Pub is a great place to eat (call ahead for open hours) and have a ice cream after at the general store across the street. For more fine dining we recommend the beehive tavern that overlooks the Ohio river.

Visit the small red train with historical info and take a stroll along the beautiful Ohio River just two blocks to the left of the pub. Augusta is also home to underground railroad.

Take a magical ferry ride across river and visit small town of Ripley. Find a place to eat along the river. You can take bridge back to Maysville and visit their historical downtown. Eat at Parc Cafe-A Italian cafe replica or LILJumbo. When you head out you may want to stop for breakfast at Donna's Mom and Pop in Brooksville Ky.

For quick bite to eat order a Pizza from the Germantown 1st stop Gas station 4 miles and pick it up. Phone number is in the treehouse.

The Tree house is our dream come true. I wanted a treehouse since I was 10 years old. I believed it would bring me peace. I would play in the woods with my siblings imagining this treehouse ...bordering it with small branches, using rocks as our furniture and moss as our carpet. I never let go of having this space and thought about it often.

When Bill and I started our dream company EarthJOY Tree adventures in 2007. Whereas we take clients to the top of trees on ropes. As part of this venture we wanted to give them another experience. Why not be able to stay in a treehouse too??

We set off to take Pete Nelsons LEARN HOW TO BUILD A TREEHOUSE in 2009 workshop.

After the workshop we looked high and low for the perfect property to have this dream come true. We ran into many obstacles one being not able to afford it or not the right trees.

When we saw Pete on Animal planet I thought I would just apply for the fun of it. We didn't even have a place. When they called and accepted our application I called Dad. I asked him if we could build a treehouse on his 200 acre farm. He laughed and then said YES! He said he was tired of running two farms and his dream of having a huge cattle farm would just have to be turned into building a few treehouses.

Animal Planet wanted to share this story and hence our episode is famous and called "THE KENTUCKY CLIMBERS COTTAGE" After five years they still air it on TV

December of 2014 marks the year my childhood dream finally came true. Not only do I mark off time to enjoy my treehouse myself.. I also set aside time for Womens workshops and our treeclimbing clients. They not only have an incredible experience via a guided tree climb they also get the full immersion of being held by 10 trees in a TREEHOUSE!

The adventure begins on the journey to the treehouse. As you wind your way through the beautiful back roads you can stop over at Augusta for a romantic dinner and a walk along the Ohio River.

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Germantown, Kentucky, Marekani


We are all country! What makes this adventure attractive is the relaxing ride to the tree house. You will travel rolling hills and encounter beautiful farms and hillsides.

We are 41 miles from the Arc Encounter in Williamstown Ky (about a hour drive)

We are about an hour from Lexington Ky horse farms.

We are about 90 mins from downtown Cincinnati and Cincinnati ZOO.

Enjoy our 200 acres of hiking trails, creek beds, tree climbing, fire pits and scavenger hunts.

Relax on the Deck, Hike the HEART TRAIL to the Trillium Hammock Observe Wildlife or you can


$59/climber for a one and half hour guided for under three climbers, four or more $49.00 a climber. The tree climb experience offered almost daily in one of the trees near the Treehouse
Times are limited so be sure to book your climb right away! More than eight group prices are available


Subway is in Brooksville (15 mins)

Pizza can be ordered from 1st stop gas station in Germantown 4 miles from the treehouse or from Snappys in Brooksville. They will deliver if not busy.

Augusta, KY is only about 15 miles away and highly recommended. It is a quaint, historical town. Please call ahead for store hours of Irish Pub.
Take a ride across the Ohio river on the Augusta Ferry to Ripley Ohio and eat at the Boat Tavern right on the river

Augusta is hometown of George Clooney.
You can visit his mom -Nina Clooney- right at her antique shop on main called Nina's
Or visit Rosemary Clooney House,
the Baker-Bird Winery, or the 1811 Historic Jail.

Restaurants in Augusta:
BeeHive now open. Call ahead for reservations.
Augusta Irish Pub is our favorite.
Carota's Pizza
Corner Café
The General Store for ice cream.
The Parkview Inn

Maysville is only 15 mins away and best place to visit to eat breakfast is Parc Cafe - A Paris replica
Maysville has Mexican restaurant, Bob Evan, AppleBees and DeShas

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lover of tree houses Together we founded Earthjoy Treehouse Village in Brooksville/Germantown ky. 60 mins from downtown Cincinnati. Earthjoy was established in 2007 as a tree climbing company. In 2015 the Pete Nelson treehouse was built and known as the Kentucky Climbers Cottage on Animal Planet ( season 4 episode 6) Earthjoy has been featured on KET TV twice, Cinnanati magazine and nominated best place to stay in bourbon wilderness trail. When you book a stay you also get private access to magical, maintained 200 acres of themed trails of varying levels of difficulty. Home to 2 of largest landslides in US and unique guided tree climbs. Our village is open for large weddings. You would need to contact us through our site earthjoy village
lover of tree houses Together we founded Earthjoy Treehouse Village in Brooksville/Germantown ky. 60 mins from downtown Cincinnati. Earthjoy was established in 2007 as a tree climb…

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Sometimes we are on the property conducting tree climbs or retreats.

More detailed info will be sent via link after you book such as places to eat, what to bring & things to see in the area. Typically, there is no one on site to assist you as this is a semi-primitive adventure. However, we do have emergency local contacts with phone numbers in manual. The treehouse manual is detailed and there to serve as a guide. Please bring any items you may need with you.

We are earthjoy village and rent out 2 other tree houses that are about a football field away from this tree house. You can barely see it when the trees are in full bloom. Far enough a way to give you privacy and close enough if your friends or family want to rent the other one.
Sometimes we are on the property conducting tree climbs or retreats.

More detailed info will be sent via link after you book such as places to eat, what to bring & thin…

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