Honeymoon Escape

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Wageni 2, chumba 1 cha kulala, kitanda 1, Mabafu 1.5
Nyumba nzima
Utaimiliki vila kama yako wewe mwenyewe.
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Mwenyeji huyu amejizatiti kufuata mchakato wa hatua 5 wa Airbnb wa kufanya usafi wa kina.
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Wageni mara nyingi hutafuta kistawishi hiki maarufu
1BR / 1Bathroom / Private Beach / SPA / Coral Reef / Diving
The villa has its private territory and the private pool, it is not a resort.
There is a nice home reef just in front of the villa.

The Villa is beachfront. This is one of the units of Octopus Villas compound.
It is situated in North-East coast of Bali. It's build in tropical modern style and comfortable for accommodating 2 people. For a couple with a child we can provide baby-cot or put mattress on the floor. Spacious air-conditioned bedroom is combined with bathroom that leads to open sunny shower. Small kitchen near Infinity pool, wooden deck with two sun beds and gazebo are situated in hidden zone near the villa. Netural path will lead you to the second wooden deck also with the sun beds right on the beach, where you can relax enjoying the ocean view, make massages or have a romantic candlelight dinner with a bottle of wine.

All the territory of the villa and the pool belong to you during the period of your stay. 40 meters from the villa there is a place for staff, that clean the villa and cook for you if needed. Nobody will disturb you and the ladies come only at the time that was discussed with you before. There is a cell phone at the villa that you can use for communication with the owners or the staff. Also you can bring it with during the day trip.

We can help you in arranging tours around the island, massages, yoga, fishing, kayaking and diving.
There is a nice reef in front of the villa both for snorkeling and diving, equipment is available for rent. Also you can enjoy the view of northern part of the Bali from the ocean during the fishing or romantic trip on our speed boat.

Our staff will be happy to cook for you and serve the meals the villa. You can either prepay the meals for the whole period of your stay $15 per person per day or pay on arrival breakfast - $4, lunch - $6, dinner - $9.

For traveling around the island you can rent a car with a driver $55 per day (up to 4 people) or a scooter $10 per day for short distance trips.

Dive equipment is possible for rent for diving at the good home reef and at the nearest dive site.

We are trying our best to make the stay of the guests as comfortable as possible providing good service. But all the people are different and we cannot please everyone. So, in order to minimize the percent of unhappy guests we wrote more precise about pleasant stay at our villa.

The villa is for you if:

- you want to enjoy the ocean, nature and feel real Bali away from the tourist places.
- you consider yourselves happy people
- you like diving and snorkeling
- you want to relax
- you are enjoying spending time together with your beloved one

The villa is NOT for you if:

- you like big variety of restaurants and bars, disco and big supermarkets
- you have a low budget and usually stay in a cheap accommodation and paying USD100 per night your expectations are too high.
- you consider below prices expensive: $15-18 for the meals per day per person, $15 per massage, $55 per transport per day or $1 per bottle of Coke
- you have unusual demands for the staff. E.g. the male staff cannot clean the garden.
- you have insect phobia.

This is a private villa, not a 5 star hotel. The staff meet the guests on arrival and the owner comes the next day to double check if everything all right. There is a phone in the villa, so the guest can call the staff or the owner anytime. As the villa is private we do not bother our guest if not necessary. The villa, garden and the pool are cleaned daily, you can discuss the time if needed.

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Tejakula, Bali, Indonesia

If you take a walk you can see the life of the balinese village people. Plenty of small shops to buy drinks and snacks. Morning market and a waterfall is 5-7 minutes on the scooter.

Mwenyeji ni Anna

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Originally we are from Kiev (Ukraine). We went on vacation to Bali on December, 2008 and felt in love with this beautiful island: its smiling people, stunning nature, tropical climate and friendly spirit. So, we moved on June, 2009 with our 2 kids (1,5 and 4 y.o.). Travelling around the island we realized that the northern part is just perfect for us, as it is not so touristic and crowded as the South. In 2 month we’ve bought the piece of land (1 Hectare / 2.5 Acre) with the awesome reef in front and start to build a Diving Resort (as diving is our passion). But in a while we figured out that there are too many permissions we need to get in order to operate the Diving Resort and decided to build the private villas instead, still with the opportunity for our guests to dive. The building process was quite enjoyable for us as we had this experience back home. Our first guests were our family and friends, and after a while we start to advertise our villas on different websites. We are creating a lovely villa each year. For now we have 7 of them: 1 bedroom – 4 units, 2 bedroom – 2 units, 4 bedroom – 1 unit. From the time we started to live in Bali our family extended with 3 more beautiful kids. Our older kids fully integrated: they go to local school and speak Indonesian and Balinese. At home we speak Russian. We are still enjoying our island life: diving and freediving, yoga and handicraft, dancing and playing the guitar, travelling and spending time in the family. Everyone can understand his desires, not afraid of changes and follow the Dream! Happiness is not the destination. It’s the method of life. We wish you all the best! Take care, Anna and Alex Polina and Nikita, Sofiya, Mila and Danil
Originally we are from Kiev (Ukraine). We went on vacation to Bali on December, 2008 and felt in love with this beautiful island: its smiling people, stunning nature, tropical clim…

Wakati wa ukaaji wako

Villa is private, so we aretrying not to disturb the guests. We live 50 meters from the villa, so the guests can always come. There is a pnone at the villa, so the guests can call us or staff when needed.

Anna ni Mwenyeji Bingwa

Wenyeji Bingwa wana tajriba, wakaribishaji wageni walio na viwango vya juu na waliojitolea kutoa ukaaji bora kwa wageni.
  • Lugha: English, Русский
  • Kiwango cha kutoa majibu: 100%
  • Muda wa kujibu: katika kipindi cha saa moja
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