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Explore the rural parts of Bali with this simple villa as your base. The villas are in a quiet garden with nice views as far as the sea 1300 m below. The villas were once part of a luxury hotel and stood empty for two years.

This is a very unusual space. Please read on before you book.

This place has been a luxury hotel charging 150-500$ per night. A place once visited by presidents slowly declined after the Bali bombings and closed a few years ago.

Our goal is to protect the breathtaking natural heritage of the lake area by promoting sustainable tourism. We got the unique opportunity to reopen the place and invite guests to explore the real Bali, far away from mass tourism.

We are starting by renting out the villas, because they are still in very good shape. We have large gardens and beautiful views. We currently use the swimming pool to grow fish. We aim to produce all the food on the property. You are welcome to catch your own dinner. Let's walk through our garden to collect vegetables and herbs and prepare an unforgettable dinner around the fire place.

We will prepare a breakfast for you (pancakes and warm drinks). You can always come for a drink to the main building. There we also have low-speed wifi, it's good enough for mails and booking the next stop, but don't expect to stream videos (who would want do do that anyway if you can sit around a fireplace).

We don't offer regular meals. If you want we can also prepare a dinner for you and spend the evening around the fire place. Otherwise there is a small meat ball soup (bakso) shop right in front of the hotel and two restaurants with international dishes a bit up the road (300 and 600 meters).

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Desa Wanagiri, Bali, Indonesia

We are located up in the mountains of North Bali between Bedugul and Munduk. Our village is surrounded by lush jungles overlooking two volcanic lakes. It is the perfect place for people who love hiking and want to explore the rural parts of Bali. There are some of the most amazing places in walking distance, sights rarely visited by any tourists. Here you can experience the pristine Bali far away from the crowded beaches of the South. Climb one of the surrounding mountains and watch the clouds spill over the edge of the ancient crater. Hike through the mystical fig tree forests and search for the hidden temples. Go on a canoe trip on the lake and catch a fish for dinner. Take a bath in one of the secluded waterfalls and jump off a cliff into the canyon. Pray in the cave temple of Tirta Kuning. Climb the 30m high spirit tree or just take in its beauty by meditating on its roots. Follow a river from its spring through the forest and along the subak irrigation channels down to the rice fields.

Our goal is to protect the jungles by promoting the area as an ecotourism destination. Currently people are earning a few dollars by cutting the beautiful trees and carrying them out of the forest. We want to show them that the forest as a whole has much more value than a few trunks.

Most people in Wanagiri are farmers. The main crop here is coffee. We are in process of mapping the most beautiful hiking tracks, so you can easily explore the area by yourself. We recommend to download an app that uses open street maps so you can easily find the hiking trails.

Mwenyeji ni Papajero

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I was born and raised in our beautiful village called Wanagiri. Wana means forest and giri means mountains - and that's what you will find here! My family used to be farmers until we were displaced from our land. With the help and encouragement from several kind travelers we started hosting backpackers who wanted to explore the rural parts of Bali. We started to run a restaurant, then a guesthouse and a few months ago we got the amazing opportunity to rent our the beautiful villas of a once luxurious hotel. We have very basic accomodation, as we believe in zero impact to the environment, therefore share bathroom with hot water, wifi in central location but not individual rooms. All our food is from our home grown gardens. The emphasis is for you to explore the amazing surround and meet our local community. Wanagiri is on the edge of an ancient volcanic crater overlooking two lakes. There are hidden temples and secluded waterfalls in the surrounding jungles and it seems every time we go for a hike we explore something new. But sadly the people are illegally cutting trees and carry them out of the forest to make a few dollars. We want to show them that the forest is much more valuable as a whole. Our goal is to protect the forests with sustainable tourists so that many more people can explore the beauty of the mountains. We made hiking maps, experimented with menus for our guests and gave English classes to the kids in the village. We are figuring out ways to recycle and dispose the plastic rubbish, because we believe the plastic problem can only be solved if we start on the top and try to keep the rivers clean. As our guest you are invited to be part of our family. I live with my wife, Mama Jero, my daughter Koming and our granddaughter Yuna, in the guest house. We love to eat with guest, share food and connection, we have facility for you to cook if you choose. Please if you have any problems, talk with us, as we are always happy to listen and discuss and find solution. We are healers from the heart. Experience in massage and meditation, and natural medicine. This is a beautiful place to heal, connect, come back to basics and remeber life.
I was born and raised in our beautiful village called Wanagiri. Wana means forest and giri means mountains - and that's what you will find here! My family used to be farmers until…

Wakati wa ukaaji wako

As our guest you are part of the family. We live 600 meters up the road in out little guest house Bukit Kembar. You are very welcome to come there for a coffee and a chat. We also serve lunch and dinner there. If you want to hear some Gamelan music this is the place to go, almost every evening we sit together and play music.

We have employees who occupy the reception during the day and our night guard Pak Maku who stays in the main building during the night. If you have any wishes just go there.
As our guest you are part of the family. We live 600 meters up the road in out little guest house Bukit Kembar. You are very welcome to come there for a coffee and a chat. We also…
  • Lugha: English, Bahasa Indonesia
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  • Muda wa kujibu: ndani ya siku moja
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