Tiny House oasis in Beautiful Waldo County. We❤️🐕

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Kijumba mwenyeji ni Lisa

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Kuingia mwenyewe
Unaweza kuingia na mhudumu wa nyumba.
Lisa ni Mwenyeji Bingwa
Wenyeji Mabingwa ni wazoefu, wenyeji wenye tathmini nzuri ambao wamejizatiti kuwapatia ukaaji murwa wageni.
Uzoefu mkubwa wa kuingia
95% ya wageni wa hivi karibuni walitoa alama ya nyota 5 katika mchakato wa kuingia.


Kila nafasi iliyowekwa inajumuisha ulinzi wa bila malipo dhidi ya ughairi wa Mwenyeji, taarifa zisizo sahihi kwenye tangazo na matatizo mengine kama vile matatizo ya kuingia.
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
We have an adorable rustic and comfy tiny house with an enormous screened porch, lots of outside space, beautiful gardens and a water feature. inside is Queen bed, fridge, tea kettle and stovetop.

The space is air conditioned.

There's a simple composting toilet indoors which works well and smells not at all. No indoor plumbing but we supply ample drinking/cooking/washing water and there is a sink that drains. There is an outdoor hot shower tent.

More people? Ask about renting an extra tent.

When you arrive, homemade chocolate chip cookies, snacks, fruit, and soft drinks will be waiting for you.

Fall asleep with the trickling sounds of our waterfall right outside your window.

The listing says half-bath, but we have a private outdoor hot shower! The composting toilet works really well if you use ample wood shavings, and with your permission to enter, we empty it every day.

Our large screened-in porch has a table and chairs and a couch you can sleep on if you feel in the mood for night sounds and breezes. There is an outdoor grill for your use as well as a fire pit. If you bring an extra person, they will sleep on the porch couch.

Have more than two people? I will rent you a tent and set it up for you for an additional $20/night. BYO bedding. Message me FMI.

I like to greet you when you arrive and explain how everything works so I'll ask you to give me a general idea when you will arrive. However, if I am not there when you arrive, feel free to settle in.

The area is farmland and woods, and the house is on a small working farm. Our neighbors are all great people. Enjoy the fruits of our vegetable garden. There is even room for a badminton court.

Your pup can access the fenced-in area around my house for free running around.

I clean thoroughly and with your best experience in mind between every booking, but there is no changing the fact that this is the Maine countryside. Bugs and critters can be held at bay but never completely eliminated; they were here first.

However your comfort is my top priority and the tiny house with its screened-in porch are designed to be your refuge.

1 1/4 hours from Acadia, 1/2 hour from Belfast and 40 minutes from Bangor.

Q. Is there a changing room outside the outdoor shower?

A. Not at this time, but I have two beautiful terry cloth bathrobes for you.

Q. Is the screened in porch really bug free?

A. I would say 95% at this point. We're still looking around for breaches in the security but it's pretty good.

Q. How good is the Wi-Fi in the tiny house?

A. It's about as good as in my house. It's got a Wi-Fi booster.

Q. Is the composting toilet really not stinky?

A. All I know is that I've never gotten a complaint. If it is too stinky there are three things that you can do: one is call me and I'll dump it; two, if it's in the middle of the night you can open up the cabinet and put the bucket outside just as long as you remember it's not there in the morning; and three, make liberal use of the air freshener spray.

As long as you're really generous with the sawdust it should be okay. If you're concerned, keep the screened windows open and the fan on.

Q. Is the outdoor shower really hot? How does it work?

A. The outdoor shower has an on-demand heater. As long as you don't turn the water volume too high for the heater to handle, the water gets quite hot quickly. But even at half the water volume it's still plenty hot.

Q. Can I have more people?

A. One additional person ($10) can sleep on the comfortable porch couch. Let us know in advance and we'll leave you some bedding.

More than one additional person, and I'll rent you a tent and set it up for you. BYO bedding.

Q. How do I pay for the tent?

A. Let me know you need the tent, and I'll add the charge after booking.

Q. Is the tiny house really secluded?

A. That depends on your point of view! I've had some guests who were genuinely frightened at being in the middle of nowhere and others who were put off by the fact that my house was only 100 ft away.

The tiny house is on a driveway in between two houses that are both at least 100 ft away. Across from the tiny house is my other rental, a tent site that's up a steep hill at a comfortable distance.

Any other questions, please message me!

Mahali ambapo utalala

Sehemu ya chumba cha kulala
kitanda 1 kikubwa

Vitu vinavyopatikana katika eneo hili

Mandhari ya bustani
Wi-Fi – Mbps 2
Maegesho ya bila malipo kwenye majengo
Wanyama wapenzi wanaruhusiwa
Ua au roshani
Ua wa nyuma
Inaruhusiwa kuacha mizigo
Weka na Ucheze/Kitanda cha mtoto cha kusafari

Chagua tarehe ya kuingia

Weka tarehe zako za safari ili kupata bei kamili

4.89 out of 5 stars from 74 reviews

Thamani kwa pesa

Mahali utakapokuwa

Jackson, Maine, Marekani

Walking on our road is gorgeous, with a very pretty pond less than half mile away, and lots of trails in the immediate area.

Ralph's Cafe in Brooks is a neighborhood favorite; you don't want to miss their breakfasts and their baked goods, including donuts to die for.

Brooks (5 miles away) also has a grocery store, hardware store and food co-op. It's a sleepy little part of the state, with great people.

I have been told by guests that I live in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't seem that way to me; of course, all of our little worlds are centered on where we live. I was raised in the Bronx, New York, a place nobody would mistake for being in the middle of nowhere so you would think I could tell the difference.

After 22 years you'd think I would notice that there are no street lights on Maine country roads, roads are narrow, often have no shoulders, and there are turns and twists and hills. Try to arrive during the day. If you're going to arrive after dark, let me know in advance and I'll make sure that you're clear on all the landmarks that will lead you here.

Mwenyeji ni Lisa

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  • Mwenyeji Bingwa
I'm a mom of 3 adult children and a rescue pup. I teach violin, love children and almost everybody else. I am a widow of 3 years, working to establish financial stability for my family.

When I'm not working, I'm reading and listening to podcasts, interacting on social media, trying to learn more each day about the state of the world we live in.

Look for our video updates on social media!
I'm a mom of 3 adult children and a rescue pup. I teach violin, love children and almost everybody else. I am a widow of 3 years, working to establish financial stability for my fa…

Wakati wa ukaaji wako

I live around 100 feet from the tiny house, and my kids (all over 20) and I will be available to cater to your every reasonable need. I've lived here for 24 years and know a lot about the area, so inquire freely.

My husband and I created this homestead 24 years ago. We raised our kids here and have deep roots. He died in 2019, and while we still grieve, we honor his memory and work hard together to create financial stability so that we can continue to live well as we work to make the world a better place...each in our different ways.

It's in the spirit that we create these spaces for our guests. We welcome you and want to make your stay not only happy and fun but meaningful as well. We love conversation and connection; we adore children and the people who love them.

We will interact with you as much or as little as makes you comfortable.
I live around 100 feet from the tiny house, and my kids (all over 20) and I will be available to cater to your every reasonable need. I've lived here for 24 years and know a lot ab…

Lisa ni Mwenyeji Bingwa

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