exclusive Adirondacks river & cabin on 24 acres

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Ever wished you could find a cabin & river without neighbors in sight?
Experience this completely private 24 acre property with a charming 1957 classic Adirondack cabin perched on an overlooking bluff that leads you down to the West Canada Creek and our island where, directly across, thousands of state land acres stand firmly untouched.
Give yourself a new york minute to wait, watch & listen.
Don't forget to look up, as most nights the stars are plentiful as you
prepare a fire, inside & out!

It’s all about heading down to the river steps away for sun and exploration..or hanging back for some solo quiet time with a bird's eye view or playing bocce ball and grilling a lean mean campfire BBQ!
A little lux, a little rustic...just your little cabin in the woods:
please note the running water is siphoned from a newly installed water well July 2021. Although the quality has been tested with good grades, for now, we prefer to only shower & wash dishes with the well water until it has time to “settle”...The hot water is set VERY HOT at 140 degrees (Be Careful!) We prefer to drink and cook from the provided (6)3gallon jugs of local natural spring water we fill from Smith Rd. This usually lasts 10-12 days for a couple, but should you need more drinking water, take advantage of an excursion to see the sights (directions on how/where to go on Smith Rd for the natural spring is in the clipboard of instructions)

but you may want to just stay put, there’s plenty to absorb at the cabin..
take short walks around the forest property’s 24 acres (cabin is situated directly in the middle (you may notice the natural openings as quasi trails..or make your own footpath)
we also encourage you to explore around the river island! (yes, that mass of land across the river actually is an island..walk up or down river until you get to either tips of the island..you’ll see another natural world on the other side!
We encourage you to bring river shoes!! (cheapie $10 river shoes can be found at Target, Walmart etc..) flip flops don’t cut it. ha

Guest Numbers:
The cabin accommodates up to 2 adults in the cabin, (so if you have kids, under 12yrs old, it’s free & they don’t count) If you have a larger group, you can pay extra & decide who's the more daring to stay under the stars in the Sibley Bell Tent with 2 floor full size mattress pads. For the tent, we charge an extra $125/night for up to 2 and $55/per person thereafter. This is based on the honor system. (we can tally up and request pay via Zelle or Paypal later)
Let us know and we can prep the bedding and appropriate mattress pads.
Due to the capacity of the septic tank/toilet/shower, we would only be able to handle a total of 6 guests in all. (kids & adults)

Firewood for both campfire & wood stove is provided: first bundle is on us! After that, we again ask to use the honor system and keep track of how many logs you use. (it's pricey up here)
Hardwood is ONLY for the tent & cabin's wood stoves & fireplace as it burns cleanly. It is found on the right side of the wood shed outside. ($2/per hardwood log) Sorry, but it’s expensive up here :)
please use the available organic firestarters and you may collect small branches as your kindling or use what’s been gathered on the screened porch.

Campfire wood is ONLY for the outdoor campfire as pine sap can ruin chimney pipes. It is found underneath the campfire food prep station
($1/per 2 logs)
feel free to gather outside as much kindling branches as you can for the campfire...you can take out the wheelbarrow to stock up!

Trash & Recycling Rules are listed under policy house rules *please take the time to read this thoroughly :)

*We are not responsible for natural disturbances that can disrupt your stay as this is the wilderness..ma nature will do what she may
We have a clipboard hanging in the kitchen with all House Rules & Descriptions to have handy in case a storm takes out your phone/internet/electricity/plumbing etc..

*We are not responsible for your use of the stairs leading down to the West Canada Creek and of course, swimming/wading is at your own risk..(but this is a gentle creek)

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Cold Brook, New York, Marekani

There's plenty to navigate if you have time to discover places, roads, people, flora & fauna.
West Canada Creek is stocked with brook trout and is a fly fisherman's dream!! depending on the season, hot spots are all along the creek. Must read all about it! Today, all of the West Canada Creek is classified and protected under the New York State Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers System Act.
Our actions count here.

Down the road on Rt 365 is the huge Hinkley Lake (Resevoir) for boating, kayaking, canoeing (check into local rentals) and local pubs (Ohio Tavern down Rt 8 has quality food, and if you're driving the opposite direction toward Speculator on Rt 8 (Piseco Lake or Lake Pleasant , there's Oxbow Inn restaurant which overlooks a lake)
Hiking for nearly scenic hike, there's Panther Mountain hike (approx 1 1/2hour hike) near the town of Piseco off South Shore Rd from Rt 8

Of course the obvious tourist attractions are scattered about...but if you find yourself tempted, 35 min in town, the Utica Saranac Brewery Club might be worth a tour for it's grandeur and historical value as well as the quaint downtown brewery district as a whole.
On Saturday mornings, there's a great farmer's market behind the Utica Train Station (it was a grand ol' station in it's day..must go inside for a gander)
That's where I shop for organic grass fed meats that just taste so succulent and organic veggies that have so much flavor I almost forgot what it was supposed to taste like!..all from our favorite farm couples (I can share) I also love stocking up on Utica Soaps and body products (I'll have some in the bathroom to convince you)

Most of the back road drives through small towns can be rewarding...as an example, on Thursdays, the quaint town of Clinton also has a farmers market in their center square with a plentiful turnout (even a mushroom/fungi booth! don't forget to bring your own baskets/bags) *take Rt 365 and enjoy browsing the neighborhoods through historic towns of Barneveld and Holland Patent...and perhaps on your return, you can choose a different route 8 through quaint neighborhoods of Poland, Norway & Cold Brook.

Winter activities: besides snowshoeing & sledding around our property ..there's plenty of ATV & snowmobile rentals & nearby trails as well as cross country trails at nearby Black River Environmental Improvement Assoc (BREIA) and downhill skiing or cross country at the local Gore Mountain or Oak Mountain Ski Resort.

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Wakati wa ukaaji wako

should you have any issues, you can contact me via text if you have an iphone (android phones don’t work)
Kerry (917)406.3926, Gonza (917)476.1565
or call us from the landline
  • Kiwango cha kutoa majibu: 100%
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