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Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
2 bdrm home. Queen in master; Queen in guest; & a full size sleeper in living room, dining room that seats up to 8, FULL kitchen, A/C. **WARNING**What you are getting is a 100+ year old home! It needs new flooring, paint, & windows, which is currently NOT in my budget. If you are uncomfortable, w/ less than perfection, this may not be the place for you!? Unfortunately, as you enter the back door, you'll immediately see repairs that need to be done, I am aware of this! 😉. It will come in time!

There are several hotels within a 20 mile radius! I offer my home as an alternative, of a pricey hotel, with the convenience of having your own privacy and the ability to cook in a fully stocked kitchen!

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Mackinaw, Illinois, Marekani

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Let me reintroduce myself! I have 8 children. 2 that I helped raise, for the past 27 years & 6 biological (all the same dad, for you nosey Nellie's! ;-)). In 1998, I "retired" from gas and electric dispatching, at our local utility company, to become a "stay at home mom".

As a SAHM, there was only one source of income. My children had a clean, safe, home, but never anything too fancy. I basically, dedicated 25 years of my life, in order to ALWAYS be present, for them.

Therefore, I never "climbed the corporate ladder". Rest assured, when you have that many children & a spouse that was only home 120 days a year, you learn to become the mom/dad & appreciate the small stuff!

As a family of 10 & very little extra income, if we traveled, we became creative. We would stuff 8-10 of us, in a single hotel room! We made it work. Needless to say, my children will always have fun stories to share like, "I remember sleeping in the bathtub, in the hotel" or "remember when Mom sent the teenagers, with the toddlers, down to the pool, and we added the hotel shampoo to the hot tub, so we would have a bubble bath"! Trust me, I needed many of those "Calgon" bubble baths...and I still do...but now with epsom salt lol!!!!

3 of my 4 active Airbnb's, the children and I actually lived in! So, when I've heard people say things about bathroom renovations etc., I often think to myself, "hmmm, it was always good enough for my children and me"?!!?

All of this being said, I may view things different than you?? My life was basic. No fancy vacations, no cable TV, no new cars, no vacation homes, no boats, no toys....just kids lol! So, if you are "picky", I am clearly not going to be able to meet your expectations!

In 2019, I had the opportunity to buy my "dream home", back in my hometown. I was excited to finally go home to my native roots! My ONLY way to afford that home, was to incorporate, "extra income". I went out on a limb (scariest chapter of my life yet), & started my first Airbnb.

I am not sure everyone really understands what it involves running an Airbnb; especially when you try starting so many in a small window of time!

Startup, for me, often involves, purchasing a frugal property; emptying the home; basic renovations; cleaning at a sanitary and safe level for your guests; furnishing with beds, couches, appliances, TV's, new furnaces; new water heaters; pest control; window treatments; bed linens; towels; pots/pans; decorating; monitoring inventory; keys; organizing; teaching yourself to navigate the Airbnb website/app; purchasing lawn & yard equipment; purchasing snow removal equipment; doing the actual housekeeping yourself; doing the actual yardwork; doing the actual snow removal; learning the accounting end of it; setting up internet in each Airbnb; setting up and paying utilities, in each Airbnb.

By no means do I ever want to discourage people from starting their own Airbnb's, but as guests, keep this in mind when you stay at places! Hosts work hard, at least I do!!

If you see a "dirty" lamp shade or "mold" on duct work (by the way, those are just examples I heard someone else saying about an Airbnb, that they stayed in. Not one of mine), maybe just silently clean it, rather than complain?!! Try walking just one mile in a person's shoes, before you over critique.

I now have 7 listings. 4 are regular active Airbnb bookings. 1, I actually live in, but rent out a few times a year, and 2 that I immediately rented out to local renters. They are listed, but I haven't had an opportunity to start receiving reviews, because they now are long term rentals. I furnished 6 out of 7 of those myself.

When I say "furnished", that means I hooked up my trailers, loaded the furniture myself (I hired some help, but don't think, for a second, that I wasn't carrying one end!) I transported, and unhooked the trailers.

I have at least 2 more years, of truly getting things organized, so I ask that you keep this in mind, as you stay at each, or one, of my Airbnb's. I am kind of a "one man show", that is trying to make up for lost time!

FYI, I imagine a few will suggest I "put those kids to work", but remember, this is MY dream, not theirs!

My prices are inexpensive, not because "there is something wrong with it", but because I am NOT driven by greed. I am NOT going to inflate my prices to make an extra buck. I want to make your stay as comfy and cozy as I can. In return, I ask that you respect that these are my homes, decorated by me, with love, for you. What's inside may be "generic coffee" or "cheap" toilet paper, but that is how I keep my costs down.

I don't offer "modern" or "new", but I offer a clean, quaint, and a safe environment!!

P.S. If I didn't lose you after the first 30 seconds of this blurb, rest assured, I promise you won't ever have to listen to me "talk" as much, as this introductory profile, again!! 98% of my guests, never meet me. When you check-in, I check-out!



Updated: May 22, 2022
Let me reintroduce myself! I have 8 children. 2 that I helped raise, for the past 27 years & 6 biological (all the same dad, for you nosey Nellie's! ;-)). In 1998, I "retired"…

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Guests may call or text me at 309-512-5455. Every time a guest checks into one of my Airbnbs, I consider it my time to rest. Therefore, I am not usually a host that spends a lot of time doing "meet and greets". I respect each guests stay and privacy. I am ALWAYS just a call or text away with questions or concerns though!
Guests may call or text me at 309-512-5455. Every time a guest checks into one of my Airbnbs, I consider it my time to rest. Therefore, I am not usually a host that spends a lot of…

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