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Experience historical ambience combined with the luxury of our time. The apartment KAISEREINS, built on its foundations around 1630 and later extended to the warehouse building, today restored and furnished by us, offers you an unforgettable stay.
Located in the busy center of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Quedlinburg, you can reach the train station, health food store, bank, post office, market square or the Collegiate Church of St. Servatius on the Schloßberg in a few minutes on foot.

The accommodation
The furniture mainly consists of restored, or high-quality, hand-made furniture in traditional wood-connecting construction.
A small hallway welcomes you on the ground floor, from which a quarter-turn staircase elegantly winds up to the first floor.

Once there, you enter the living area with an open kitchen and comfortable seating area, which in the evening invites you to linger over a few board games with a nice drink.
The comfortable couch with chaise longue creates the perfect feel-good atmosphere with an exciting film in front of the flat TV or with a captivating book, either from our small library.
Minimalist, abstract paintings from the "Straka workshop" located opposite the Kaisereins apartment underline the harmonious design concept of the rooms.

A ladder staircase typical of the construction period leads you to an intermediate hallway on the second floor, which gives access to the 2 separate bedrooms and the bathroom with toilet and shower.
The bedrooms are each equipped with 1.60mx 2.00m large double beds.
Natural down and duvets ensure balanced sleep in the cold and warm season.

If you are traveling with a small child, a cot can be delivered free of charge on request.

We supply our house with electricity from 100% renewable sources through Greenpeace Energy.

Modern wall heating, which is operated by a highly efficient and low-emission natural gas condensing boiler, ensures pleasant warmth. The clay plaster used in all rooms contributes to a natural regulation of the air humidity and thus to a healthy indoor climate. Through the use of biological building and insulation materials, we have contributed to sustainable building renovation.

Other important information
Small PETS are allowed on request, a CHARGE for the CLEARANCE OF CLEANING of 15, - EURO / one time on arrival will be charged.

The city tax of Quedlinburg is 2.50 euros per person / day, children up to 6 years are exempt, children from 6 to 18 years pay 50%, severely disabled 80%. (As of 10/2017)

City tax new from July 1st, 2021:

The city tax of Quedlinburg is 3.00 euros per adult from the age of 18 / day, children up to 6 years are exempt, children from 6-17 years pay 1.00 euros. Severely disabled persons from 50% and their accompanying person according to official ID 1.50 euros per person. (As of 07/2021).

This must be paid in addition on arrival and will be paid to the city by us.

The spa card includes free use of bus connections throughout the Harz region (HATIX) as well as discounts for daily guided tours of the Quedlinburg information and various special tours and day hikes, a visit to the city museums (castle, Klopstock, half-timbered house) and the city tour in the Gernrode district (May-October). With the bonus booklet, called Quuplin booklet in Quedlinburg, many restaurateurs, retailers and other providers from the tourist service sector offer a comprehensive range of discounted services for guests paying tourist tax in Quedlinburg.

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Quedlinburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Ujerumani

The nice organic food shop directly opposite gives you fresh products from predominantly regional cultivation, a bakery in 100 m provides you with fresh cereals every day and the Postbank or Commerzbank in the immediate vicinity pass the necessary banknotes through the slot.

Quedlinburg, located on the Romanesque Road, is the ideal starting point for excursions to the numerous sights of the Harz region, for example the neighboring Thale with the hiking area around the wildly romantic Bodetal, the collegiate church in the Quedlinburg district of Gernrode, one of the most important Ottonian architectural monuments in Germany.

Let your mind wander and enjoy the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Quedlinburg and its surroundings.

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Hallo liebe Weltenbummler, meine Familie und ich reisen selbst gerne in der großen weiten Welt herum. Wir möchten möglichst viele Gäste aus allen Teilen der Erde willkommen heißen,…

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On request, we can provide valuable tips for great hiking and mountain bike routes away from the tourist highlights.

I also mediate mountain bikes in rental with and wit…

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