Le Breil Furet with private hot tub & pool

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A hidden gem in the heart of rural Brittany located down a country lane. You step into an open plan kitchen/lounge which has a pine table and 4 chairs. In the lounge theres a coffee table, 2 stylish brown leather chesterfield sofas and a wall mounted smart tv with Netflix. In the sun room theres a log burner with 2 single chairs. A downstairs toilet/washing machine are in the utility. Upstairs are 2 large bedrooms which have super king beds, deep mattresses finished off with 9cm feather toppers.

You will have total access to the new privately fenced off hot tub/pool area.
The Nordic hot tub requires 2 to 3 hours to heat up so it’s a unique event.
The wood fired hot tub and pool area is completely private. It is surrounded with a 2 meter wooden high fence and a 1 metre high gate. Dimensions of hot tub is 2 metre diameter which seats 4 and is available all year.

If you're wondering how to make the most of your holiday cottage with a hot tub check out our ideas with total relaxation in mind.

Embrace dark nights.
Bathe in 39 degrees star gazing at the Morbihan night skies.

Use an app
Such as StarView, StarChart or SkySafari that uses your phone or tablet's camera to precisely spot and identify celestial objects in the sky, day or night. Find your favourite constellations as they fade in and out while you scan across the sky, locate the moon, discover distant galaxies, and witness satellite fly-bys. The international space station is very bright.

Select some tunes.
Pop on your favourite playlist, kick back and relax.

Grab a glass of bubbly.
Bubbles plus bubbles equals pure indulgence. Whether you like a good Champagne, or you are partial to a drop of Prosecco, you can’t go far wrong by having a glass of fizz – just the one mind!

Let your mind wander.
Whether you need to de-stress or want to make room to let creative thoughts flow, hopping in a hot tub with no distractions is the fastest route to mindfulness.

Pick a good book.
If much needed 'me time' includes losing yourself in a book, add a touch of luxury and go read in the hot tub!

Wait for the rain.
Sitting in an outdoor hot tub while the Breton weather lets loose a squally shower is actually a fabulous way to enjoy otherwise inclement weather.

Wind down after an active day.
Soaking in a hot tub after an active day can help ease any strains and pains and prepare you for a great night’s sleep. Perfect if you’ve been cycling.

And finally.......

Share your hot tub with someone special.
Hanging out in a hot tub with friends, family or just your partner is an excellent way to feel connected, and the release of oxytocin from the bubbles on your skin will add an extra dash of happiness to the occasion.

Come Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter this accessory is sure to please!

The above ground pool is open from 2nd week in April and closes last weekend in September for Winter. It measures 5.49 x 2.74 and is also situated within this exclusive area.

The Nordic hot tub is open all year round.

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Ménéac, Bretagne, Ufaransa

Location is rural Brittany so plenty of walks and cycling. About 30 minutes drive is Ploermel where there is a large lake called Lac au Duc. During the summer months there are various watersport activities and a small beach.

Explore Josselin
Start your visit in the historical centre of Josselin, where the main highlights are the narrow streets lined with half-timbered medieval houses, and the important basilica.
The Basilica Notre dame du Roncier was originally built in the 11th century in the roman style, but most of what we see today is a subsequent reconstruction in the Flamboyant gothic style - as seen in the gargoyles around the side.
Continue to the rear of the church, opposite the Mairie, and you can enter the belltower from here and climb to the top for some lovely views over the town, the canal and the castle. Be warned - there are over 100 steps.
Josselin Castle

Josselin chateau dominates the town centre. The castle was originally built around the 11th century, but underwent substantial transformation during the 17th century to make it more comfortable as living accommodation, and again a few decades later when a significant part of the original structure was demolished, but it remains a very imposing castle.
A little sombre in appearance on the canal-side, the castle has three large round towers to break up the appearance, and also an unattached prison tower (originally the castle had nine towers in all). The side of the castle away from the river is more decorative following the renaissance period changes, and there is a lot of interesting stonework and carving around the doors and windows.
Return to the canal for a pleasant stroll along the banks below the chateau, then cross the bridge for a stroll around the 'Sainte-Croix' region of Josselin.
The Sainte-Croix quarter of Josselin is the oldest part of town and Rue Sainte-Crooix used to be the main commercial street of the town. Notice the stone benches that were once used as stalls by the shopkeepers. The Sainte-Croix chapel was built in the 11th century and was part of a group of religious and farm buildings owned by the Priory of Sainte Croix. Only the nave of the chapel and the house at number 5 remain from that time.
Head back over the canal and up Rue du Val d'Ouest. Where this meets Rue Glatinier you can see an unusual wooden house built in 1602. The whole house is covered in wood and there are only a few houses of this style in the hole of Brittany.
Although Josselin is perhaps a smaller town than you might expect from the size of the castle, the centre is very pretty and pleasant to explore.

Paimpont itself is a small town, very much dominated by the abbey around which the town developed and the forests which surround the town
Paimpont Forest
Because of the age of the forest it has become associated with various legends including the claim that it was the home of King Arthur and the wizard Merlin. The forest is usually explored from Paimpont itself, or from Mauron.
Several marked paths lead through the forest, to places with exotic names such as 'Merlin's Tomb' and 'Merlin's spring'. In the 'Valley of no Return' Merlin's sister trapped unfaithful young men, and is the last place that Merlin himself was seen. If you search hard you could also perhaps find the 'fountain of eternal youth', which would be useful.
Several of the sites have developed around prehistoric dolmen or ancient funeral monuments such as the 'Hotié de Viviane'. Of course it is not a problem if you are not interested in Arthurian legends - you can still enjoy following one of the many trails through the forest!
Paimpont and the Abbey of Notre-Dame
Paimpont village and the abbey are in a lovely setting on a lake and surrounded by the forest of Brocéliande.
The Abbey is a lovely roman style building dating from the 13th century, although built on the site of a benedictine monastery that had already existed here for several centuries. The belltower was added in the 15th century (as were the extra supporting walls you can see around the belltower, which were required to support the weight - these are more typically seen in gothic style buildings)
Next to the abbey is a small square surrounded by attractive buildings in the local granite stone and in wood. A commercial street leads from here with a couple of restaurants and a few shops
Attractions in the local area
From the abbey there is a two kilometer walk around the edge of the park and forest which leads to the Grotte de Notre Dame. Paimpont tourist office can provide you with a map.

Exploring Moncontour
This medieval walled town still contains a good amount of its original defensive walls, built in the 13th and 14th century. Combined with the fact it is on a promontory, Moncontour has a more dominant aspect than you would expect of such a small village.
Entering Moncontour and exploring the streets within the walls, mostly around the church and central marketplace, you will discover many attractive medieval buildings and houses of the gentry from the 17th century built from the proceeds of the linen trade, and also some older colombage houses. The medieval houses around Place de Penthièvre and along Rue des Dames are among the most ancient and most picturesque in the village.
Most of the remaining houses are built in the local granite and have interesting features including the signs hanging from the walls that are on several of the buildings indicating their original purpose (or more recent interpretations such as the one above the tourist office). The sombre grey of the granite is offset by the ironwork balconies and baskets of flowers that add interest and colour to the town centre.
The Town Hall and the church of Saint-Mathurin also date from this period of prosperity: visit this baroque style church to see the ornate clocktower and the lovely stained glass windows.
Attractions nearby
The surrounding region is known as the 'Pays de Mercantour', a quiet region of Brittany that has lots of signed routes through the countryside for walking, cycling and horse-riding, each following a particular theme - visit the Monconntour tourist office for more information.
A noteworthy destination for enthusiasts of religious architecture is the Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Haut, south of Moncontour towards Trédaniel, where you can see medieval statues in painted wood of six saints, each with a reputation for healing the sick.

It would be hard to find a more beautiful French town, manicured to within an inch of its existence. This is a must visit town!
Lovely old buildings and beautifully maintained flowers. Lots of unpretentious eating places (crepes and waffles), great walking round the lake and through the woods and across limestone strewn moorland

Other places of interest:

Just over an hours drive away there’s the Emerald Coast of Cote d’Armor with
Dinan, St Malo, Dinard and the southern coast of the Bay of Morbihan is Sarzeau near Vannes.

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