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Mwenyeji Bingwa

Vila nzima mwenyeji ni Werner

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Kuingia mwenyewe
Unaweza kuingia na mhudumu wa nyumba.
Werner ni Mwenyeji Bingwa
Wenyeji Mabingwa ni wazoefu, wenyeji wenye tathmini nzuri ambao wamejizatiti kuwapatia ukaaji murwa wageni.
Wanyama vipenzi wanaruhusiwa
Njoo pamoja na wanyama wako vipenzi kwenye sehemu ya kukaa.


Kila nafasi iliyowekwa inajumuisha ulinzi wa bila malipo dhidi ya ughairi wa Mwenyeji, taarifa zisizo sahihi kwenye tangazo na matatizo mengine kama vile matatizo ya kuingia.
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
Spacious 200 sqm villa in a quaint shepherd village at the Carpathian foothills. High quality equipment in a peaceful spot, just around the corner of Sibiu. A good choice for lovers of details and those who enjoy a rustic ambience.


is the icing among our holiday homes with 200 sqm of living space and high-quality equipment for special requirements. The villa is situated in the shepherd village of Vale, directly at the foot of the Carpathians. On the one hand, far away from the pulse of time, on the other hand just around the corner from Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture 2007.
The village is nestled between the wooded mountains overlooking the Transylvanian plain. No through traffic, in an absolutely peaceful spot, surrounded by a healthy mixed forest. Leaving the house behind you already find yourself on the way to the mountain meadows with their unique flora and fauna in Europe. So take a break and treat yourself a place, where unspoiled nature meets history and traditions.

We've built this holiday home from scratch on the floor plan of an abandoned barn, within six years of work. It lies on a slope in the loosely built part of the village, facing towards wooded mountains, and offers spacious, light-flooded rooms.

The 50 sqm large living room features oak parquet and is accessible via the garden sided porch. It includes the kitchen, a wood burning fireplace and seating for 18 persons. Also located on the mezzanine floor is a sanitary room with washer, dryer and toilet.
The fully equipped kitchen makes cooking a breeze. It contains a great fridge combo, dishwasher, gas stove, coffee maker and espresso mashine, microwave, toaster, kettle, spices and more. If you want to take a break, we will cook traditional menus or provide you with farm products from the village.

An indoor and an outside staircase lead up to the four bright rooms (15 -18 sqm) in the garret. They are furnished with a double bed, private bathroom, TV set (Astra satellite), WiFi Internet access and infrared panels. The outlook is reassuring: over the roofs of the village and the lush green of forested mountains. On arrival you find the beds freshly made. Hand and bath towels, shower gel and soap are also available.
The living room opens out onto a spacious south-facing patio (30 sqm) with 20 seats. From here stairs lead down to the enclosed garden bordered by a creek. We've laid the garden in three terraces. On the top level, there is a stonewalled barbecue, in the middle a small meadow with seating, and the bottom level accommodates up to three cars. In the garden area are growing flowers, various fruit trees and wine.

The entire interior of the house was chosen with care and is fairly new, including kitchen and sanitation facilities, mattresses and linen. All furniture, windows, doors and stairs were consistently made to measure.
The Solar assisted central heating is backed up threefold. Either you fire up the water bearing fireplace in the living room, which supplies all the radiators in the house, or an automatic control takes over the job and starts a gas heater and / or the electrical infrared panels.

• For up to 8 people
• 4 double rooms with WiFi and TV
• 4 bathrooms
• Large living room with eat-in kitchen and fireplace
• Sanitary room with washer, dryer and WC
• South-facing porch
• Enclosed garden with barbecue and parking lot
• Minimum stay: 2 to 5 nights
• Extra bed, from 9 people: 12 €/day
• Pet: € 10/day

We offer more than just accommodation.

On request, our cook provides breakfast or swings the wooden spoon. She conjures traditional menus fresh to the table. Also available are farm products from the village, such as fresh milk, goat or sheep’s cheese, forest honey and homemade jam, Zakusca, pickled vegetables, wine, and Schnaps.

• Free pickup from Sibiu airport or train station
• 2 proven, regularly maintained, private rental cars
• Wi-Fi internet access, TV, maps of the area
• Fully equipped kitchen for self catering
• Bed linen, towels, soap + shower gel, spices, electricity, gas, firewood
• On request: baby cot, high chair, mattresses
• Excursion by horse-drawn cart along the wild brook and into the mountains
• Guided hiking tours in the Carpathians, through Sibiu and other medieval cities in Transylvania with our partners.

Tip: trip to our shepherd's hut (if available) in the mountain meadows. Very basic standard, but with lots of fresh mountain air for stressed lungs. A spring emerges a stone’s throw away, the trees are full of cherries, and you can get cheese and milk from the shepherd next door. Ascent in our horse cart and, by request, traditional shepherd stew over an open fire.

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Saliste, Sibiu, Romania

The pastoral village of Vale is nestled between the mountains overlooking the Transylvanian plain. The freeway is close by, bringing all Romanian sights closer to you, but Vale is still in the middle of nowhere. A tarmac road touches on the village, but it is mostly cobblestone roads and dirt trails leading up into the wooded hills.
Thus, traditional structures and straightforward hospitality still hold up in Vale. Horses, cows and goats are still part of the village landscape, and the farmers take up their scythes and plant corn, potatoes, and vegetables to provide for the winter.
Some say that the Romanian countryside appears frozen in time. It is unique and mostly untouched and the breath of the past touches you in every corner. Just make yourself comfortable on the hillside above the village, take a look in the vastness of the valley, and enjoy the thoughts popping into your mind out of nowhere. Maybe you'll sense the charm of the extraordinary, perceiving what life was like before it was levelled by the advance of civilization.
Until then, take a good look around. Heists and highway robberies are tales from the long-gone years of turmoil following the political change in Romania, and Count Dracula obviously exists only in movies. Most people in these parts are open-minded and very friendly when met with respect, and many of them speak English, making communication easy.
No matter which way you turn, you will experience amazing things - usually things you never expected …

Mwenyeji ni Werner

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  • Mwenyeji Bingwa
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Nimekuwa nikiishi katika kijiji cha Vale nchini Romania tangu wakati huo, nikisafiri mara kwa mara kwenda kwenye ulimwengu wangu wa pili huko Berlin. Mimi na rafiki yangu wa Kiromania tulianzisha kampuni ndogo ya ujenzi wa wanakijiji ambayo inatupatia kuishi katika vijiji vya karibu.
Katika kipindi hiki tulikutana na baadhi ya watu kwenye mvinyo karibu na moto wa kambi. Walikuwa likizo na walipendekeza kujenga nyumba za shambani za likizo kwa masharti mazuri sana. Baada ya kusita kwa muda mfupi tulianza kufanya kazi, na wakawakeza wetu. Tulibahatika nao. Walihitaji ubora - na wakapata - na hakukuwa na mafadhaiko yoyote juu ya pesa. Kwa hivyo tunaweza kutumia nguvu zetu, na kila mtu aliyehusika alipokea mishahara juu ya viwango vya eneo husika. Kwa hivyo waliibuka kuwa kundi la majaribio ya mara kwa mara; wavulana na mabinti ambao wamesimama pamoja hata zaidi ya masuala ya kazi.
Ndani ya miaka 8 tumejenga vila 2 za likizo kutoka mwanzo na kuhuisha roho ya nyumba 4 za zamani za mashambani. Kwa kuzingatia mambo yote pamoja na, kuhusiana na mtindo wa jadi wa eneo hilo, pamoja na mtazamo wa vifaa vya kisasa vya ujenzi na mahitaji ya makazi ya kisasa. Kuanzia siku ya kwanza ya kukodisha mwaka-2010 tunakaribisha wageni kutoka kote ulimwenguni.
Leo tunasimamia nyumba za shambani kama timu. Tunashiriki kupokea wageni, kufanya kazi za ukarabati, bustani, au kusafisha, na kwa bahati mbaya tunachukua kazi ndogo katika vijiji vya karibu. Mimi mwenyewe huhifadhi tovuti yetu na kuwasiliana na wewe.
Vale ni eneo tulivu la kupumzika na kuangika kumi; lililozungukwa na msitu wa zamani zaidi wa beech wa bara na mimea na wanyama wa kipekee wa Carpathians. Kwa upande mwingine, ni msingi kamili wa kupata uzoefu wa Transylvania wewe mwenyewe.
Usipokuja kwa gari, tutakuchukua kwenye uwanja wa ndege au kituo cha Sibiu, na gari la kukodisha unaloweza kuwasiliana nasi moja kwa moja. Pia inapatikana ni vyakula kutoka kwa wakulima wa eneo hilo na menyu za jadi kutoka kwa mpishi aliyejitolea zaidi upande huu wa Carpathians. Kwa kweli tunatoa matembezi halisi kwa kutumia kigari cha farasi pamoja na mkondo usiojulikana kuingia kwenye milima.
Baada ya yote tutakupa ufunguo na kukuacha peke yako......
isipokuwa kama unataka tukuambie kuhusu mambo unayoweza kufanya hapa milimani, kwenye bonde au mji wa zamani wa Sibiu, mahali pa kupata ziwa la kuogea, pango au kanisa lililo karibu zaidi katika eneo hili maalum, linaloitwa 'Marginimea Sibiului'. Tunaweza kuwa na vidokezi kimoja au viwili kwa ajili yako, lakini pia tunamaliza sanaa ya mapumziko ya busara.

Kukuona, Werner
Nimekuwa nikiishi katika kijiji cha Vale nchini Romania tangu wakati huo, nikisafiri mara kwa mara kwenda kwenye ulimwengu wangu wa pili huko Berlin. Mimi na rafiki yangu wa Kiroma…

Wakati wa ukaaji wako

We care for you as a team. In case of problems or questions you can always get in touch. Furthermore, we might have one or two tips at hand for you, but we also master the art of the discreet retreat.

Werner ni Mwenyeji Bingwa

Wenyeji Bingwa wana tajriba, wakaribishaji wageni walio na viwango vya juu na waliojitolea kutoa ukaaji bora kwa wageni.
  • Lugha: English, Deutsch
  • Kiwango cha kutoa majibu: 100%
  • Muda wa kujibu: ndani ya siku moja
Ili kulinda malipo yako, kamwe usitume fedha wala kuwasiliana nje ya tovuti au programu ya Airbnb.

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