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This vintage charmer, built in 1903, has been updated and remodeled into a modern artistic getaway. Featuring beautiful murals, art, and vintage treasures it has a Scandinavian minimalist vibe with a vintage twist. Perfect for families, groups of friends; those wanting to explore all that Pueblo has to offer. This clean, bright, and comfortable home is sure to complete your stay. Don't forget to check out the coffee nook, featuring local Solar Roast coffee and 5 ways to enjoy your caffeine fix!

Thanks for your interest in our place. The large table in the front living room is chalkboard, meant for keeping score for the great selection of board and card games provided. Chalk is in the table drawer. No fires in the fireplace, but there are some LED candles and fairy lights in there, if you would like the ambiance. The blue living room couch folds down into a bed. The Wi-Fi password can be found, framed, on the corner table, between the couches.
Cloth napkins for formal dinners and hand made cement coasters are provided for your use. Although there are currently four chairs surrounding the table, you can find an extra one in the back room office area, and there are also folding chairs in the master closet.
The front bedroom, with two beds, has plenty of closet and drawer space to store your things. The bathroom has new towels and plenty of open shelves as well. You can find a small first aid kit in here, if needed. Bottles of Ginger Lily Farms Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and hand soap are provided in the bathrooms. The shower is both a shower and a deep bath to soak in. We also provide some toilet paper for each bathroom.
The master bedroom, or "the mountain room," has a large closet with lots of storage space. There is also a small cabinet under the tv that can provide some more. Both bedrooms are equipped with a charging station.
The bathroom in the master is small, but comfortable. New towels, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and toilet paper are once again provided. A hair dryer is here as well. The shower is thin and tall. We've done our best working with this design, adding a new shower head, darkening the ceiling, and adding a redwood spa floor.
In the kitchen, you will find all new appliances, and everything you need to create a home cooked meal. The main appliances are also all brand new and include a stove, a dishwasher, and a full sized fridge.
The coffee bar provides multiple ways to enjoy coffee. There is a automatic drip coffee maker, please use the provided larger paper filter. For your enjoyment, you will find a jar of local Solar Roast Coffee beans. Solar Roast coffee is a sustainable solar roasted coffee with a really interesting story. I suggest checking them out, the downtown location is great! There is a coffee grinder for the beans, and we hope you enjoy! Eco Coffee filters are stored in a modern bamboo holder. There is a large cold brew press, a hot coffee french press, and an electric water heater. In packets, you will find tea and multiple sugar choices. There is also organic powdered heavy cream and organic powdered coconut milk. If you wish to use these, mix with a little water, and use the milk-frother to mix.
The back living room can get cold at night, however the electric fireplace back there provides both ambiance and heat. The tv has Sling, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. The couch in this living room is also a fold down bed. Extra bedding is available for all the extra beds.
There is an office area, with a desk, just in case you need to work. Laundry is also located back here. Some laundry pods are provided, as well as wool dryer balls. In the laundry drawers, you can find a steamer and an iron. An ironing board hangs on the wall.
The backyard is accessible through this back room. There are a couple of outdoor chairs in the small storage shed on the side of the garage. The grill is for your use, and propane is provided. In the same cabinet as you found the fence keys, you will find an ashtray. We ask that if you smoke, you only smoke outside, and properly dispose of your butts. As far as 420, we understand this is Colorado, and you may want to partake in the legalities. We have no problem with this, but please go outside; absolutely no smoking in the house.
We strive to make your stay as great as possible, if you have any questions or need anything at all, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Pueblo, Colorado, Marekani

Mesa Junction is one of Pueblo’s oldest neighborhoods, dating back 110 years. The neighborhood is located on the short mesas above the Arkansas River immediately south of Downtown Pueblo. Its location made Mesa Junction the gateway between North Pueblo, Union Avenue, South Pueblo and Bessemer. Because of its long-standing role as a city hub, Mesa Junction has had a thriving business economy since before Pueblo was Pueblo. Several businesses have long been a part of the area (Schnarre’s, the Pantry, Schuster’s Banquet Bakery, the Bookery and Taffy’s). There are multiple restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, bike shops, and bakeries.The high percentage of locally owned businesses gives the Junction its homey and healthy feel.
The architecture of Mesa Junction is stunning. There are some beautiful apartments in this area, old eccentric homes, and wonderful neighbors. The award winning Robert Rawlings Public Library, designed by Antoine Predock of Albuquerque, is an architectural marvel and a community pillar.
Mesa Junction is also part of the Pueblo Creative Corridor, a Colorado Certified Creative District. The Creative Corridor includes the three historic city centers of Pueblo: Downtown Main Street, Union Avenue Historic District and the Mesa Junction. The Corridor is packed with galleries, museums, street sculptures and fountains, cafés, cozy shops and live music—all ready to challenge your imagination and inspire your visit.

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We currently live in Chicago. Harry was raised in Chicago, while Chelsea was mainly raised in Wisconsin. In early 2012, we met at a bar named Exit in Chicago. At the time, Chelsea was a pastry chef in the city, and Harry was an Engineer Firefighter. After an instant spark, we started dating, and soon after learned that we both loved to travel. After our first trip to Colorado, we knew that it was where we wanted to live, eventually. Upon visiting Pueblo, we bought a house there, and decided to start the long process of renovation. We knew that, after we finished, we wanted to rent it out as a vacation rental until we could move to Colorado ourselves. It took over two years of travelling back and forth, putting Harry's two children, friends, and family to work, but in September of 2019 we finally finished. Our blood, sweat, and tears have paid off; we have a beautiful house that we love, and now we are able to share it with you. Seven years since we met, and we are still very much in love. After falling in love with the renovation process, Chelsea is going back to school, studying interior design. Harry was recently promoted within the Fire Department. We look forward to the day we can live in the house full time, but until then, we sincerely hope that you enjoy our home and the love that we have put into it.
We currently live in Chicago. Harry was raised in Chicago, while Chelsea was mainly raised in Wisconsin. In early 2012, we met at a bar named Exit in Chicago. At the time, Chelsea…

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