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MySpace offers something for every age, passion, interest and occasion. The magical setting provides the perfect backdrop for fmly frnds reunions, honeymoons, anniversaries, meetingsetc. The leisure u experience at MySpace will not only rejuvenate the body, mind and soul but also leave u with the soft, lingering fragrance of cherished memories that dream vacations are made of. The ethereal ambience, magnificent setting n signature hospitality at MySpace is bound to lure u back again n yet again!

MySpace is an idyllic descent home stay, showcasing nature at its very best. This dream destination is truly magical, overlooking a hill top and surrounded with pear trees, it gently unfolds around the enchanting beauty of tea estates, mirroring elegant villas, lush foliage, exquisite flora and fauna.

We wish to maintain absolute privacy for the guests coming in , hence help us by blocking the entire (4 rooms)property if you are a group of 8 plus .
Pls refer our other properties MySpace Solitude Villa, Myspace Honey Moon suite, MySpace Valley view cottage, MyspaceHutney...Anyway This 4BHK villa are Large enough to accomodate upto 10-12 Guests with attached very clean baths, each Bedroom has got king size beds . It also has 2 large living rooms in each floor with a kitchen ... Also each bath got shower, However bucket bath are not bad .You can also enjoy the view from the front side sitout just to kick back or do nothing all day and rest after that in the evening. For wild life lovers watch heard of Bison's, lots of birds etc. Only animals I have seen are Bisons, Wild boars, Deer, rabbits, one time heard of 16 Bison. Just to be on record last sighting of a leopard was on evening around 7pm of Nov 7th ,2014 by me for about 2 min with car light . As far this place goes you can go on mild to moderate hike to Gundada Road and entire circle takes you back to pandian park . or if you are courage's enough then park your car and take a walk down to end up seeing a beautiful stream running thru , You can also walk on a trail to village called Thanthanadu usually village people will welcome you for tea or coffee to there homes.. Staying here is brilliant idea to save money simultaneously you get your pleasure of staying in beautiful setting with awesome beauty around, you go to bed in peace and wake up to the sound of birds. When you leave you will leave with a sense of Solitudeness . Staying here Eve Ensler saying applies "
“Cherish your solitude. Take trains by yourself to places you have never
been. Sleep out alone under the stars. Learn how to drive a stick shift. Go
so far away that you stop being afraid of not coming back. Say no when you
don't want to do something. Say yes if your instincts are strong, even if
everyone around you disagrees. Decide whether you want to be liked or
admired. Decide if fitting in is more important than finding out what you're doing here.

To continue about the space ,
Can't buy beer or hard liquor around need to get it in Kotagiri only . Please pen drive with some movies and books you always wanted to read. Please do not littler, have respect for next visitors and environment, request guest to carry their own left over bottles and cans. If you happen to visit Myspace during June/ July better chances of eating fresh Pear fruits which surrounds your Villas. Morning and evenings are very pleasant.
Wish you have a pleasant stay ..


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Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India

Nestled amidst the gorgeous mountains of Nilgiris, Kotagiri is juxtaposed with the popular hill stations of Ooty&Coocnoor in Tamil Nadu One of the three popular hill stations in the Nilgiris besides Ooty (29 km), Coonoor (18 km), Kotagiri is your quintessential plantation. The name Kotagiri means ‘mountains of the Kotas’ (the Nilgiri hills have been the traditional home of the Kota Tribe).

Gentle whispers of a cool breeze rustle through the nodding Cypress Oak fronds and merge with early morning chirping of birds.This nature-friendly temperate paradise unwinds two spacious and majesticBritish type bungalows boasting of refined and elegant interiors equipped with every amenity you can imagine. Slip into your own villas with absolute privacy. The rooms and villas are inspired by nature, offer ultimate comfort and breathtaking picture postcard views. Enjoy favorite menus of your choice that tickle your taste buds with the array of local cuisine on prior intimation to our care takers or pamper yourself with the pleasure of self-cooking at the on-site kitchen attached to each villa. Create your very own magical romantic moments with the flickering glow of a candle light dinner or Lighting up the Bonfire with mild music and barbeques to taste as you gently glide across undulating and manicured lawns and time stands still at Night.

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