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The village Richiș it is not a usuals village,is a land with Saxon magic,where : history,culture,gastronomy,authenticity,tradition & nature meet under the same roof,under the Saxon Seal.The multicolor houses are still surviving after hundreds of years,trying to tell you a story that was lost forget-end. Is hard to explain a Rainbow ,you need to see one to understand how beautiful the colors are. My home is one of the colors of that rainbow. Is a country side where we all live and respect nature.

The story of “ Richiș 22 “ :
*I traveled a loot in my life,visiting different places enjoying everything until one day i got tired,STOP & i just missed to have my own place where i can STOP for a bit : no traffic,no cars ,no screams of streets people ..just to enjoy a quiet afternoon,have the stars under my head & count them. And by the hand of God or the beautiful Universe made me END UP in Richiș, that we like to call it “Freakish” :)
*I bought this house from a old Saxon lady with a history behind it,she did try to keep the house in good condition but at the end was to much for her so i bought the house with a promise that i will take care of the house as much i can.
So everything I created,design was made with a promise to make this house fell like “At Home “ and it was done after my idea how a “Home sweet home” will be for me .
*First you need to understand the history of the Saxons is a long one in this parts of Transylvania but a beautiful one.After being a long way from Germany ,the Saxons they create their own small community to make them fell at home. They did it starting to construct there beautiful multicolored house with big barns to keep the animals and have the farming part ,but something was missing in the village ,the house of God .So every village was having the FORTIFICATION CHURCHES to be more near to God ,this is why Transylvania is so famous for them : Biertan (6km from Richiș) ,Moșna (7km) Pelișor (9km) (Sibiu 45km)and some Castels like Sighișoara(30km),Mediaș(21km) Fagara(45km),Rașnov (120km) etc
*Richiș is one of the most boutique ,exclusive village that is on the U.N.E.S.C.O protecting what is left from the on touch history,the pure history.
*You will need to understand that My Saxon house it was made in the 1900,renovation again in 1947 ,one more time in 2018 (by me) ,so was very hard to creat more rooms from a house where you are very limited in everything.
~ The Transylvania Guest House ~
" Richiș 22 "is having :
1. LIVING-ROOM : NO tv , just Books to read & vinyl bookstore to listen (we love good music at Richiș 22)
1. KITCHEN : a bright porch turned into a kitchen and a dining area for 10-12people
-> 2 are included in a 2 different Quine size bedrooms
-> 1 is sharing ( all bathrooms are having showers)
-> 1 Ecological WC situated in the garden (the traditional on made in a more beautiful way ) that every Saxon house is still having it :)
-> 2 King size bed
-> 1 Quine size bed (2 of this bedroom are having a private bathroom)
The design of the bedrooms are different from one of the other’s & the beds are very comfortable ,you will like it.
->2 Single beds very comfortable
Every room is saying her own story,every decoration that you will see is having history behind it.
*In the summer when the temperature are up to 29’C -30’C inside the house temperature is just 21'C- 22'C , perfect .Because of thick walls , the cold air is very well conserving inside.
* The big barn that was made in 1800 is having 168mp ,was new renovated with the help of the experts to keep the authenticity ,last year 2018 . After months of working we transform it in a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy your breakfast, cup of tea, cup of caffe in the front of this beautiful view where you see the lost wine terrace that years a go the Saxon cultivated their grapes.
The garden is 800mp, is just that perfect carpet of green grass to walk without nothing on it and some fruit trees lost in the garden.
* Nights are just magical in Richiș..being outside where you here the crickets sing ,felling the soft wind on your face ,just laying down on the grass ,under that sky full of stars where you can start count them ,count every desire that your heart asks.
When the windows are open for the fresh air you my see them inside,outside but you need to know that are inoffensive. This are all the normally guests that are visiting your room
*FOOD & WINE is our specialty.With the local wine that we are still making after the old Saxon “ recipes” we have a big diversity of wines : White ,with a fruity flavors,Rose with a fresh flavor and Red with a very chocolate deep flavor just perfect to be served with a TRADITIONAL RABBIT in herbs. The local people are still COOKING for the tourist LUNCH & DINNER (minimal / 2 person ,including / 3 dishes,price between 17-20Eur/per person) With the local old recipes and local ingredients (from that time of the season)

~Things to do in Richiș are many~ :
* visiting the villages near by with the bicycles
* hiking on the beautiful wine hills
* PICNIC experience where i can provide you with a PICNIC BASKETS ,,a good location for it & all local small tapas that are including : different tips of cheese, ham ,fresh vegetables ,wine, brad , fruit & a loot of LOVE 2 only for 20Eur.
* visiting the local village on a horse ( i can help you get in touch with the agreement horse owner ,reservations with some days before..weekends are very fall )
*Long walk into the nears forest
*Bazna is a Bath with Natural Mineral water just 30km from Richiș
*Visit the Fortified church even in Richiș,even near : Biertan,Moșna,Pelișor,etc
*Visiting Sighișoara the beautiful medieval castle just 30km from Richiș
*Mediaș a medieval city ,23km from Richiș
*So many things to do & discover, just time to have.
—> So you are not invited in a normal house you are invited in my sanctuary & you are welcome to stay as long your heart asks for it. <—

P.S *My home is my sanctuary,that I LOVE & RESPECT

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Richiș, Sibiu, Romania

The atmosphere in Richiș normally is a quiet one,every day is passing by, you can call it that SUNDAY just passed by :) Only in the afternoon you can hear the local cows when are coming back home from the fields & the sheep’s that are passing by ,but up on the wine terraces ..Quiet

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I love a good story’s , i love to meet new people & make new friendships I love food,red wine and chocolate. I love Nature & everything that’s coming with HER. You are welcome in my home as long your heart asks for it

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I love to meet my guests and know them ,but now I think any person needs his space when they come in such a quiet place I m happy to help with any questions or happy to listen to any beautiful story they have in they’re hearts or minds .Namaste
I love to meet my guests and know them ,but now I think any person needs his space when they come in such a quiet place I m happy to help with any questions or happy to listen to a…
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