Fire Fly Estate Home is a trail into nature

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Fire Fly Estate Home is a home amidst coffee & pepper plantations close to the Brahmagiri Hills where Iruppu Falls is located(8km). Essentially it is a space to digital detox from TV & Wifi so that you can view Fire Flies visit you when dusk sets in.
The Hermadu Shiva Temple is a trek away & Nagarhole National park 25 km drive.
Come & experience the sounds of the insects & darkness of the night in its true adventurous sense while you cozy up.

The estate home is a fusion of traditional & modern facility of hot water for your bath from Copper Handi which is firewood heated from the outside. Geyser & solar also available. The kitchen has a fireplace(stove) for essential cooking or heating. Dining area is woody & relaxing to have your meals. The living area is cozy & inviting to stretch a leg. The bedroom is warm & relaxing for a snooze.
You can walk around the house or venture into the coffee plantations. The best season is during February when the coffee blossoms and the aroma of the bloom is invigorating. In other times of the year you can witness the coffee berries turn from green to red, a deeper red, dark purple until it is picked.
Meals can be made available based on request. There are restaurants in the towns of Kutta & Srimangala at a distance of 1o & 5 km respectively.
Get away from the mundane everyday & step into the reality of the universe, heres how Fire Fly Estate Home can be your partner to that!

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Srimangala, Karnataka, India

The Iruppu Falls (8km) on the Brahmagiri Range is a go to destination!
Legend has it that Lord Rama & Lakshaman were searching for Sita during their exile in these very forests, when Lord Rama felt thirsty & asked Lakshaman to fetch water. It was then that he shot an arrow into the Brahmagiri Hills and the Iruppu Falls emerged. The Iruppu Falls flows down as the Lakshmana Teertha River which joins River Kaveri. The trek up the Falls with the protected forest areas surrounding is adventurous. There is a government fee for entry at the base of the hill.
The Nagarahole National park lies on the other side of Iruppu Falls which is a 25 km Drive.
Kutta & Srimangala Town are at a distance of 10 & 5 km respectively to connect for all your requirements of super market, police station, healthcare, restaurants & bus stand.
A short walk from the estate home can lead you to the Hermadu Shiva Temple.

Mwenyeji ni Kaveri

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I am a Doctor in Ayurveda with a passion for sustainable healthcare which comes from the very fact that I belong to a tribe that worships nature- The Kodavas. That is why this little cozy space nestled amongst coffee plantations is what I would like my guests to experience. For me space is luxury and natural space is next to god, not even the most amazing concrete structure can replace that. Healthy & delicious food, fresh clean air & water, good relationships & travel is what i cant live without. As a guest @ Fire Fly Estate Home a comfortable living space and bedrooms with typical old time countryside wooden cots and cozy beds for a snuggling snooze is waiting for you. Firewood heated water in a handi for your bath with smoky smell of the sweet fresh well water is the most therapeutic way to destress. Solar water heating system,geyser and power back up is also available. A spacious kitchen space overlooking the coffee plantations to brew coffee or a quick meal is all yours. The dining area is woody and has raw rustic benches and tables with a blend of modern and traditional tableware. What is enchanting about the place is by evening you hear the chirping of birds and insects and dusk brings " Fire Flies" to the property which is indeed a delight to witness as it brings tranquil and peace to know the space still is a haven away from concrete jungle of the city.
I am a Doctor in Ayurveda with a passion for sustainable healthcare which comes from the very fact that I belong to a tribe that worships nature- The Kodavas. That is why this litt…

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I am not available at the property but have family & friends around who can co host if reqested.
  • Lugha: English, हिन्दी
  • Kiwango cha kutoa majibu: 100%
  • Muda wa kujibu: katika kipindi cha saa moja
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