Beekeepers house II.

Nyumba ya kupangisha nzima mwenyeji ni Tomaž

Wageni 5, vyumba 2 vya kulala, vitanda 2, Bafu 1
Nyumba nzima
Utaimiliki fleti kama yako wewe mwenyewe.
Usafishaji wa Kina
Mwenyeji huyu amejizatiti kufuata mchakato wa hatua 5 wa Airbnb wa kufanya usafi wa kina.
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Our first "Beekeepers house" was a hit, so we decided to build another one, this time as a small modern apartment which includes everything to accommodate up to 5 people.

There are unlimited walking and cycling routes, untouched nature on one side, warm thermal swimming pools and hot saunas on the other side.

In my apartment, you will find an open layout living room with kitchen and dining table. There is also a comfy sofa so you can enjoy watching a big flat TV at evenings. Then there is a bathroom with shower and toilet. There are also two bedrooms with queen beds.

In the kitchen, you will find all the necessary equipment, fridge, freezer and microwave oven.

For heating at winter and cooling at summer, there is air conditioning and for some extra cold nights at winter there are also electric radiators.

Outside of the cabin, there is free parking space and terrace with table and bench.

IMPORTANT: towels, kitchen towels and bed linen are not available in the cabin, so you will have to bring it with yourself or order it extra at the reception of the camp.

POOLS, SAUNAS AND WELLNESS: I provide bracelets for all our guests. With them, you can entry pools centre for FREE twice a day for unlimited time! Also, you will get a 50% discount as my guests if you will entry saunas or luxurious part of the wellness centre (15+).

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Mwenyeji huyu ana tathmini1 kwa maeneo mengine ya kukaa. Onyesha tathmini nyingine
Tuko hapa ili kuisaidia safari yako ifaulu. Kila nafasi iliyowekwa inasimamiwa na Sera ya Kurejesha Fedha ya Mgeni ya Airbnb.

Mahali utakapokuwa

Podčetrtek, Šmarje pri Jelšah, Slovenia

In the area there is very developed tourist offer. You can go to deer reef where you and your children can observe and fed the deer. For the elderly guests it will also be interesting to visit brewery Holer and Amon estate and a multitude of tourist and sporting attractions.

Then there is Olimie village which is in the immediate vicinity of Podčetrtek and is something very special. Each year, this little village, which was twice already (2009 and 2013) selected in the Entente Florale competition for the most beautiful settlement in Europe and has a magnificent history, visits to the crowd of pilgrims and tourists from home and abroad.

Many visitors are amazed for its natural and cultural beauty and heavenly peace that reigns in this village. Its greatness is given by its castle, build by the Counts of Atems, today transformed into a monastery, where lives Brothers of St. Francis - Minorites. Next to it stands the magnificent Church of the Assumption of Mary, one of the most beautiful baroque art on the European continent. In the shadow of the monastery, on the ground floor of the southern tower there is hiding priceless art, ancient monastery pharmacy with frescoes, Fathers Paul's legacy, which are 120 years old staying in the Olimia monastery (1663-1783). Today everyone wants a long and healthy life. A Slovenian proverb says: "For every disease, there is one flower to cure it." Minorite Brothers continues the tradition and they rebuilded a wonderful herb harden in front of monastery and planted more than 250 species of medicinal herbs that treat a multitude of our diseases.

Even for large and small children are taken care of. Before the monastery there is a pond with red and golden fishes who are looking forward to their way of life and the best performance for the young souls. For young and older souls there is right next to the monastery a gorgeous chocolatier.

Mwenyeji ni Tomaž

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Wakati wa ukaaji wako

For all information I am always available over email. During your stay, you will get all information about the tourist attractions and all daily events from friendly employees of camp, hotel and pools park.

Also check-in and check-out will be done at the camp or hotel reception (I will send you all information about that before arrival).
For all information I am always available over email. During your stay, you will get all information about the tourist attractions and all daily events from friendly employees of c…
  • Kiwango cha kutoa majibu: 100%
  • Muda wa kujibu: ndani ya saa chache
Ili kulinda malipo yako, kamwe usitume fedha wala kuwasiliana nje ya tovuti au programu ya Airbnb.

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Sheria za nyumba

Kuingia: Baada 13:00
Kutoka: 11:00
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Afya na usalama

Zimejizatiti kufuata mchakato wa Airbnb wa kufanya usafi wa kina. Onyesha mengine
Miongozo ya Airbnb ya kuepuka mikusanyiko na mingine inayohusu COVID-19 inatumika
Maelezo kuhusu king'ora cha kaboni monoksidi hayajatolewa Onyesha mengine
Maelezo kuhusu king'ora cha moshi hayajatolewa Onyesha mengine

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