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Nyumba isiyo na ghorofa nzima mwenyeji ni M.A.D. Family - Martini&AB&Dragon

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Egesha gari bila malipo
Hili ni mojawapo ya maeneo machache yaliyo na maegesho ya bila malipo katika eneo hilo.


Kila nafasi iliyowekwa inajumuisha ulinzi wa bila malipo dhidi ya ughairi wa Mwenyeji, taarifa zisizo sahihi kwenye tangazo na matatizo mengine kama vile matatizo ya kuingia.
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.

Remote. Private. Magical. Welcome to Sea Dragon Adventures

Clear blue sea. White sand beaches. Two obsessively clean wooden Bungalows. And a very breezy and comfy Cafe full of deliciousness.

And of course, Endless Adventure. :) - Martini & AB & Dragon

(Please ask about our option of securing the entire resort for just you and your family and friends.)

Our most recent review says it all. (Thank you Jung Chan!!!!)

Martini’s place is more than perfect. It is just like a paradise where there is nothing to worry about.

Not that far away from KK, you can find true nature in her place. I had a great time at a private beach, having a relaxing time for 3 nights. Just looking at the peaceful beach makes me feel truly calm. I was overwhelmed to enjoy the nature for 3 days.

There are tons of things to do also, I used paddle boats and snorkeling equipments which Martini provided for us. Moreover, there is a diving shop nearby and I also had a great time discovering the beautiful creatures beneath the sea.

Night comes really fast since there are not much lights, but it is also a good thing. There are tons of stars at night and I was also lucky to see a firefly. Her location is great but also her place is perfect.

I didn’t expect this clean space in this remote area. The bed is super comfy, perfect for a good night’s sleep. My favorite place was a comfy couch on the balcony. I was so lucky to just sit there and relax. Also, the cats and dogs are so friendly that I already miss them.

The staffs, including Martini are so nice and friendly, truly better than staffs from 5 star resorts. I strongly recommend this place, this place just suits for what AirBnB tries to accomplish through hosting.

I was able to meet different people, experience different cultures, and discover amazing nature. Three nights at Martini’s place was more than a vacation it was unforgettable lifelong experience. I was so thankful for AirBnB and Martini for me to have this experience. - Jung Chan from Korea


(We offer multiple Bungalows. If this one is booked, simply click on "About Us" and you'll see our other listings.)

Welcome to the Land of Endless Adventure – Borneo. An easy hour+ drive up the coast, and you arrive at our waiting Boat.

Clear blue waters and colorful fish say hello as you skim over the Sea and up to the fluffy white sand Beaches of Sea Dragon Adventures.

Welcome to your dream of becoming a castaway - where time stops, worry evaporates, and the rhythms of the waves and the wind take over.

Welcome to Sea Dragon Adventures – your very own private Beach Resort in Borneo.


Soft white sand. Rich green jungle. And a Beach Cafe full of deliciousness. This is minute one at Sea Dragon Adventures.

The dogs wag happy hello's The cats ignore you, because that's what cats do. And we greet you with a nice cold towel, ice cold water, and the promise of upcoming adventures.


To your Bungalow, cute cozy and obsessively clean. A wall of glass french doors opens to the sea. More windows along the sides capture the breezes. A big queen size bed promises a night of magical dreams. Additional twin beds deliver the same for kids or friends in tow. And in the back, a large ultra-clean bath delivers all the comforts of a five star hotel.

Bags unpacked. Swim suits at the ready. It's time to adventure. The options are extensive:


Snorkeling just off the Beach (we supply new fins, masks, snorkels, etc) or a short boat ride to the reefs of Snake Island.

Jungle Trekking with Borneo Forest Dogs, who will happy bound along with you up the trail to the hidden swimming hole and the various little waterfalls. That is, until they smell prey in the underbrush, and then they rocket off to do what they do best - rule the Jungle.

Scuba - we connect you to a local and highly-respected dive operator, a very short boat ride away, who will take you to see all the magical creatures of the South China Seas.

SUP - paddle over the clear blue seas and take in the life on the reefs. It's a workout for the body and the soul.

Beach Exploring - we are connected to an extensive and almost empty 2-3KM long set of beaches and beach trails, full of discoveries and bathed in gorgeous sunsets.

Sand Castles - all ages welcome. :)

Hammocks & Books - perhaps our most popular attraction.

And, of course, food glorious food.


Santai Cafe (Santai is slang for "I'd rather sit under a coconut tree and do nothing all day) is our restaurant on the Beach.

The best memories are quite often made around meals - so we wanted to make sure each meal is amazing.

So far, it sounds like we're doing just that:

"All food is prepared for you, with such detail and care. We ate like kings.” – Toby and Family, Amsterdam and California

"the food was easily the best we ate in 2 weeks across Borneo.” – Lucy and Family, UK and NZ

"Martini spoiled us with her delicious meals." – Teresa and Family, Amsterdam and Germany

Each meal is farm table dining, which means we bring everyone around one table to share not just a meal, but stories. At night, quite often the meals finish with a beach bonfire, a bottle of wine, and more stories dotted with stargazing.


If this sounds like the adventure you're looking for, please contact us to secure your ideal dates, and answer any questions.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon at Sea Dragon Adventures. - Martini & AB & Dragon (M.A.D. Family)

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Mwenyeji ni M.A.D. Family - Martini&AB&Dragon

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We are the M.A.D. Family - Martini & AB & Dragon, endless travelers forever arriving at our departure. Our belief is simple - Do What You'll Remember.

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As experienced AirBnB hosts, (two AirBnB's in Santa Barbara, California, both five-star) we are here for you. Whether you'd like an early morning dive, a mid day jungle trek, an afternoon siesta, or a sunset rum and pinnapple, we will make sure your experience at Sea Dragon Adventures is one of your best travel experiences anywhere in the world.
As experienced AirBnB hosts, (two AirBnB's in Santa Barbara, California, both five-star) we are here for you. Whether you'd like an early morning dive, a mid day jungle tr…
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