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Set on the East coast of Sri Lanka & conveniently located 1.5 hours from both Arugam Bay & Passikkudah, Maruthamunai is a quaint seaside village.
Our village welcomes visitors with open arms, but also sees very few tourists, so those that do come are treated to an authentic & eye opening experience.

- Milk Tea, Plain tea & Coffee 🍵 ☕️
- Hand-weaving
- Beach Explorations 🏖 🏝
- Sunrise 🌅
- Fishing 🎣
- Home cooking class 🥘 🍳
- Snorkelling 🤿
- Hand-made snacks 🍟 factories

We are known for a unique dish made from casava with spices & a drink called Sarbath, that’s entertaining to watch being made.

- Plain tea or milk tea? ☕️ 🍵
This is a question you will be asked many times each day and depending on your choice, a delicious cup of sweet tea with ginger and cardamom, with or without milk, will be passed to you with love. This is the way of our community, we come together over food and drink. Sitting together on colorful mats, the women of the home chop and mix ingredients bought daily at the market and cook delicious coconut curries and fresh fish, all with spices that warm the soul. You will be included in the daily shopping and will get the chance to learn how to make some of our local specialties. We are known for a unique dish made from casava with spices and a drink called Sarbath, that’s entertaining to watch being made.

- A history of hand-weaving
Walking the narrow streets of Maruthamanai, the rhythmic beat of looms hard at work serve as the soundtrack for our village. Like the threads in our fabrics, our textiles weave together the community, which require many steps and hands during their creation. From home to home and factory to store, each beautiful, hand-made piece could not be completed without the attention and energy of our talented community. Coming here, you will be presented with the unique opportunity to watch this process and meet the people who have been doing this work for generations.

- Beach Explorations 🏝 🏖
While the larger waves here make swimming a challenge, Maruthamanai is an ideal base to explore some well known areas North and South of our village, such as Arugam Bay, Trincomalee, and Pasikuda. These can be reached in 1-2 hours from our town.

- Beautiful Sunrise by the sea 🌅
We are in the east cost. It's east where the sun always waking up from. You will enjoy a breathtaking sunrise by the sea.
You can climb up on the Tsunami victims memorial tower and see the sunrise by the sea while you are hearing the calm waves.
A must try life time experience.

- Fishing 🎣 🐠
Our village has many fishing collectives and we recommend spending some time watching the fisherman bring in their nets. They always love help and its great fun joining in the process of pulling in the daily catch. They may even thank you with a few fish to take home!

- Sri Lankan home cooking class 🥘 🍳
You just buy the ingredients we say and learn how to cook them in Sri Lanka style together with us.
That includes string hopper, Pittu, dosa, rice and curry, fish dishes, meat dishes, chicken dishes and vey famous biriyani.

- Hand-made snacks 🍟 factories
There are some small family driven snack factories in the village where you can enjoy how the families are making snacks and chips using bananas, flour, cassava, bean and nuts, etc..

- Snorkeling 🤿
Kayankerni Coral Reef can be reached within 2 hours of driving where the ocean with little colour fishes.. 1km from the coast.. the main part of the reef is roughly 2.5 km in length. 207 species of fish observed up to date.

- And, Arugam bay, Pasikkudah and pigeon island / Trincomalee

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Maruthamunai, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka

Beach is just within 300 meters.
Fish market can be reached within 5 minutes. (by walking)
Super market can be reached within 5 minutes. (by walking)
Main road is just 2 minutes away (by walking)
Bicycle is available for rent.
Motorbike is available for rent.
Car is available with the driver only because Sri Lankan insurance companies won't consider the claim if the vehicle is driven by a non-srilankan

Bar is located 2 km away from the home.

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