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An authentic log home in the heart of Lapland. Wonderful nature, peaceful and private, ideally located. In the winter, it can be excellent Northern Lights viewing area. Conveniently located 2 km from Inari village.

If you need fancy accommodation and if you do not enjoy the woods, do not stay here, but if you want to connect to the wildlife of Lapland and immerse yourself to the Lapland's quiet and peaceful pace of life, you will surely love it in our dry log cabin:)

There is a small sidewalk access to the log cabin by the car. The log cabin is especially suitable for a vacationer who appreciates good transport connections but does not want to compromise on the closeness of nature.

Log cabin have a basic electric heating system. The log cabin is furnished with a wide double bed with down blankets and beddings, a sturdy log table with benches and a swing chair. There is a fully stocked kitchen that has everything you will need to prepare and serve your meals. Kitchen has a gas stove and a cold cellar hidden under the floor. The log cabin includes a wood-heated sauna, which serves also as bathroom.

The path from the log cabin that leads to wood storage, a pump room and an outside toilet. In the summer we also have a boat which is free to use! In the summer there is fireplace where you can easily make pancakes or grill some Finnish sausages!

If you coming from the Ivalo airport. There is possibility for a pick up which cost 30e per person. If you wish for the pick up be sure to notice me advance!


※There is not running water in the log cabin, but don't worry! About 15 meters from the log cabin is pump room (electric pump which you just press on/off). From there you can carry your water. Also note that the you need to heat the water with the sauna stove.

※Sometimes in Lapland we get very cold weather in the winter and some may feel little bit chilly inside our log cabin, but it can be easily fixed by warming up the sauna (which heats up the log cabin even more) , but this makes perfect excuse to enjoy the real Finnish wood sauna with Finnish Bear beer (KARHU BEER).

※Like in all real Finnish log cabins, here too you need to use the outdoor toilet which of course is not heated. Outdoor toilet is about 10 meters from the log cabin.

※You can easily recharge your phones and cameras via the wall socket located all around the log cabin. We are also happy to inform you that we don't have any WiFi, so you can spend free time from stress of the internet.

※The fireplace is currently out of use due the fact it sometimes pushes the smoke inside the log cabin. For your own safety don't light up the fireplace.

※Its also extreme forbidden to smoke inside the cabin!

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Inari, Ufini

The village of Inari is known for its Sámi culture. It includes the Sámi Museum SIIDA and the Sámi Cultural Center Sajos.

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Im middle aged mother of three children and I love watching Nordic detective series without sounds, because I don't want to wake up anybody up. I am very interested in Yoga and Vegan lifestyle. In my free time I like to go for walk in the nature.
Im middle aged mother of three children and I love watching Nordic detective series without sounds, because I don't want to wake up anybody up. I am very interested in Yoga and Veg…

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