'Little Blue House' by the river (Casinha Azul)

Nyumba isiyo na ghorofa nzima mwenyeji ni Tainá

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Nyumba nzima
Utaimiliki nyumba isiyo na ghorofa kama yako wewe mwenyewe.
Kuingia mwenyewe
Unaweza kuingia na mhudumu wa nyumba.
Safi na nadhifu
Wageni 2 wa hivi karibuni walisema eneo hili lilikuwa safi sana.
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90% ya wageni wa hivi karibuni walilipa eneo alama ya nyota 5.
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
We are the only rental vacation house by the river in the small fisherman's village Caraíva-Porto Seguro (BPS) county.
Located in the main street, few meters away from local market restaurantes, main square, bars, stores..
Being here is experience the day-by-day of Caraíva, bringing you closer to nature to hear the birds sing, watching sunsets and sunrises by our deck & the canoes come and go..
Casinha was decorated with local art and equipped with utilities the travelers seek in their trips

Fun & historical fact about the house: the little blue house (Casinha Azul) is an old fisherman's house which was remodeled on the inside, but it remains original roots for it was considered patrimony of art and historical monument of Brazil and is protected by IPHAN ( Nacional Institute of art and history).


** THE ACESS OF INTERNET OSCILLATE , we do not guarantee 100% internet acess

*** the water supply of the house comes from a well (with river water) so it might smell funny and have darker color but that doesn't mean ins polluted. since it comes from the river, the water contain substances found in swamps (or mangrove) that results in different color/smell /taste.

**** the house is located close to a swamp (or mangrove) so the chances of finding all kinds of bugs and crabs is very big.

***** There are NO BASIC SANITATION in Caraíva or any city close by in the state of Bahia. its important to keep that in mind.

****** on behalf of a significant amount of iron present in the water that supplies the house, our hot shower often "breaks"and needs to be replaced. if it happens to you, you should tells us immediately so we can find someone to fiz it for you. make sure you follow our tips to make sure it doesn't happen.

******* The closest hospital is around 2 or 2:30 hours away, in Arraial Dajuda or Porto Seguro

******** ENERGY 220 VOLTS. bring only eletronic utilities that are Bi Volt or 220 volts.

********* Caraíva is almost stopped in time. You shouldn't expect the same comfort and facilities you find in towns or cities. Make sure you clear out all of your questions about the village before you book a trip.

********** And remember, you must adapt to Caraíva, and not on the contrary. The Village has limitations of services, logistics, available maintenance labor, lacks of some basic comfort and services, etc. Have that in mind and you will be fine; you will able to enjoy a whole different kind of life, close to nature, able to feel stopped in time, and far away from tradicional civilization... all that with the Caraíva river by your window, and a path of new adventures ahead.

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Mwonekano wa Mto
Ufikiaji wa ufukwe wa Ya umma au ya pamoja
Maegesho ya bila malipo kwenye majengo
Wanyama wapenzi wanaruhusiwa
HDTV na Netflix, Televisheni ya HBO Max
Mashine ya kufua
Haipatikani: King'ora cha kaboni monoksidi
Haipatikani: King'ora cha moshi

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Weka tarehe zako za safari ili kupata bei kamili
Weka tarehe
Weka tarehe

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Caraíva, Bahia, Brazil

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Ola sou a Tainá, tenho 28 anos, paulista de Campinas-SP. Estudei jornalismo, administração e marketing digital; Sou mãe, mudei para Arraial em 2016. No inicio, de férias, mas a vida me trouxe de volta pra ficar. E aqui estou, desde então, trabalhando com hospedagens, tornando o airbnb minha principal fonte de renda. Comecei a hospedar em 2019, aqui no airbnb mesmo. Reformei a casa de praia da familia, a Cabana Bali Villa, e realizei meu sonho te transformá-la em uma hospedagem. O sucesso foi tanto que Me empolguei, e reformei também a casa de minha mãe em Caraíva, enquanto também reformava a minha casa, a Casa Tainá. Assim nasceu a TLM HOMES, minha empresa de hotelaria e hospedagens; sou a responsável pelo atendimento, negociações, manutenção do anúncios, pelo marketing digital (e de tudo um pouco). Para me ajudar, tenho uma equipe maravilhosa: Gabriel e Liu, meus co-anfitriões na Cabana Bali, meu co-anfitrião (e namorado) Matheus da Casinha Azul; Luiza minha gerente , Roger, como co-anfitrião em seu moderno e maravilhoso Loft em Trancoso. Podem sempre contar conosco pra que se sintam em casa em nossa casa :) . . Hi! i'm Taina (sounds like "tie-na") i'm 28 years-old, from Campinas - São Paulo. I’m a Mother, studied journalism, business and digital marketing; I lived here in during my childhood, but 2016 life brought me back to Bahia , for a whole new and different kind of life. in 2019 i started hosting here on airbnb, and today this is my main business. I started it all remodeling my family's old beach house, the Cabana Bali Villa, and accomplished my dream of turning the house into a charming tiny hotel. after that, i remodel my Mom's riverside house in Caraíva, while I remodel my own beach house. All of them are available for vacation rentals. I, Taina, Your host, am responsible for guests service & support, management, marketing and finances. I have an excelent team of support: Liu and Gabriel are my co-hosts in Cabana Bali Villa; Matheus, my partner in life, is my co-host in Casinha Azul and pretty much helps me with everything. I have Luiza my manager, and now , I also have Roger as my co-host in his super-modern and beautiful loft, in Trancoso. We, from TLM Homes are constantly working for you to feel at home at our home, adding a little touch of comfort only hotels has.
Ola sou a Tainá, tenho 28 anos, paulista de Campinas-SP. Estudei jornalismo, administração e marketing digital; Sou mãe, mudei para Arraial em 2016. No inicio, de férias, mas a vid…

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