(1371) Max12ppl☆Free parking!Good access to Otaru☆

Nyumba ya makazi nzima mwenyeji ni Michiyo

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Nyumba nzima
Utaimiliki nyumba kama yako wewe mwenyewe.
Kuingia mwenyewe
Kujiingiza mwenyewe na msimbo.
Wageni mara nyingi hutafuta kistawishi hiki maarufu
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
Clean, fully furnished 2 story house!
-Located in Teine area in Sapporo.
-9 mins walk away from Teine JR train station.
-3 mins walk to convenience store.
-Free parking for one car is available.
-Free Unlimited Home Wi-Fi is available.
-Non-smoking room.
-You can enjoy cooking with basic cooking tools in the kitchen.
-There are convenience stores, grocery stores, drugstores and restaurants nearby.

【Information on virus measures at our accommodation】
This accommodation facility use clean bedclothes adequately-disinfected at linen supply service.
Electric key pad on the door and light switches among other things are disinfected with alcohol. Also we make sure every time if my staff have health concern or not and they clean the room with disposable plastic gloves.

There are no infection reports for guests who have stayed so far.

Unlike general hotels, many unspecified people will not use our accommodation facility so you can feel safer.

Reinforced Concrete
2 story house
1F: 57.96㎡
2F: 60.45㎡
Capacity:12 Guests
Children 6 years old or under are free of charge in my apartment.
※ For free children, towels and bedding won't be provided, so bring them by yourself.
If you don't want to prepare your own, count them as adults and pay when you make a reservation.

**Access to places in Sapporo**
To Teine JR train station (nearest station): 9 mins on foot.
To convenience stores: 3 mins on foot.
To grocery stores: 8 mins on foot.
To pay parking: 3 mins on foot.
To Sapporo station: 9 mins on foot&10 mins by JR train.
To Odori station:9 mins on foot&18 mins by JR train.
To Otaru station: 9 mins on foot&29 mins by JR train.

There’s 1 parking space right in front of the house.
If you need a parking space, please let me know in advance!
※If you have more than 1 car, please use a coin operated parking nearby. (At guest's own expense)

Check In: 15:00
※You're not allowed to check in before 3 pm,
but you can drop off your luggage after 11 am
WITH MY PERMISSION and come back to check in anytime after 3 pm.

Check Out: 10:00
※House Cleaning will start at 10 am sharp.

About Beds

*Double bed x 1 ( 195 cm × 140 cm )&Single bed x 2 ( 195 cm × 97 cm )(Bedroom 1)
*Double bed x 1 ( 195 cm × 140 cm )&Single bed x 1 ( 195 cm × 97 cm )(Bedroom 2)
*Double bed x 1 ( 195 cm × 140 cm )&Single bed x 1 ( 195 cm × 97 cm )(Bedroom 3)
*Double bed x 1 ( 195 cm × 140 cm )(Bedroom 4)

*Living room*
Coffee table
Dining table
Home wifi
Air conditioner (Cooling/Heating)
Cleaning tools

Gas stove for 3
2 kinds of plates for each person
Cups, Glasses
Cutting knife (behind the door under the sink in the kitchen)
Cutting board
Strainer/Mixing bowl
Paper towel
Washing liquid
※ No rice cooker and no seasonings

*Bathroom or toilet*
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Soap
Washing machine/Detergent
Face towel/Bath towel (1 set/ per guest)
Hair dryer
Cotton swabs
Bath detergent

There is a small TV in the bathroom♪
Toilet and bathroom are separated.
Shower and bidet are provided.

Laundry pole
Iron/iron board

*If you are staying over 2 weeks, please purchase consumable supplies on your own in case of running out of them which I'd prepare for in advance.

☆This apartment is managed under the permission of Japanese government. It is an accommodation run officially. According to Japanese law, I need to ask all of my guests to submit a registration form.
* For the foreign travelers, please submit the passport photo in the registration form together. (※the page clearly showing the face picture, name, passport number and expiry date but I don’t need personal number.)
And after you check in, each guest needs to take a picture of yourselves in the room and send me via Airbnb app for an identity verification. Your personal information is, of course, confidential and I won’t use it for any other reasons.
If I don’t follow the rules, I will get penalties and have to close my listing.

Your understanding and cooperation is truly appreciated.


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Mahali utakapokuwa

Teine-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō, Japani

There are convenience stores, grocery stores, drugstores and restaurants nearby♪
My house is placed between Sapporo and Otaru and close to some Ski resorts★

-Ski resort-
It takes only 30 mins if it’s close.
Most of places can be reached within an hour.
On season: From middle of Dec to middle of Apr
Depends on amount of snows
Fu's snow area

In winter time (from November to March), I recommend you to buy special steel bites for your shoes to prevent from slipping on icy roads. They really help!
You can buy them at Lawson in New Chitose Airport or most convenience stores in town.
Roads get very icy and slippery in snowing country like here in Hokkaido, so please be aware and prepare! Let’s enjoy this beautiful snow without any accidents !

Mwenyeji ni Michiyo

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みなさん 初めまして! Michiyoです! 私の出身は北海道の札幌です。生まれも育ちもずっと札幌です。札幌市内のホテルでマネージャーとして勤務をしていた経験があり、その経験を活かしてゲストのみなさまに快適な宿泊経験を自ら提供したいと思い民泊をはじめました。ゲストの皆様から”快適な宿泊ができました”と喜んで頂けるのが私にとって一番の喜びです! 皆様が北海道で素敵な一時を過ごして頂けるように一生懸命おもてなしさせて頂きます! Hi, everyone. This is Michiyo from Sapporo, Japan. I have some work experience as a manager in the hotel industry. I have I derive pleasure from treating my guests with hospitality, O・MO・TE・NA・SHI I can't wait for seeing your smile:) Thank you LIKES: Sweets, yoga, the piano, Movie
みなさん 初めまして! Michiyoです! 私の出身は北海道の札幌です。生まれも育ちもずっと札幌です。札幌市内のホテルでマネージャーとして勤務をしていた経験があり、その経験を活かしてゲストのみなさまに快適な宿泊経験を自ら提供したいと思い民泊をはじめました。ゲストの皆様から”快適な宿泊ができました”と喜んで頂けるのが私にとって一番の喜びです! 皆様が北…

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