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Tony ni Mwenyeji Bingwa
Wenyeji Mabingwa ni wazoefu, wenyeji wenye tathmini nzuri ambao wamejizatiti kuwapatia ukaaji murwa wageni.
Kughairi bila malipo kabla ya tarehe 17 Ago.


Kila nafasi iliyowekwa inajumuisha ulinzi wa bila malipo dhidi ya ughairi wa Mwenyeji, taarifa zisizo sahihi kwenye tangazo na matatizo mengine kama vile matatizo ya kuingia.
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
FIVE STAR award winning Farmstay with stunning views!

SUMMER SALE! 25% off for weekend of August 19th!

• Farm Fresh Eggs and Bacon included
• Our Exclusive Private Chef available to reserve for your farm to table meals
• Time with our Ponies and Donkey
• Our Famous Sunset Hayride and Bovine Safari included with all 3+ night stays (Fee otherwise)
• Outdoor Movie Night (30' Screen) available for a fee for all 3+ night stays
• Micro-Weddings available at both Madeline Farms and Carriage Stone.

Situated on 40 acres with panoramic views of the mountains from sunrise to sunset. Ponies, horses, chickens, ducks, cows and one bashful donkey are waiting to meet you. Check out our website, madelinefarms, for more info and book on AirBnB.

BE ADVISED - This is an actual honest to goodness working farm. It is not a piece a land formally known as a farm (there are many listings in Luray like this)...the animals here are living their best life in various stages of recovery or thriving each and every day. Because of this, the animals may or may not participate in the success of your stay. My priority is for the safety and comfort of our animals and our guests, so you agree to, and understand that, any offering on the farm including the hayride or outdoor movie may be changed, altered or canceled at a moment's notice because Farmer Tony needed to address a situation on the farm or believes the experience to be unsafe or unenjoyable due to circumstances that may be beyond your knowledge. That said, we have a 90% success rate and have learned to roll with it. You will too! Thanks!

Back to the story.....

The very first pony born on the farm arrived in August 2018 and was given the name, Madeline. She is the smallest of the ponies and the most outgoing. She loves apples and carrots.

Important to note: Toddlers under 3 and infants do not count towards our maximum of 12 guests since often they sleep with you or in your room.

Your life on the farm
• The garden provides a variety of food depending on the season and when fruits and vegetables are ready to harvest. I am happy to share with you info about what is ripe in the garden when you arrive. Eggs from the coop are gathered by someone in your group (or all of you) around 830am with me and our farm dog, Oliver on your first morning here. Bacon from the farm down the road is provided unless you requested otherwise. It will be found in the fridge when you arrive.
• In the evening, you are welcome to gather wood from our shelter and light the bonfire. I am happy to assist you with this experience if you need help. The ponies will gather nearby, as you gaze at the stars and roast marshmallows.
• The Sunset Hayride is the highlight of your stay. Typically, it lasts 30 – 45min and covers a wide expanse of the field. We try our best to time it to the sunset, but it is always dependent on weather and field conditions. This may require flexibility on your part or an understanding if we are unable to set sail. We do our best to make it happen and have a 95% success rate.

The farmhouse was updated with a mid-century modern vibe. The kitchen was appointed and designed by a local chef and the stunning farmhouse table was custom built for Madeline Farms using the wood right from the barn. The guest rooms rival any hotel accommodations with luxury bedding, our signature "Sleep Well" mattresses, spa robes and towels. Though you're on a farm, luxe amenities are included with your stay.

Farm Rules
• We value self-sufficiency and self-expression. Practice them here.

• We value compassion and patience and respect towards each other, animal or otherwise.

• Guest Farmers are welcome into the field with the animals only after getting permission from Farmer Tony or when he is with you. Do not cross any gates unless you have permission.

• Please leave the colognes and perfumes behind. The animals are sensitive to these fragrances. Plant based essential oils are always welcome.

• The barn, attic, basement and outbuildings should only be explored if Tony is with you.

• All guests are required to sign a farm waiver at check in.

• Have fun. Connect with the farm. Reconnect with each other.

• Madeline Farms is populated by many rescued animals. These beautiful creatures have endured hardship and neglect and are in various stages of recovery. They are home at last. All are expected to live long and full lives. Your participation in their care directly affects their health and happiness. It will affect yours as well.

Looking forward to seeing you at the farm!

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16 Sep 2022 - 23 Sep 2022

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Luray, Virginia, Marekani

We are minutes from the charming town of Luray and situated in farm country...fields as far as you can see. Hiking the Shenandoah National Park or exploring the world famous Luray Caverns are only minutes away.

Mwenyeji ni Tony

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I’m the Gentleman Farmer and proud owner of Madeline Farms and Carriage Stone Farm, two of the most beautiful farmstays in Virginia. Originally from Seattle, I’ve been a part of the creative arts scene in DC for years and now I’m living for this incredible new chapter in my life. My farmstays are an expression of my love for animals, my knack for creating delightful experiences and my passion for making beautiful memories for each of my special guests. Welcome!
I’m the Gentleman Farmer and proud owner of Madeline Farms and Carriage Stone Farm, two of the most beautiful farmstays in Virginia. Originally from Seattle, I’ve been a part of t…

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I'm Tony, the Gentleman Farmer at Madeline Farms. I live in private quarters over the kitchen. I'm as much or as little of your experience on the farm as you'd like... While the house is exclusively yours during the stay, you're welcome to join me and meet the animals each day.
I'm Tony, the Gentleman Farmer at Madeline Farms. I live in private quarters over the kitchen. I'm as much or as little of your experience on the farm as you'd like... While the h…

Tony ni Mwenyeji Bingwa

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