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Medewi Manor: Surfers Heaven: Pool View Apartment.

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75k from AP. Ground FL Apartment is 1 of Medewi Manor's 3 x private apartments. 12x 6 m swim pool right outside your door. Marble floors, 1 BR, 2 x Air / Cons, living/dining room, Quality self-inflating soft top double mattress in living room avail for kids or 2 more guests. Incl: 49" TV, vid library, HiFi, Xbox360 + games, office desk, wi fi, Full kitchen, Fully marbled bathroom w Roman bath, Private Woodfire Pizza oven, use of scooter, surfboards, shuttle service to Medewi Point and town.

Medewi Manor is 800 meters from Medewi Point which is a goofy foot surfboard rider's dream. Also Palm Point and Right hander have great waves. It is recognized as one of the best and most forgiving left point breaks in the world boasting a 200 plus meter ride. There is also quite often a great beach break wave out front at Sumbul Beach.

Situated 75 k.m from the madness of the Bali tourist areas. The Poolside apartment is a one bedroom apartment situated in the East wing of the Medewi Manor complex. Twenty five meters away we also have two other apartments (Ocean View and Garden View) in the newly appointed West wing of the complex. My wife Sri and I spend around 15 weeks per year in our living area above the Poolside apartment.

The 2 bedroom Poolside apartment is appointed with marble floors, functional kitchen, impressive bathroom, Air Conditioning, Wi Fi, Television with a connected big Hi Fi sound, Xbox and numerous games, extensive video library and an Indian marble topped office desk. Most people bring their laptops or Ipads.

We can arrange Airport Pick up (for $55AUD = 550,000Rp) and drive you the 75 k.m to Medewi Manor. Yani will look after you during your stay including driving you to great places to eat and ensuring you get to the surf.

The local restaurants are basic and cheap. There is little to no shopping for tourists in this area. If you don’t like Bintang you better BYO spirits. Wine is expensive in Bali so stock up on duty free alcohol at the airport of your departure. You are allowed 1 litre per person.

If the swell is down or the tide is wrong you can
(i) Go Snorkeling in the Coral Reefs of Menjangan Island (which is a 1.5 hour drive away) or
(ii) Go fishing with the local outrigger canoe style fishermen or
(iii) Just hang out at Medewi Manor poolside or at Gede Warung (Indonesian Café) at Medewi Point.
(iv) Organize a day trip with Yani.
(v) Have a massage. 1 hour around 110,000RP = $11 AUD

In Medewi you can experience the old style Bali life. You can support the local economy in many ways including buying a Medewi tee shirt, eating at local Warungs, having a massage in house or by the beach.

This area is well away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta, Seminyak and Legian there are no bars or nightclubs here. There are two scooters available (first in best dressed or one scooter per unit) . We have a rack of Surfboards and Boogie Boards The temperature is around 30 degrees all year and the pool is hard to get out of once you are in it. There are three one bedroom units available. All are different. My wife and I are there for around 16 weeks a year and are available to our guests to ensure you have a great experience.

All three guest units are fully air-conditioned. There are two traditional Italian wood fire Pizza ovens one poolside and one in the third floor viewing space (BYO mozzarella, anchovies, salami, pizza sauce etc). Yani can set you up a pizza big screen concert / movie night. BYO your favorite USB / DVD music /movies or you will be stuck with our favs.

Enjoy great surf while residing in one of our apartments. Medewi Manor is ideal for surfboard riders who like to bring their wives, girlfriends and or children to a pad near the beach to enjoy a more comprehensive standard of accommodation.

If you are a surfer or just a person who enjoys a relaxed quiet holiday away from mainstream tourism Medewi Manor is for you. For Surfer's it is best to time your arrival in a week where the high tides are occurring in the morning. Research tide times on internet sites such as Bali Tides and Swell Net.

Our recommended number of guests in the Poolside apartment is two adults (couple). However there is a comfortable blow up double bed available to put up in the living room for two children or a couple, we recommend a maximum of four people . Price varies according to demand and the season.

Medewi is a strictly Muslim || Hindu area with no bars or nightclubs. There are no parties or bar girls in Medewi. Please refrain from an expectancy of something more from the local massage women as you will not be popular. Organizing a private massage in your bedroom with the door closed is NOT the way to go.

We are currently in the final stages of completing a new three story, six bedroom, sky lounge West wing to the Medewi Manor complex which is approximately 25 meters away from the Poolside apartment. See the attached photo. At the moment the new building has two apartments open for business. The West wing has a third floor viewing space with 360 degree view that you are more than welcome to utilize. We like to keep working on the building throughout the year. We are up to fit out stage and the heavy lifting and big noise stuff is practically over. If the workers annoy you let Yani know and he will have them attend to other jobs. We rarely get a complaint.

Experience the old style quiet Bali while it lasts, we do, we love this place.
Medewi Manor, great surf peace and quiet awaits you. To view all of Medewi Manor's apartments simply navigate to this page.

Paul, Sri and Yani

Ufikiaji wa mgeni
It is best to get picked up at the airport or any other part of the Island as you will easily get lost trying to navigate your way to Medewi Manor. A pick up from Ubud Lovina or around Kuta area is 550.000Rp ($55AUD) From Uluatu,Bingin,Padang - padang or Nusadua is 650,000Rp ($65AUD) from Amed,Padangbay,Candidasa is 700,000 Rp ($75 AUD)
There are now 3 guest units and we encourage you to book them all out with your own touring party. Our caretaker Rahim (who does not speak english) lives in a cabin at the front of the property. Yani, who does speak english is a phone call away any time you need him. Yani has reached legendary status with our previous guests.

Mambo mengine ya kukumbuka

Where is Medewi Manor?
We are a two and a half hour drive Denpasar airport well away from the madness of Kuta Legian Seminyak Ubud. We are 800 metres down the beach in sight of Medewi Point which is famous for its left hand point break. The main visitors to the Medewi area are surfboard riders and their partners. This is not a tourist area with western restaurants and shops that cater for tourists. See directions to Medewi Manor below.

How do I get to Medewi Manor?
Yani can pick you up from anywhere on the Island. This is the easiest way to get to Medewi Manor. First timers often get lost as I did. None of the roads are sign posted and if you are new to Bali best of luck. It is easier to call Yani. Medewi is a 2 and a half hour drive from Denpassar airport.

What is the vehicle Access to Medewi Manor like?
Medewi Manor is situated in the middle of a rice paddy set back from the beach with Brown Sugar Surf Camp between us and the beach. G Maps will get your here if you search "Medewi Manor Surfers Heaven"

How do I get to the Surf?
Medewi Point is a 5 minute scooter or car ride away. There are 3 scooters for guest use. There is a pair of binoculars in the apartment for you to check out the surf at the point which is approximately an 800 metre beach walk away.

Medewi Manor is not situated directly on the beach, we are located behind Brown Sugar Surf Camp that caters mostly for German Learner Surfers. If you ask Yani to leave the side gate open for you can walk 60 metres to the beach along a rice paddy wall.

What is the main attraction at Medewi /Yehsumbul?
Surfing, Surfing Surfing:
Surfboard riding and enjoying the peace well away from the tourist madness of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Senur and Ubud etc. There are no tourist orientated shops, one western style restaurant, no girlie bars, no bars or night clubs. BYO alcohol because the only alcohol you can by here is Bintang Beer.

If you do not ride a surfboard or boogie board or on the days when the surf is not so good (not often there is usually a ridable wave happening somewhere) you can dip in the forever warm swimming pool, laze around poolside with a book or laptop, access our huge video library and catch up on all the movies and series you have missed in your ordinary day to day life. We have some nice Hi Fi speakers hooked up to the TV so the sound is good. Bring your own USB of music otherwise you will have to put up with my playlist from the 70’s to 2000.

Are all the units Air Conditioned?
Yes all rooms are air conditioned BUT in unit one do not to run the lounge air conditioners at the same time as a bedroom air conditioner or you may flip the circuit breaker and cut your power = call Yani

Is there a computer / internet available?
Yes the apartment has an Indian marble work space / business desk for the digital nomad. BYO laptop. We provide fast cable Wi Fi at around 46mps with unlimited download.

Where do I change my money?
The money changer in Seminyak near the Denpasar airport closes around 11pm. It is best to arrive in Bali in enough time to get to a good value money changer. Yani will take you to our favourite money changer in Seminyak where you will get a fair deal. Do not change your money (unless you arrive on a late flight and you have no choice) at the airport or you will get lousy exchange rate.

What about Mobile Phones.
You should purchase an Indonesia Telkomsel Sim Card (approximately $5 AUD) at the airport or anywhere and purchase at least $10 AUD (100,000Rp) credit. That way you won't gt lost as you will have G maps and you can call Yani at any time and you have mobile internet. Make sure your smart phone is not locked to a service provider in your home country. Do not purchase a sim card from a provider other than Telecomsel as the coverage is not as good.

Who is my first contact and how can he assist me with anything I want while I am there?
Message me through Airbnb and I will co ordinate with Yani to arrange your pick up. Yani will either pick you up personally or arrange someone else to pick you up. Medewi Manor is a 75 k.m drive from the airport and Yani will settle you in to your accommodation. Medewi Manor is on Google maps so it is easy to find.

Yani is a really useful nice guy and you can trust him as he is extremely honest. He can pick you up from the airport. He can take you to the supermarket and a reputable money changer. In Medewi he can show you all the good places to eat organize day trips and airport drop offs.

What do I do about Food Supplies?
We usually leave some basics in the cupboards like salt, pepper, coffee, tea, local oil, flour yeast sugar spices etc. You are welcome to use them as we understand it is not convenient to buy everything you need to cook with and leave it there or take it with you when you depart.

It is best to stock up with food and alcohol in Kuta, Seminyak or on Sunset Road at one of the big supermarkets near Denpasar Airport. Yani will take you there. Thankfully Medewi / Yehsumbul is not a well-developed tourist area like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur, Ubud etc. There is still the rice paddy style fishing village culture here reminiscent of old Bali before the tourists brought their culture to the Island and turned it into crazy town.
Try to book an early flight into Denpasar so Yani can take you shopping at one of the bigger supermarkets in the Kuta area which has a significantly better choice and quality of food than Medewi / Yehsumbul where most western specialist foods are nearly impossible to obtain. The staple diet in Medewi / Yehsumbul is rice, fish and chicken. The local meat is not only of poor quality but is also hard to find. The major supermarkets near Denpasar Airport close around 9 pm so catch an early flight. Remember it is cheap to eat out in Medewi and Yani will show you our favourite places to eat where the average cost per person for dinner will be around 50,000 Rp or $5 AUD (excluding Bintang).
The closest near western style supermarket to Medewi / Yehsumbul is a 30 minute drive away in the town of Negara. The Negara supermarket it is no-where near as well stocked in Western foods as the Supermarkets in Kuta / Seminyak. Yehsumbul and Medewi have roadside stalls with basic vegetables that go saggy in the sun by mid-day so get there early.

Local Fish:
There is a local fishing village nearby where you can purchase the catch of the day. You can ride the scooter along the beach front to fishing village which is near the river mouth at Medewi Point. You need to get to the fishing village between 10 am and 12 pm before the catch of the day is taken off to market.
When the swell is too big the fisherman do not go out so it is best to stock up and put some fish in the freezer. Yani is available to go down to the fishing village and purchase you some fish. $10 AUD (100,000Rp) will get you around 2 to 3kg and if you can speak Indo or are good at sign language or charades you can get the local lady to fillet the fish for you.

Bring 1.25 litres per adult with you of your favourite spirits (buy in the country of departure). Alcohol other than Bintang Beer is extremely expensive in Bali and outside of the tourist areas is not readily available. You can pick up wine, foreign beer and spirits at the Kuta supermarkets but in Medewi / Yehsumbul you will only be able to purchase Bintang Beer. A 2 litre cask of red wine in Negara will cost you $33 AUD !!!!!!!! A three litre cask of drinkable red wine is $47 AUD or 407,000 Rp, a 750 ml bottle of Johnny Walker is about $100 AUD. Enjoy!!!! Yani will drive you to Negara if you need to buy alcohol other than Bintang beer.

Should I drink the TAP WATER? NO
Definitely NO NO NO. Never drink tap water anywhere in Bali or Indonesia. There are over 250 million people in Indo and water pollution is a biggie. There will be a large plastic bottle “AQUA” water on the kitchen bench. We provide one bottle per apartment per week. That is for drinking. The tap water is filtered bore water and is drawn from a water table that can sometimes be smelly. When you run out of drinking water (Aqua: do not buy any other brand) call Yani and he will get you some more.

Can you arrange the odd day trip while we are there?
YES: Ask Yani to either take you himself or arrange the local transport guys to take you to:
The Hindu temple, the local waterfall,
The Sunday Buffalo Races in Negara (seasonal)
Daytrips (Car Hire Rp 250,000 you pay fuel, Yani day away fee Rp150,000)
Menjangan Island Coral snorkelling,
Lovena Dolphin spotting, plus Hot Springs and Water Park
Bedugul Golf Resort ($100 per player ouch) and Monkey’s in the nearby Forest.
Ubud and the Monkey Forest. Tourist Central!!!! Best of luck.
Do not try and navigate the trip yourself or you will surely get lost. G Maps and a Telecomsel sim card with a data pac is a winner.

Is the surf reliable?
Yes: Medewi Point Middles / Palm Point, the Right Hander or Sumbul Beach will not let you down.
Medewi Point is a (up to 200 to 300 metre ride) left point break that breaks best in the 2 hour time period leading up to the high tide. At low tide the round rocks appear and can be a hazard. The tides work in 2 weekly cycles so a week where the tides are high in the morning is usually a good week when there is swell. During the April to November period the swell and wave direction is pretty reliable. The waves usually blow out after 12 pm so the morning surf is the best option unless you don’t mind lumpy waves in the afternoon. All in all you are likely to get a good wave at the point on a high tide in the morning week.
In the week when the high tides are in the afternoon the on shore or across shore wind usually gets to the waves and surfing conditions can be average. In these weeks you can usually find a mid- tide wave out front at the right-hander or at Sumbul Beach. These waves can be great and they are within 300 metre walking distance from Medewi Manor. Sumbul Beach is a good place to learn the basics of surfing.
Our tip is to try and book a week when the high tide is in the morning from 7am to 11 am. “Bali Tides” have print out tide charts.

What sort of waves can I expect?
These waves are not dangerous or tubing rides. There are no barrels or coral reefs here. The wave forms surprisingly slowly and then crumbles from the top picking up into a faster section from midway on. Basically it is cutback, cutback then go for it. This wave is perfect for the older guys (like me). If you are a goofy footer Medewi is heaven on Earth.
In my view if you are not super fit hot arse surfer the best board to have is one that is not too short (between 7 and 8 foot) with a bit of foam in it because the waves are fat and do not break as quickly as you expect. You need a bit of paddling speed to get on them early. Don't forget your booties as walking on the rocks can cut your feet. Remember to paddle down to the fishing village at the end of the rock wall before attempting to get out of the surf or you are in for the barnacle rock hop. The best place to paddle out is between 2 rocks at the far corner boundary of Medewi Beach Cottages, just watch and copy the locals.

How do I know if the surf is happening?
I have placed Binoculars in the apartment for you to check out the surf.
Are there any surfboards available to hire? Yes
There are many boards for hire at Medewi Point and I have a rack of approximately 8 surfboards ranging from 9 foot to 6 foot 6 and 3 boogie boards flippers etc. I have 3 favourite boards that are not available if you damage a board you need to tell Yani to get the local guy to fix it (should be no more than $50AUD or 500,000Rp).

Can I hire a scooter in Medewi?
We have 3 guest scooters allocated at one per apartment if you need more ask Yani there are other scooters available for hire in the area for $5AUD per day. Leave the keys in the scooter as they are used on a just grab one and ride off basis. If you want to be assured of a scooter hire one and keep the keys. Ride at your own risk. Indonesian traffic is hectic, random and unpredictable and can take some getting used to. Be careful. Try not be one of the many tourists who fly home in a body bag. No hooning. If you have minimal or no motor bike experience Bali / Medewi Manor is not the place to learn.

Be very careful and make sure your rear vision mirrors well-adjusted to enable you to keep a good look out of what is coming up behind you. Getting cleaned up from behind or hit by an overtaking car is the main cause of serious bike accidents.
It is a short straight ride along the main road to the Medewi Beach turn off. Be very careful when you turn right at the Medewi Beach sign and enter the road to the beach check behind and make sure you indicate clearly you before turning. For extra good measure I turn on my blinkers and stick my hand out. If you are not a good scooter rider the safer option is to avoid the traffic and ride down the beachfront concrete track to Medewi Point then park at the fishing village and paddle out from there. When on the highway always wear a helmet.

Do I need a Motor Scooter or Driver’s License?
Make sure that you obtain an International Driver’s License before leaving your country of origin. Most travel insurance policies have a condition that if you are not licensed to ride a motor bike in your own country and you do not have an international driving permit you are not covered. Always wear a helmet if you are driving on the main road or Police will pull you over. Police often pull up cars and bikes and do registration and license checks. You do not want to be in a position of offering a policeman $10AUD 100,000 RP to let you go and forget about your indiscretion as there is always a possibility the Police officer may be one of the few who do not accept the concept of paying your fine immediately to make your problem go away. It is best just to do the right thing by the laws of the country and carry your home country motor bike / vehicle license and a current International Driver’s License under the bike seat ready to produce if you are called upon to do so.

Privacy and Other Guests,
The Pool View Apartment is the downstairs unit in the original building which is appriximately 30 metres from the new building which currently has 2 one bedroom apartments open. My wife Sri and I are sometimes in residence in our Old Building upstairs apartment. We do not make our upstairs apartment available for guests. So all in all there are three apartments available for guests. My wife and I are usually at Medewi Manor during May and then from mid-September to mid-October and then from mid-December until early February.
If you are looking for some Australian legal advice while you are here at a time I am here, no problem. I am a 67 year old Australian barrister who loves to surf and assist my wife running the Medewi Manor business. While I am at Medewi Manor I am happy to give you the full local orientation work over. You tend to see me getting geared up to go surfing if the surf is good but after that I usually disappear upstairs into my office and work for the rest of the day. Yani is available to assist you 24 / 7. I realise people need their privacy and the 3 apartemnts are well separated from each other.

What local sites are there to see?
Mengagan Island Coral Snorkelling
Hindu temple
Local Waterfall
Buffalo races (seasonal)
The drive through tree
Day trip to Lovena, waterpark, the hot springs, Bedgul Golf Resort (E$120 for 18 holes)
If you are game you can try Badminton with the locals (they will whip you).
Cruising at Gede Warong on Medewi Point eating drinking Bintang and chatting with the surfers and locals.

Can Day trips be arranged? Yes:
Our local transport guys or Yani can take you anywhere you want to go. We like to provide employment to locals in our community.

What are the locals like?
The Medewi / Yehsumbul area is a conservative Muslim area with a small pockets of Hindu’s. There are no nightclubs here. Surfers drink Bintang beer in the local Warongs. The Muslims and Hindus here are basically friendly, conservative family orientated and do not appreciate drunkenness, drinking alcohol to excess, girls wearing only a bikinni. Everyone in the Medewi / Yehsumbul area is married and there are no available girls or girlie bars like there are in the well-known tourist areas of Bali.
Locals love to sell you T– Shirts and take pics of you while you are surfing please buy a tee shirt and photos of yourself surfing, you will be supporting our local community.

Yani can arrange an in house massage with one of the best massage girls in our area. She works out in the gym to ensure she has the strength to go as hard as you can take. Cost 110,000Rp per hour and she is very good.

There are massage tents at Medewi Point that work at the same rate.
What are the Local Restaurants Like and where would you recommend if I want to eat out?

The local restaurants are basic and cheap. Remember this is not a tourist area of Bali and thankfully it is nothing like the tourist madness of Senur, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and Ubud. In Bali the small eating houses are called Warong’s. Yani can show you where my favourite places to eat are such as:

Nal's Kitchen (they do deliveries Yani will give you their phone number and menu)

Brown Sugar Surf Camp: Next door neighbours between Medewi Manor and the Beach a short walk down a rice paddy wall. Medewi Manor is situated right behind the Brown Sugar Surf camp and is a short walk out of Medewi Manor’s back gate and along a rice paddy wall. It is frequented mostly by Germans and is designed to serve the in house guests of Brown Sugar but they will cater for Medewi Manor Guests. This is the closest Restaurant to Medewi Manor. The food is good and fair value for money. If you can speak German you are going to feel right at home here. Say hello to Argus for me.

Warong Bagus: (my favourite) situated in Pulocan an eight minute drive from Medewi Manor.

Gede Warong: Situated at Medewi Point overlooking the surf. They serve basic Indonesian rice based foods and near western style burgers. Fruit juices are great or enjoy a Bintang while watching the surfers or a sunset at the Point. Meet the tourists and locals as Gede Warong and thereabouts is the social hub of Medewi.

Mai Malu: Located at the top of the road that joins the highway to Medewi Point Surf Break. This is the most Westernised eatery in town and the bill always seems to be higher than you anticipated. They charge VAT (GST). The food is ok but nothing exceptional. They do a good budget Indo Australian and American breakfast deal.
Other warongs on the road to Medewi Point.

Puri Dajuma: This is a French Beachfront Resort approximately 15 minutes’ drive from Medewi Manor and is the most expensive way to eat in Medewi. The food is not that great for the price the setting is upscale resort and I hardly ever eat there. One feature is that it does have a comprehensive bar and you can order expensive alcohol beverages of your choice.

How to use the Pizza Oven? Simple = Call Yani: (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN).
Medewi Manor has a poolside and a 3rd floor skylounge traditional Italian Pizza Oven fully insulated in rammed earth and another one situated outside the door of the Pool View Apartment. The design of the oven has been copied from the traditional ovens uncovered by archaeologists in Pompey after the eruption of Mt Vesuvius which preserved them for later generations to copy and enjoy. For a small fee $10 AUD Yani will find the wood and light the oven up for you as well as (if the weather is good) set up the skylounge projector and put on some big screen surf movies.

From your home country or from the Supermarkets near the airport (Kuta / Seminyak) you need to stock up on: Salami, Ham, anchovies, mozzarella cheese, tomato paste, fresh yeast, capsicum, onions, pineapple, olives and olive oil and anything else you like on your Pizza. You can buy capsicums onions and pineapple locally. Ask Yani to buy you some.
You can bring these items into the country (as I do). Indo is not like Australia where they ban all food items. Just stack the items in a freezer bag ($2.50 from Aldi) and declare them at the airport. The flour is easily accessible in our local area and is good enough to make great Pizza dough but if you are a Pizza fanatic (as I am) bring your own 001 Pizza dough flour. When you buy the flour at the local store (Tepung) choose the whiter flour in the packet with pictures of cakes and biscuits. OR
Go shopping on the way to Medewi at the Bintang Supermarket in Seminyak. Everything is there.

Pizza Dough Recipe:
-1 kg flour (8 cups)
- 650 gms water (3.4cups)
-10 gms Dry Yeast (1 teaspoon)
-20 gms salt (4 teaspoons)

Mix dry material together then add the water and knead for 5 minutes. Cover with tea towel Leave for 2 hours then knead again. Split into 4 balls and cover with tea towel and let it rise again.

Make sure you put plenty of flour underneath your dough to stop it sticking to the granite bench top and the stainless steele pizza shovels. If you do not the Pizza will not slide off the stainless steel pizza shovel when you try and put it in the oven. When you try to get your ready to cook pizza on the floured up shovel start from one side to free up that side then scoop it up from the other side.

Easy Pizza sauce: Buy a large tin of Italian tomatoes blend them up and add garlic powder, Italian spice mix, Olive oil, fried onion or garlic salt pepper and sugar to your taste. Boil off the excess water.

Best of luck making your pizza. If your pizza gets stuck on the granite /marble counter and you cannot scoop it on your pizza shovel get Yani to assist. Yani will cook the pizza for you. He is now a veteran of many Pizza nights.

Pizza Time!!!!!!!!!!!!
75k from AP. Ground FL Apartment is 1 of Medewi Manor's 3 x private apartments. 12x 6 m swim pool right outside your door. Marble floors, 1 BR, 2 x Air / Cons, living/dining room, Quality self-inflating soft top double mattress in living room avail for kids or 2 more guests. Incl: 49" TV, vid library, HiFi, Xbox360 + games, office desk, wi fi, Full kitchen, Fully marbled bathroom w Roman bath, Private Woodfire Pizza… soma zaidi

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Mendoyo, Bali, Indonesia

Medewi Manor is located in the middle of a rice paddy area 60 metres away from the beach over looking Medewi Point which is 800 meters or so walk down the beach. We have a Car (Yani will drive you) and 3 x Scooters with surfboard racks to get you to the wave at Medewi Point or Sumbul Beach.

The village of Yehsumbul is a quiet Muslim Village located approximately 600 meters behind Medewi Manor in the hinterland.
Medewi Manor is located in the middle of a rice paddy area 60 metres away from the beach over looking Medewi Point which is 800 meters or so walk down the beach. We have a Car (Yani will drive you) and 3 x Scoo…

Mwenyeji ni Paul And Sri

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Welcome to Nadya's place. Yani, Nadya, Paul and Sri and are your hosts. Yani is the manager and owner of the business and is your day to day legend. Paul is a surfboard riding Barrister from Australia and is responsible for web communications. Sri, his wife is a graduate from Malang University in Communications and Human Resources and does the local admin. Nadya, Sri's daughter is a Chemical Engineer. Medewi Manor is a a small boutique villa overlooking the ocean near one of the best and most forgiving left point breaks in the world. There is also an excellent right hander. This is a surfers dream and a great place to stay. There are 3 self contained apartments available for guests. Yani is your go to man and Nadya Sri and Paul lend a hand when they are there.
Welcome to Nadya's place. Yani, Nadya, Paul and Sri and are your hosts. Yani is the manager and owner of the business and is your day to day legend. Paul is a surfboard riding Barr…
Wakati wa ukaaji wako
Sri and Paul are your hosts. Paul assists his wife Sri in running the business by managing the Airbnb listing. Sri owns the business and Yani manages the business when Sri and Paul are in Australia. Yani is one phone call away. He will fix any problem you may be having and introduce you to the Medewi way of life. You will find Yani is a great guy and essential to your stay.
Sri and Paul are your hosts. Paul assists his wife Sri in running the business by managing the Airbnb listing. Sri owns the business and Yani manages the business when Sri and Paul…
Paul And Sri ni Mwenyeji Bingwa
Wenyeji Bingwa wana tajriba, wakaribishaji wageni walio na viwango vya juu na waliojitolea kutoa ukaaji bora kwa wageni.
  • Lugha: English, Bahasa Indonesia
  • Kiwango cha kutoa majibu: 100%
  • Muda wa kujibu: katika kipindi cha saa moja
Ili kulinda malipo yako, kamwe usitume fedha wala kuwasiliana nje ya tovuti au programu ya Airbnb.

Mambo ya kujua

Sheria za nyumba
Kuingia: Baada 14:00
Kutoka: 11:00
Uvutaji sigara hauruhusiwi
Wanyama vipenzi hawaruhusiwi
Sehemu za kukaa za muda mrefu (siku 28 au zaidi) zinaruhusiwa
Afya na usalama
Zimejizatiti kufuata mchakato wa Airbnb wa kufanya usafi wa kina. Pata maelezo zaidi
Miongozo ya Airbnb ya kuepuka mikusanyiko na mingine inayohusu COVID-19 inatumika
Maelezo kuhusu king'ora cha kaboni monoksidi hayajatolewa Jifunze zaidi
Maelezo kuhusu king'ora cha moshi hayajatolewa Jifunze zaidi
Sera ya kughairi