Udupi Estate stay: Heritage House Lakshani

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Kila nafasi iliyowekwa inajumuisha ulinzi wa bila malipo dhidi ya ughairi wa Mwenyeji, taarifa zisizo sahihi kwenye tangazo na matatizo mengine kama vile matatizo ya kuingia.
Baadhi ya taarifa zimetafsiriwa kiotomati.
Amidst the BEAUTY OF NATURE lies Lakshani, a place swirling with the cool breeze of the RURAL SETUP and a sight of nature at it's very best. This place is the ideal getaway for you and your family from the buzzy life to a WORLD OF COMFORT AND GREENERY. You can enjoy from dawn to dusk with ease while being pampered at the same time with various deluxe facilities of the cottage. Our host at the stay, MR. JAGDISH HEGDE, is one of the FINEST HOSTS.

THREE REASONS why the place is A MUST VISIT:

01. This homestay is located close to KARKALA in UDUPI district and is surrounded by GREENERY. The stay has UMPTEEN SPECIES of FLORA. One is amazed at the VARITIES OF FLOWERS at the stay. If you are a CONNOISSEUR of ANCIENT ARCHITECT & ART then this place will definitely quench your satisfaction.

02. The stay is a wonderful symbol of TRADITION & ANTIQUITY. Every bit of the house has been decorated with antiques and EXQUISITE PIECES OF ART and furniture - ike the STONE SCULPTURES from the north, various STATUES from the south and many more PREHISTORIC COLLECTIONS from abroad. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, away from your busy work schedule then this homestay is perfect for it since you can be nourished by taking a GOOD MASSAGE(On prior request) or a hot water bath in OPEN BATHROOM.

03. Our host, MR. JAGDISH HEGDE is reviewed and rated as one of the BEST HOSTS. Guests have loved his company, cherish their moments and conversations with him and leave the stay with a treasure chest full of SATISFACTION & CONTENTMENT.

REASON to have a look at prior to booking your stay:

01. The stay is AWAY FROM THE CITY; hence it would be advisable to have a PRIVATE MEANS OF TRANSPORT. Travellers can choose a CAB service provider as well.

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20 Jul 2022 - 27 Jul 2022

4.87 out of 5 stars from 31 reviews

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Udupi, Karnataka, India

The stay is situated in the rural district of KARKALA. Some of the places worth visiting are as follows.

Sri Venkatrammana Temple is one of the most venerated temples in Karkala. It is a small Tirupathi of the area. hence, it is also known by the name PADUTHIRUPATHI. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shri Srinivas. People from all over the south region come to this temple to seek the blessings of God. There is a GRAND PROCESSION carried out every year in the honour of temple god. It is attended in huge number by the masses. The god is carried out in Golden Mandap.

St. Lawerence is the church where the famous St. LAWRENCE FESTIVAL is celebrated every ear. The calm and serenity of this church are overwhelming. The church is built amidst the green forest. The architecture of this place is unique and the towers can be seen from distant. There is also a POND there which is believed to have some MIRACULOUS POWERS. People from all the religions come to seek blessings from God. The church has a wonderful architecture and is very well maintained.

Gomateshwara or the STATUE OF BAHUBALI is a humongous structure of Lord Gomateshwara located on the outskirt of the city. There is no way you can miss this major attraction of Jain temple. It is the SECOND LARGEST STRUCTURE of its kind. The architectural wonder is a remarkable souvenir of the rich past of this place. The statue was created to commemorate Prince Bahubali who spent 12 years meditating while denouncing all the worldly pleasures. Every 12 years, an auspicious occasion of MAHA MASTHAKABHISHEKA is held in which the statute is bathed with saffron paste, milk, and water.

Chaturmukha Basadi is an ancient JAIN TEMPLE and there are FOUR ENTRANCES to this temple. One can see the GOMATESHWARA statue from ALL FOUR DOORS. Such is the architecture of the temple. Sitting on the top of Rocky hill, the Gomateshwara statue overlooks the temple. The temple is constructed in a square shape and the Vastu-Shastra of the temple is amazing and inspirational. The 16th-century temple is known for its four symmetrical places called THIRTHANKARS. The place is peaceful and one can sit here for hours to relax and attain some mental peace. Since it is located on the top of hill, it gets windy up there. Bu this place is definitely a visit if you visit the Gomateshwara statue.

Moodabidri is a huge JAIN TEMPLE built in a form of a fortress. The temple is also known as THOUSAND PILLAR TEMPLE due to its structure. Modabidri is a town in Dakshin Kannada district where the temple is located. The shrine holds an important place for Jain people. Because of excessive use of bamboo in ancient days, it has got its name as Moodabidri. One should not miss this place if one is interested in history, art and architecture. The priest will welcome you in the temple and accept your offerings.

The stay is also pretty close to UDUPI. UDUPI also called Odipu in Tulu is a city in Karnataka, notably known for the Krishna Temple. It is also known ‘TEMPLE CITY’. The city being along the COASTAL BELT, experiences pleasant weather throughout the year with the temperatures soaring slightly high during the summers. The city witnesses HEAVY SHOWERS for 5 months throughout the year; resulting in lush greenery in many parts of the city. Travelers can choose to visit places in and around Udupi. Some of the places are as follows.

Guests who wish to look around can visit the TOWN of UDUPI, a town filled with TEMPLES and delicious SAVOURY OUTLETS. The Udupi Sri Krishna Temple is a highly frequented place by travelers.

Guests can also choose to visit Malpe; Malpe is a tiny town located by Udupi known for its ROADSIDE FOOD STALLS serving seafood. Malpe also boasts of a recently developed SEAWALK which extends to about a KILOMETRE into the sea.

At a distance of 15 Kms from Udupi Railway Station, 65 Kms from Mangalore & 100 Kms from Murudeshwar, St. Mary's Island is a GROUP OF SMALL BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS to the north of Malpe Beach near Udupi. The island has two beautiful beaches and crystallized BASALT ROCK FORMATIONS. The unique rock formations scattered through out the island giving a special landscape to the place. The rock formations are one of rarely found in the world. EASTERN BEACH boasts of VIRGIN SANDS, WESTERN BEACH is entirely made of SEA SHELLS. This unspoiled island is a very beautiful place with white sands, coconut trees, blue waters & pleasant atmosphere. St. Mary's Island can be reached by 30 MINUTE BOAT RIDE from Malpe Beach which is about 10 Kms from Udupi.

A few kilometeres away from Udupi is MANIPAL, known for the famous educational
institutions and also for the NIGHTLIFE. One also has a wide range of eateries available here from roadside stalls to BARISTAS and SUBWAYS.

05. KAUP
Kaup is known for three MARIGUDI TEMPLES and a LIGHTHOUSE attracting a large crowd of pilgrims and tourists. It is also known for a FORT built by TIPU SULTAN. At a distance of 16 Kms from Udupi Railway Station, Kaup Beach is a beautiful beach situated close to NH17 between Udupi & Mangalore. The light house situated on a hillock at the northern end of the beach is a beautiful sight to watch.

At a distance of 3 Kms from Udupi Railway Station, Udupi Sri Krishna Temple is one of the FAMOUS PILGRIMAGE CENTRES in South India. The Krishna temple was founded by the Vaishnavite saint Shri Madhvacharya in the 13th century. This temple has a fascinating IDOL OF LORD KRISHNA that is richly adorned with jewels & a famous golden chariot. The unique feature of this temple is that the Lord is WORSHIPPED only through a WINDOW WITH NINE HOLES called the NAVAGRAHA KITIKI. The daily sevas and administration of the Mutt are managed by the Ashta Mathas.

At a distance of 25 Kms from Udupi, 86 Kms from Mangalore & 70 Kms from Murudeswar, ANEGUDDE VINAYAKA TEMPLE is located in Kumbhashi between Udupi & karwar (about 9 Kms from Kundapur). The main sanctum sanctorum contains the majestic figure of VINAYAKA WITH SILVER ARMOUR, in standing posture. Tulabharam, a custom of offering to God valuables in weight equivalent of a person is frequently done in this temple by devotees.

At a distance of 48 Kms from Murudeshwar & 52 Kms from Udupi, Maravanthe is the place separated by Arabian Sea on one side and Souparnika River on the other. The Maravanthe Beach is a beautiful sight on the NH17 towards Udupi. With a mountainous BACKDROP OF KODACHADRI HILLS this is a picturesque virgin beach not unspoiled by tourists. The beach is also WELL LIT up at NIGHT and the street lights reflect in the waters, making an attractive display. The water at Maravanthe beach is safe for swimming.

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Msafiri mwenye msimu mzuri ambaye anapenda kuona vitu vipya, tamaduni za ajabu na kukutana na watu wapya!

Ninapenda kukaribisha wageni na kuungana na watu kutoka kote…

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Even though I shall be not available in person at all times, as mentioned, we have an EXCELLENT HOST & a LOVELY CARETAKER who assist our guests with all their needs. Moreover, in case of issues we are always available ON PHONE.
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