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Mount Mahabharat Homestay Dhungkharka

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This unique mountains farm homestay in beautiful small village with panaromic view of the Himalayan range, 45 km fr Kathmandu. We offer pure vegetarian organic farm grown food. Crystal clean mountain drinking water, buffalo milk, honey. Free wi-fi.

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Dhungkharka , Central Region, Nepal

Mwenyeji ni Nepal

Alijiunga tangu Machi 2016
  • Tathmini 6
Namaste, I’m Kamal. I’m 27 years old and I live with my vegetarian family of 7 in a beautiful village near the highest peak of the Mahabharat range in the South Asian country Nepal. I work at my Mt. Mahabharat Home Stay with Volunteers, Herbs and Eco-organic Farm. Adhering to the famous proverb ‘Return to nature’, I’m on a mission to make myself and others healthy through chemical free produce. I’m at peace in my peaceful environment, and want to share this sense of peacefulness with others. I reside at an extremely beautiful place from where much geographical diversity can be seen. I’d like to welcome people of the world to come and enjoy this together. I don’t consume or use any violence related products because I believe that would be doing injustice or promoting injustice towards other life forms. I’m bounded by a belief, with a stirring law, which I’ll always follow and in some ways has restricted me as well. Avoiding distortions like smoking, alcoholism, non-vegetarianism and prostitution has liberating my life from problems and provided a sense of infinite peace through teaching of meditation, yoga and reflection. I experienced radical change in my thoughts when my faith taught me the meaning of sacrifice. Being content is greater than adding to desires. As a farmer I believe that it is essential what I produce should be beneficial to human health. So, being chemical free is vitally important. Stricken by poverty my forefathers couldn’t afford chemicals. I am seeing the benefits of our past misfortunes now. Today, chemical induced produces have given rise to various diseases. Victims of the illness are then compelled to ingest further chemicals in the form of medicines. Nature has given us hundreds of herbs to fight against diseases, and as a child who grew up with those herbs, I’m saying to the world that threats can never be friendly to mankind and environment but natural things will always be. Nature taught many things and inspired me to share them with the world. I’ve seen benefits of natural growth. If all nations of the world produced pollutions then the people of the world would have to pay for the air to breathe, fertile lands would turn into desserts, mountains would be snowless or human existence would be in crisis. Therefore, to avoid any possible threats to the world it is necessary that the most conscious social life-form, humans, should become mankind and environment friendly and protect the greenery. In my opinion, world’s greatest hero is that whose speech and character has uniformity and who inspires its population to become nature friendly. However, I wouldn’t want to discuss too much about my subject. It’s for the society to decide through my actions. At last, I expect creative comments and feedbacks from my website visitors, which will provide meaning to my personal aim as well as the proverb ‘Return to Nature’. pls visit my web site (Website hidden by Airbnb) Thank you !!!
Namaste, I’m Kamal. I’m 27 years old and I live with my vegetarian family of 7 in a beautiful village near the highest peak of the Mahabharat range in the South Asian country Nepal…
  • Lugha: English
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