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Our small, renovated(2013) ancient stone house offers you a peaceful vacation. Enjoy the clear sea, local food choices and serene nights; remember the sky and sea blues to recall them in winter! We'd like to spend a nice evening in the garden with you, chat over a drink, listen to crickets or music and exchange wise and funny thoughts. Or, we will leave you in peace if you wish. Kaprije equals mostly peace and quiet, but sometimes nearby electronic music events are available for aficionados.

The house is situated on the slope of the hill, in the middle of 400 year old settlement (now partly uninhabited) which was built as a refuge from Ottoman Turks. It is open spaced; the ground floor kitchen, the first floor bunk bed and adjacent bathroom, and the second floor master bedroom with a smart TV and a balcony are connected with open wooden staircases. The housie is small, each floor is 9 square meters but hopefully we managed to make a nice nest for two to four guests. The feature that we cherish the most is peace and quiet for most of the time except for a couple of local fiestas. The nearby gazebo (I swear I will measure that some day, scientifically, but my wild guess is 50 meters) offers shade, afternoon breeze, barbecue, vegetables and running water. It's a good place for the sunniest hours of the day when the beach should be avoided. Or maybe you shall embrace the idea of AC in the house. I strive to keep the house hypoallergenic, so - no pets, for which I am a bit sorry, too.

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Kaprije, Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia

Our house is situated in a cluster of several centuries old, partly even ruined stone houses that are not inhabited. This part of a village was built in 1500's as a refuge from Ottoman Turks, that is why the settlement was built on the slope rather than by the seacoast. The surroundings are suitable for short walks, bug-spotting for entomologists and other crawler-spotting for anyone who is fond of flora and fauna of the Mediterranean. There are several restaurants on the island offering local fish, and a restaurant-pizzeria with a woodfire oven. There is a grocery store in the centre. For more choice get up early to catch the 6.00 am catamaran to Šibenik, check out the market which is 150 m from the port, and if you're done before 9.00 am you can get back to the island. Once a week I can do a grocery shopping in Šibenik for you and send/bring the goodies to the island.
In the south part of Kaprije bay there is a shallow gravelly beach for toddlers, complete with beach bar.
On the other side of the island, the one facing the mainland, there is a beach with wide stone slabs. The urchins love that place too, so wear some swimming footwear. You can actually dip in anywhere along the coast except on the main pier with the moorings.
Kaprije is a quiet place but it never bores me. The warm morning breeze, the sunrays glittering on the blues and greens of the sea, some swimming and horizon-gazing, and the inner chipchat fades a little, breathing becomes deeper and slower and time passes by differently, gently.
If you choose to explore the mainland, you might want to visit the Raptor Rescue Centre or Krka river National park. Some of our guests even ventured to Zadar, Split and Plitvice lakes. There is a variety of musical, cultural and sportive manifestations in Šibenik region throughout the summer, and you might catch a party or 2.

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I am striving to become a practitioner of EFT tapping. My previous important occupations were: health food shop salesperson and manager in 90s and translator from 2000 until present. Our family lived in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for 20 years, but 12 years ago we moved to Dalmatia, my husband's homeland. We cherish the climate, the local food, the spirit of this region. My objective is to show people that it is possible to have a nice holiday without going bankrupt and that it is possible to have a nice time without frequenting nightclubs. Although I am not native Dalmatian, I am talkative as one, but am also willing to listen. I always seek a trace of nature in our environment and I try to adjust my life and the life of my family as to harm the nature as little as possible. However, this doesn't mean you cannot eat a steak or smoke in my presence. As a host I would like to enable you a smooth&pleasant stay.
I am striving to become a practitioner of EFT tapping. My previous important occupations were: health food shop salesperson and manager in 90s and translator from 2000 until presen…

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We would like to show you around, to help with the groceries and generally be at hand. However, if you so desire, we'll leave you in peace. In any case you can count at least on one member of the family to stay on the island or come from the shore at your phonecall.
We will not stay in the same house but will stay on the island for most of the time.
We would like to show you around, to help with the groceries and generally be at hand. However, if you so desire, we'll leave you in peace. In any case you can count at least on on…

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