San Diego Coastal from Hilltop in Rancho Santa Fe

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Artistically designed, contemporary hilltop home, dramatic horizons of Pacific Ocean, San Elijo Lagoon, its fabulous bird sanctuary, gorgeous canyons all around, smack in the midst of bustling metropolis. Beautiful sun and moon rises, breathtaking sunsets, starry nights...!
Three rolling acres with grown trees, daylong ocean breezes from the coast, a walker's paradise trail around lagoon & the bird sanctuary to the Pacific. Yet only minutes to shopping, great dining & famous San Diego beaches!

Experience indoor and outdoors of this serene acreage at a hilltop among panoramic views with Pacific Ocean on the horizon. Situated in a beautiful setting of hills, canyons, famous San Elijo Lagoon and peaceful living of Rancho Santa Fe, within an exclusive gated community.

Watch the beautiful sunrise and full-moon rises in the east from the site… and sometimes an incredible shroud of morning fog covering the canyons below eye-level…

This split-level house was oriented sustainably for natural living with open design elements to take best advantage of outdoors, ample daylight, ocean-breeze and San Diego's year-round temperate climate. Not to mention carefully crafted capture of best surrounding views, including horizon view of Pacific Ocean and its colorful sunsets.

Outdoor acreage with flowering Orchid, Jacaranda & tall Palm trees, ground covers, native shrubbery and winding trails on the acreage. Landscaped areas & fruit groves on property with automatic sprinklers: fruits include Cherimoya, Pomegranate, Jaamun, Guava, Surinam Cherry, Lychee, Grapes, Loquats, Peach, Orange to Jojoba… one healthy & tasteful lifetime experience! You have to actually live here day-to-day to experience this little Paradise-on-Earth! Come here, you'll fall for it!

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Rancho Santa Fe, California, Marekani

You wake up to the sound of chirping birds, enjoy a morning walk on a hilly trail, or through walkways of palm and tropical fruit trees on the property. Or hike by the neighboring San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve coastal wetlands with rare species of flora and fauna, birds, fish, an occasional deer, and a LEED-certified Nature Center … all the way through the trails to the ocean beach over a mile away.

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    Description of Me... if you care to know! • Good conversationalist, specifically on topics of technology, space, psychology, politics, ecology and our future. • Like scientific, medical, adventure, health and philosophical subjects in media, internet and TV shows. • Enjoy meeting people from diversity of backgrounds, listening and debating contrarian points of view, capturing new information and perspectives. • Love living space design, enjoy architecture. Designed own home from ground up using CAD and hand-made models, including land-contours, landscape, sustainability, aesthetic and lifestyle features. • Highly mechanical, and handy in innovative approaches: on function, ease of use, installation and repairability. And applying that skill in constantly inventing new ways of adapting and improving mechanical systems, our lives and habitat. • Creative generalist, with electronics & computer background. Have worked in very innovative environments such as at Bell Labs, Honeywell, Apple and Intel, among others in Silicon Valley and San Diego. Great admirer of creative companies like Apple.. • Entrepreneur, bootstrapped a computer products company in 80's, and participated in several startup situations. • Adaptive: have been in software design, automation, imaging, biotech, instrumentation, automotive & user experience. Detail-centric, with perfectionist tendencies... sometimes go overboard. • Have spent several years in green buildings & sustainability. Strong believer in environment conservation, natural living and home grown food: fruits and vegetable. Have personally planted hundreds of trees on my site. • Visualized, and have well thought out ideas for designing a very low cost, environmentally clean, compact, two-seater city car for crowded cities of the world… some day! • Vegetarian, for moral and health reasons. Respect life: care for animals and other life forms in natural ecological order. • On the spiritual plane, firmly believe in a "Karmic Bank Account", a built-in cause-and-effect based justice system that navigates our destiny. Also believe in permanence of our souls, our true identity, which transcends the present incarnation of our current life-form. This universe and our souls have and will continue to exist for infinite times, cyclically. Also, all living beings have identical souls, only different levels of mind evolution in their current state, but fully capable of migrating to any other form of life in future incarnations! • Live with my wife, and grown children who visit often.
    Description of Me... if you care to know! • Good conversationalist, specifically on topics of technology, space, psychology, politics, ecology and our future. • Like scientific, me…

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