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This newly and fully equiped four stored Rila Mountin House with private yard is next to one of the most beautiful pine forest hill "Rido" in town of Samokov, conveniently located to “Borovetz”, a scenic four-season resort and 60 km from Sofia the capital of Bulgaria.

On the ground level has 1 two-bedroom apartment named "Sitnyakovo" with two bathrooms, big living room with stone fireplace and fully equipped kitchen with private terrace and exit to garden. Sleeps up to 6 persons. We can offer only 2 bedrooms from this apartment to be rented.
On the first floor there are 2 one-bedroom apartments named "Yastrebetz 1 and 2" with own bathrooms, living rooms, kitchenettes and separate terraces with garden and hill view.
On the top flour has 1 one-bedroom apartment named "Markudjik" with own bathroom, living room, kitchenette and wonderful hill and mountain view. You can see the ski slopes of Borovetz Resort from panoramic windows.

Ufikiaji wa mgeni
Price include: hot welcome drinks, high quality English toiletries Duck Island, Wi-Fi internet, enjoying mini-fitness, outside yard with BBQ and area with a table and chairs suitable for outdoor dining. Bed linen change in every fourth day.
At guests disposal is a big tavern, decorated in traditional Bulgarian style with fireplace and fully equipped kitchen with cutlery and cooking devices, providing very good self-catering conditions.
Sauna can be used at an extra charge.

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Samokov, Sofiyska oblast, Bulgaria

The town of Samokov is located in Western Bulgaria, about 60km of the capital. It is one of the “100 Tourist sites in Bulgaria”. The Samokov Hollow lays in-between several mountains – Rila, Vitosha, Verila, Plana and Ihtimanska Sredna Gora. This location results in moderate climate – not very hot summer, and mild long winter. The region is particularly suitable for walks, hikes, and wild berries and mushrooms picking.
Some of the tourist sites in Samokov are:
* The History Museum, * Belyova Church, * Golyamata Cheshma, * The Synagogue, * Sarafskata House, * Alynski and Kovachevski Monasteries

Borovets is the most popular mountain resort in Bulgaria. It not only offers perfect conditions for practicing winter sports with its 24 ski slopes, but also is a preferred destination for the summer season. The resort is a favorite place for nature lovers and it is a starting point for many hiking trails in Rila Mountain. The coniferous forests, herbs and flowers are a great base for a one’s complete recreation and rest. The resort offers many entertainment options as well – markets, bars, restaurants, small taverns and others.

Villages around Borovets
Mala Tsurkva - The village of Mala Tsurkva is located about 10km of Samokov and has an overall population of only 494 people. The village is located in the north downhill of Rila, at about 1200m above sea level. The village is especially picturesque with beautiful nature and is suitable for walks alongside the river. Such walk leads to a place called “Pesako” where the water goes underground and appears again few meters further down the way.
In the village you can also visit the preserved church “St. St. Petar and Pavel”, dating back to the 16th century. What is interesting about the church is that during Ottoman times it has been fully buried under the ground.
There is a Water Festival taking place here in the month of July.

Madjare-The village of Madjare stands about 11km of Samokov. It is famous for its beautiful nature, large pine forests and rocky, steep regions. These characteristics make it especially attractive destination for mountaineering and for extreme winter sports lovers. One of the main tourist sites in the village is the “God Ascension” Church.

Govedartsi-The village of Govedartsi is not only attractive for the ski opportunities that it has, but also is well-visited in the summer season for its great geographical location. It is situated in the forefront part of the National Park, alongside Cherni Iskar River. The village is one of the starting points for hiking tours to Malyovitsa Peak. It is also a good place to start your walk to Vada Hut (it takes about 2 hours on foot), Mechit Hut (about 1 hour), Lovna Hut (it takes 3 hours), Malyovitsa Hut and Mountain School Malyovitsa.
There are also several monasteries and churches in the region that can be visited. You can also reach the Seven Rila Lakes (go in the direction of Vada Hut).

Belchini Bani-Belchini Bani Resort is located about 10km of Samokov and is famous for its healing mineral water. The temperature of the water is about 40o C and are said to have beneficial effects on the locomotor system and on certain skin diseases.
In the center of the village you can find a complex with a swimming pool, mini football and volleyball playgrounds.
Next to Belchin village you can visit unique historical complex Cari MaliGrad - a restored fortress of IV-V in. and the Church of the seventeenth century. Unfortunatly the website is only in Bulgarian:

Beli Iskar-The village of Beli Iskar stands7 km of Samokov and is located in the foot of Musala Peak. Several picturesque hiking trails to the peak have their beginning here. The village is also a starting point for one of the most beautiful eco trails – Beli Iskar. It starts at the end of the village and all the time goes alongside Beli Iskar River. One will need about two and a half hours to go through the whole route. The valley is rich in narrow gorges and riverine landscape, interesting rock formations and pine forests. There are seven bridges along the river. Also you will find picnic areas.

Iskar Dam-Iskar Dam is named after the river of the same name. This is the largest dam in Bulgaria and is located only 15 km of Borovets. It is probably the most popular fishing spot in the region around Sofia. Except good conditions for fishing, the dam also offers possibilities for sailing, kayaking, surfing, jet driving and water skiing. The best time of the year to have fun at the dam is between May and October.

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On request, specialties and typical meals can be prepared for you as well at an extra charge.
Fire wood are paid extra.
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