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Professional Lab Pasta Experience
You will learn how to make many types of homemade pasta in a real laboratory of pasta, reviewed among the "best 10 pastificio in Rome" . We will start with handmade pasta, made with different kind of flours: like ancient grain Triticum Monococcum, Grano Saraceno (buckwheat) and wholemeal flour. We will do thin sheets dough, explanation of safe food cutting procedures, realization of three types of ravioli, tortellini, fettuccine with two tipical italian sauces. The experience includes a delicious tasting of local cheese. We can also accomodate GLUTEN allergy guests for a very tasty fresh pasta and VEGAN guests for pasta without eggs. We will cook all pasta and the sauces made during the class, eating our differents kind of pasta done, sipping good italian wine. An express tiramisu preparation will follow as a dessert. Moreover, to all the participants will be offered complimentary, the exclusive Professional Chef Hat with logo of "Pastificio Faini". In additional to the regular program, everyday of the week a different version will be presented: Monday and Saturday Carbonara sauce; Tuesday-Friday CacioPepe sauce; Wednesday amatriciana, Thursday gnocchi! A membership registration is requested to make the class. (no extra cost is due). Same program available also in our second experience "Five Shapes of pasta in Antica Osteria"
中文在地详尽导览,减低其他语言游览的文化差异! 【休假公告】2022年 12月至2023年 1 月,Domenica 不在羅馬,此期間暫停體驗活動,最快 2023年 2月 10日開始新的體驗活動,謝謝! 若您是第一次拜访罗马,想先熟悉这城市的特色,或是停留在罗马的时间并不长,那麽加入市中心漫步的行列,穿越永恆之城,在喷泉、古蹟和咖啡香之间,寻找旅游书上不会告诉你的小故事吧! 从优雅的「西班牙广场」,奥黛莉赫本在电影《罗马假期》留下倩影的西班牙台阶开始,穿梭街角,一路探索着罗马城的小秘密,向古城区美景漫步前行。循着古罗马水道的踪迹,来到罗马市中心最美的巴洛克喷泉,也是游客必访的「许愿池」,您可在这座气势恢宏的喷泉前投币许愿,聆听藏在喷泉中的符号与传说。 随后穿过意大利的政治中心,以及两千年保留至今的古蹟神庙,一座座方尖碑诉说从古罗马到基督教世界的权力交替。此后安排罗马最知名、仅此一家的「金杯咖啡」,并特别为您点杯浓缩咖啡 espresso, 体验义大利人站着喝咖啡的乐趣!最后,我们将 1800年馀历史、伟大的「万神殿」,这座古罗马最令人惊叹,也是史上最重要的建筑之一,见识它充满传奇故事的身影。 接着,我们来到罗马最美的巴洛克广场「拿渥那广场 」,诉说一幕幕从古代运动场、艺术家的角力场、权势家族的游乐场,到如今最受欢迎的休憩广场的演变,以及隐藏在「四河喷泉」中的秘密,更令人感受跨越历史的世故与风霜。 ** 其他注意事项: - 由于 COVID-19 防疫人数管理,进入万神殿须排队入内,请务必多保留约 15 分钟的弹性时间。 - 进入万神殿如同进入教堂,请避免穿着无袖及过短的裙裤,或是携带披巾和薄外套,便于临时穿戴。 - 我们将如同罗马人,以步行穿梭漫游!游览约为 2~2.5小时,路线长约 2.5 公里,请放鬆心情,尽可能轻装参加,并穿上好走舒适的鞋,走一趟美好的罗马经典之旅。当然也别忘了相机,捕捉这永恆之城的每个角落! - 若您是自组团体,需要私人的导览、时间及特殊行程,请另外留言询问,谢谢! This is Mandarin speaking (Chinese speaking ) Rome walking tour. If you need English speaking walking tour please let me know, thanks!
Family Vineyard
On the terrace of Merumalia Wine Resort, we'll introduce the history of the winery in front of a stunning view of amazing vineyards and Rome. We'll stroll through the vineyards, taking in the colors and textures. Then we'll visit the wine cellar, where we'll learn about winemaking techniques and taste our organic award-winning wines. Our tasting will be paired will local organic cheese and salami. Other things to note Bring your camera to take wonderful photos of the stunning view and wear comfortable shoes for a nice walk in the vineyards.
Let s make some homemade pasta
We will meet in the beautiful Ponte Milvio and then we walk to my home. We start our experience drinking coffee or cappuccino, eating a piece of homemade cake and then we will start our job... I will teach you how to make perfect handmade italian pasta from scratch, classic and colored, using only vegetables. If you are interested I can teach you vegan pasta (no Eggs) also. Then all together we enjoy it for lunch. Me and my mom will show you how to do traditional tomato sauce for the pasta. While we wait cooking pasta we enioy an aperitiv togheter. At the end of our class you will taste three different kind of pasta, ravioli with tomato sauce, butter and sage, and fettuccine any style. After lunch I will offer you Sambuca and Limoncello. Vegetarian are welcome. Before you book let me know if you have any intolerance and if there is something you don't like so I can adjust the menu for you. Other things to note My appartment is located on the 4th floor no elevator During summer time we have air conditioning Let me know if you have dairy restriction Let me know if you need a taxi
The Pasta Factory Class in Rome
Hi, I’m Veronica and together with my team of Chefs I will teach you the secrets of making home made pasta in my Kitchen Studio, located in one of the Historical Pasta Factories of Rome. I am an Italian Chef, cooking has always been my passion and I am looking forward to sharing it with you. We will use a selection of ingredients from local organic producers as I strongly believe in the importance of quality to make simple dishes with great taste. My professional kitchen, with all its facilities, will contribute to make this experience even more memorable. We will cook and enjoy the pasta we prepared during the family meal included in the cooking class. I have selected a range of natural complimentary wines that will accompany our “creations”. The majority of the classes are hosted by me and sometimes Chef Lorenzo or Chef Fernanda will take my place and host your class. They work with me on a regular basis and have many years of experience in the food industry. The Pasta Factory Class has been one of the first Airbnb experiences in Italy and in 2018 it has been the best experience in Rome. (Follow us on our page @thepastafactoryclass) Other things to note: Inform me about any allergies or intolerances. Vegetarians are welcome and let me know if you are a vegan or celiac. If you would prefer a date that is different from the ones published here, please contact me.

Usikose alama-ardhi hizi za eneo husika

Rome at Dusk Walking Tour with Local Guide
This is your chance to experience Rome at it's most magical hour: Twilight. We will explore ancient ruins, marvel at famous monuments and fountains, wander around Italy's most beautiful Piazzas and visit hidden gems most tourists never see. We will begin at Trajan's column, where you will learn about Rome's most infamous emperors and their forums. From here we will walk through Piazza Venezia and then to Galleria Sciarra, one of Rome's best-kept secrets. Next we will visit the Trevi fountain, where you can toss a coin into the most famous Baroque fountain in the world - you might recognise it from a film or two! Next up - the Pantheon. Discover the history of the most important Roman temple, perhaps the most well-preserved ancient building in the world. We'll uncover all the secrets of this masterpeice. Finally, we will take a stroll to Piazza Navona, perhaps the most beautiful Piazza in Rome. Learn the tale of how it was made famous by the two most legendary Baroque artists and their great rivalry. We will end in an area famous for it's restaurants and bars. NOTE: This experience will be hosted by me or one of my trusted co-hosts. Group sizes can reach up to 15 people. bring suitable footwear
Marvels of Rome at night
✧After meeting, ✧We will start by standing in front of the Colosseum (1), which was constructed unfortunately by tens of thousands of Jewish slaves. ✧Then we will walk through Mussolini's grand Via Dei Fori Imperiali and then at Venezia Square (2) will take some photos in front of the Altar of the Fatherland/The Vittoriano (3), which is a monument of great symbolic value. ✧Passing by the Pontifical Gregorian University (4), the first university founded by Jesuits, we will admire the marvelous Trevi Fountain (5) at night; a jewel of water and stone in Rome. ✧After the Pantheon (6), which continues to function as a church, ✧ we will walk through Piazza Navona (7); one of the biggest squares in Rome, leading to our last destination: the French/Spanish Steps(8), famous because of their unique design, elegance, and romantic atmosphere. For the availability of this experience in the daylight, please check: ⭐ 10 wonders of Rome in 3 hrs ⭐ If you are interested in a tour of Jewish Ghetto: T Other things to note: 1. We will walk approx. 4.44 km/3 miles 2. I will provide also Wi-Fi
VIP guided tour Colosseum, ancient Rome
tour full of enthusiasm, activity and excitement, are you ready? * Our offer Includes; - colosseum visit to first tier and second tier - one hour guided tour in English * small groups ( semi private) also available private tours. *** not included; The offer dose not include the price of the tickets Complimentary service; We are pleased to purchase the tickets on line on your behalf. ( we will buy the tickets then you will pay for it in cash in the end of tour ). Tickets cost; - 18 € Adult - Under 18 years complimentary admission ( just inform us with them ages) *** not includes gladiators arena neither underground if you are looking for arena or underground contact us to check the availability before booking. * In This experience Your guide will share stories of ancient emperors and infamous gladiators to life. Imagine being a spectator from high up with the best view of the arena floor. where the show took place and imagine standing in front of the roaring crowds Gladiatorial contests, mock sea battles with life-size ships, daring animal hunts, devastating executions, re-enactments of the most famous battles, and gladiators games * Feel free to roam the site after your tour. * Free tickets to Roman forum and palatine Hill
Vatican Museums & Sistine chapel Tour
For the faithful, lovers of art history and culture in general, a thorough visit to the Vatican City is one of those experiences to do absolutely at least once in a lifetime. In the place that is steeped in history, you will find stunning architectural masterpieces such as St. Peter's Basilica, places of peace such as the Vatican Gardens, splendid works of art such as the Sistine Chapel. Furthermore, visit to Rome is not complete without having explored Vatican City from top to bottom. To tell you about the beauty and importance of this area of Rome we decided to offer you a daily itinerary of the Vatican, departing from the Ottaviano metro station, which is only 100 meters from Museums .  What We Will Do We will open the Vatican City-State in 2.5 hours. We will see the most famous halls, , the Sistine Chapel, the Cathedral and St. Peter's Basilica. This is a privilege group of 10 people in a 2.5-hour tour with no rush. With our private entrance, you'll be ahead of everyone. When the Vatican gets busy even the Skip-the-Line lines back up, but you’re free to enter. No-one else can use this entrance, only us! As there is no wasting time in lines, we’ll see much more. With the extensive Vatican collection, this is necessary. this tour will take 2/5 hours 2 hours in the museum 15 minutes in sistine chapel 15 minutes from 8th of March for Covid 19 reason we can’t Enter St.Basilica Other things to note You should know that Vatican has time tickets and if your are 20 late tickets will expire so please be on 15 minuets before at the meeting point.
Wonders Of Rome Walking Tour
** WONDERS OF ROME. LEGENDS. MYTHS. DICTATORS. EMPERORS. BEST PHOTOS. ** To begin we will meet you at the incredible Trajan's Column next to the famous Piazza Venezia. From here we will discuss the history and legend behind the famous Trajan's Column and help paint a visual picture of the surrounding ancient Roman market places. We will continue to explore Rome's most famous Piazza and discuss the unification of Italy and some of its more recent history. The Tour highlights continue, passing by Rome's smallest church, a church with a hidden painted illusion and stories and scandals of some of Rome's recent politicians. Of course, in addition to all this, you are going to see the main sights and the best in central Rome. Including the Pantheon, The Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, and more. Maximum 15 people per experience.

Maarufu zaidi huko Rome

Vatican Insider Tour-VIP For a Day
You will join small group of maximum 10 participants and head towards Vatican Museums Priority Access Line.After security check we will take you through most important galleries of the Vatican Museums.A place where Cardinals elect new Pope,Sistine Chapel,will be next to visit.You will hear details about the election process called Conclave which ends up with white smoke from the chimney installed in the Chapel. See original "Last Judgement" and try to find Michaelangelo's face in between more than 300 painted characters. Leave the best for the last,St.Peter's Basilica and famous La Pietà statue.Tour ends inside the Tombs of the Popes(when open), venue missed by most of visitors. 2022 ST.PETER'S BASILICA Please note that whenever passage between Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica is open we will use it to get you inside St.Peter's Basilica avoiding general entrance lines This tour is not wheelchair accessible(in this case we suggest you private tour) WEDNESDAY MORNING TOURS: Please note that passege between Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica will remain closed on wednesday morning due to Papal Audiences taking place in St.Peter's square. FRIDAY &SATURDAY NIGHT TOUR OF VATICAN MUSEUMS AND SISTINE CHAPEL: Starting at 7 PM from April 22nd untill October 30th 2022 CORPORATE AND TEAM BUILDING: private tour including EXCLUSIVE AFTER HOURS OPENINGS for group up to 20
Colosseum Arena Floor - Special Access
The Colosseum is one of the seven wonders of the world, and I want to give you a complete understanding of its history as well as the best experience possible when visiting this ancient site. We will walk past all of the long lines in order to enter the special entrance that leads directly onto the arena floor where the gladiators fought for the excited crowds. We will then walk around the stadium where ancient Romans used to cheer on their heroes, gamble and marvel at the exotic animals from all parts of the enormous Roman Empire. I will tell you all about the Colosseum and give you the opportunity to take photographs of your favorite highlights before we begin a short walk toward the Roman Forum. The forum was the heart and soul of the ancient city with temples and political buildings that are still standing today. Next we will wind our way to the Palatine Hill where the emperors lived. Under the umbrella pines, we will explore the palace of the emperors, home of the most powerful people in the ancient world. At the end of this tour, I will be more than willing to answer any questions you might have, as well as give advice on how best to see the city with many helpful tips.
Skip the Line-Colosseum Small Group, Roman Forum & Palatine
Discover the secrets of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and the Roman Forum on this small-group experience of maximum 15 people We are a mix of art historians & archeologists, we all are certified local guides that will take you through this historical journey making this a lifetime experience. We’ll skip the long entrance lines at each attraction Heading into the Colosseum to walk in the footsteps of gladiators, emperors, and plebeians as tales of the brutal games ring in your ears, exploring the amphitheater’s first and second levels, we'll entertain you with tales of gruesome gladiator battles! Than, we'll walk through the ancient streets of the Roman Forum, where you can admire the remains of the Temple of Hadrian and learn more about life in ancient Rome Ending we’ll strolling up the Palatine Hill to see where Rome’s wealthiest inhabitants once lived! It's a walking tour, we highly suggest to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. It can be very hot in summer period, we already offered the best starting time possible, please bring your hat or umbrella and a lot of water! ONLY for private groups, we offer the option to visit the Arena floor of the Colosseum which has to be Requested specifically Before the reservation to check prices and availability Great experience for solo, couples, families, groups or team building events! Not possible to attend wheelchair/stroller
Handmade pasta with grandma
Cook with one of the best chefs ever: obviously our grandma, Nonna Nerina, and the other Nonnas from Palombara! The granmas of our small village will show you how to prepare the perfect handmade pasta—no machines, just your hands, the freshest local ingredients, and love. All of these women started to make pasta in their childhood, keeping alive a tradition that is slowly disappearing. And they are ready to pass it to you! You’ll be part of our crazy big family for a day and join us as we walk the tiny medieval streets of Palombara Sabina to Grandma’s kitchen, located in the old winepress where my great-grandpa used to make wine that the community tapped straight from the barrel (or in Grandma's home... according to the weather). It's a special place for my family and the entire village. We will cook Ravioli, Fettuccine and Farfalle... you will be in a food coma at the end of the experience! Please Note: Nonna Nerina is 86 yo so she could feel tired. In that case there will be Grandma Angela, Auntie Giovanna and all the rest of the family to take care of you!!!
Catacombs The Coolest Underground Tour
Literally the coolest tour in Rome! We go underground where it is 16°C (60°F for us Yankees) a great way to beat the heat With over 300 km of underground tunnels surrounding Rome, even if you go out there alone, they will not let you go down by yourself, only with a guide to assure you don't get lost and become a permanent resident. With 10 years guiding experience under my belt, I will take you off the beaten path and bring ancient Roman society to life, telling the Stories behind the art and architecture. Showing you the masterpieces that you absolutely have to see before you leave Rome. We first go down to the Basilica that was built at the end of the 4th century AD above the tomb of the two martyrs Nereus and Achilleu. Then we will walk down further to the Best Preserved Catacombs of Rome. I will introduce you to the early Christian community of Imperial Rome, and of Catholicism in the city between the 2nd and 9th centuries. Ending near the Appia Antica where you are free to continue your Adventures. Tickets not included please see notes Other things to note Some stairs involved, no wheelchairs access, comfortable shoes are recommended, temperature of the site is 16° C (60.8° F). Tickets are not included they will be purchased on site CASH ONLY (no credit card or bancomat): Adults: 10,00 € Between 6 to 15 years: 7,00 € 0 to 5 years: FREE

Shughuli karibu na vivutio maarufu

Picha ya Borghese Gallery and Museum
Borghese Gallery and MuseumWakazi 683 wanapendekeza
Picha ya Campo de' Fiori
Campo de' FioriWakazi 788 wanapendekeza
Picha ya Spanish Steps
Spanish StepsWakazi 206 wanapendekeza
Picha ya Circus Maximus
Circus MaximusWakazi 34 wanapendekeza
Picha ya Piazza Navona
Piazza NavonaWakazi 8 wanapendekeza
Picha ya St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter's BasilicaWakazi 6 wanapendekeza

Mambo ya kufanya karibu na Monti

Vespa tour with Local
Do you want to spend unforgateble hours in unique city Rome, then this experience is for you. We will do Vespa tour in the seeightsing places of Rome with Vespas which is one of main symbol of Italy. Firstly we will meet in front of Colosseo , i will introduce myself then our experience will start.I will give you a lots of historical information about Colosseo. Secondly we will go to Orange Garden where have big terrace with panaramic view of Rome . You will enjoy from the view. After Orange Garden we will visit to Belvedere del Gianocolo hill where is the topest place of Rome . You can see all city from that point. During our experience we will pass several places as Castel Angelo , Trastevere, Fontana del Aqua too . At every stop, we will able to take as many photos as you wish .
Five shapes of fresh pasta in Antica Osteria
In this newborn experience you will create, all from scratch, your homemade 5 shapes of fresh pasta in a "Antica Osteria" founded in the late 1800s and recently converted into cooking school. You will taste your own pasta, with two different kind of italian fresh sauce, created and explained by the chef, immersed in a magical atmosphere between past and present. You will make the thin dough sheet with the rolling pin professional technique, safe food cutting procedures, realization of ravioli, agnolotti del plin, tortellini cappelletti and fettuccine. The experience includes a delicious tasting of local cheese with fresh prosecco. Tasting our different kind of pasta, sipping good Italian wine, an express tiramisu preparation will follow as a dessert. To all the participants will be offered complimentary, the exclusive Professional Chef Hat with logo of "Pastificio Faini". HACCP Certified for Food Hygiene and Safety in 2020 Creator of the one of the most reviewed experience in Rome, with more than 1700 five star reviews called "Professional Lab Pasta Experience".
An horse riding in the center of Rome
we will meet at ciampacavallo, after a briefing and a short presentation of our activities we will have the first approach to the horses by taking care of them (feeding, giving water and cleaning their space). After that we will be ready to start a riding experience, so that we will take the horse, clean them, put on saddle and bridle and go out on the fields to reach the ancient appian street. We will pass trought the appian park, full of nature and archeological matter. Other things to note: this experience is suitable for beginners! Wear comfortable clothes, long pants, no sandals and no heels because it’s dangerous!
Paint with Wine in Piazza Navona
Meet us at our studio located right next to Piazza Navona in the heart of city centre Rome. Where you will join us and fellow travellers for a night of Wine and Paint! Our studio is the perfect hideaway in the busy streets of Rome for a romantic evening, some fun with friends, or for solo travellers looking to meet new people! We have fantastic wine, traditional Roman pizza and a blank canvas waiting for you to create your very own souvenir to take back home, all under the guidance of our local hosts. If you like, good company and to share new experiences with people from all over the world, come and join us! Also, don't worry about your previous painting experience, we deal in fun art, not fine art! You'll leave us with some new friends, a keepsake from your Roman trip, and a unforgettable way to start your night out in The Eternal City.
Wapenzi/Upigaji Picha Mmoja huko Roma
Tutakutana kwenye anwani, baadaye nitakupeleka kwenye maeneo ya kihistoria ili kufanya picha za kushangaza na kuelezea historia kuhusu majengo. Tukiwa njiani nitakujulisha kuhusu maeneo ya kihistoria yatakayokuvutia. Baada ya kipindi cha saa 24 nitakutumia picha na unahitaji kuzipakua na unijulishe picha 10 kwa majina kwa editf. Nitazipata na kuzihariri saa 24. Uzoefu huu una ziara ya picha ambapo utakuwa na picha za kukumbukwa wakati wa likizo yako huko Roma. Mimi ni mpiga picha mwenye uzoefu wa miaka 2 ambaye anafanya kazi Roma. Ninaujua mji huu wa zamani na wa kihistoria vizuri sana na hunisaidia kuunda picha za kupendeza. Unaweza kupata kwingineko yangu kwenye Instagram - (km: emgarroteam) kwa maelezo zaidi wasiliana nami. Mimi hujaribu kila wakati kusaidia watu kuhusu kupiga picha na kufanya niwezavyo ili kukufanya uhisi utulivu na ujasiri. Sina kikomo kuhusu wingi wa picha wakati wetu wa kipindi cha picha cha saa 1.5. Ninatuma picha zote asili wakati wa mchana na kuhaririwa kwa saa 24. Zaidi ya hayo Ikiwa unataka picha zaidi zilizohaririwa, unapaswa kulipa gharama ya ziada kwa ajili yao. Ninaweza pia kupanga uhifadhi wa vikundi vya kibinafsi ambavyo vitakusaidia kujisikia ujasiri zaidi. Jiunge nami ili kuwa na siku njema na kuunda kumbukumbu zisizoweza kusahaulika ulipokuwa Roma!

Mambo ya kufanya karibu na EUR

⭐ Outdoor Rome Pasta & Pizza Cooking Class ⭐
THIS CLASS INCLUDES TIRAMISU' AND LIMONCELLO TASTING - UNLIMITED HOME MADE WINE ARE YOU READY for the highlight of your trip to Rome? A unique foodie experience that you'll never forget with Chef Giuseppe and the Rome Pizza School Team. Small Groups per Chef, will guarantee a One to One caring for the attendees. A technical and fun up to 4h course that will allow you in a few hours to know all the secrets for pasta and pizza, taught by a true licensed Mastro Pizzaiolo and Pastaio. You can not miss this incredible experience. what we will do? 1) I will come to pick you up at the metro station 2) let's start with preparing the pizzas with one of my beautiful wood-burning ovens! 3) we will prepare 3 types of dough (pasta with eggs, pasta with water, pizza) 4) I will teach you 10 types of pasta shapes to make when you come back home 5) we will prepare 2 pasta dishes with 2 different sauces 6) Taste my famous tiramisu 7) I will take you back to the subway station 8) you will receive a summary document that explains step by step everything we have done together All this will take place in a bucolic setting, immersed in the nature inside our cozy wood little cooking village. Our own wine will not fail during the class Vegetarians & Vegans welcome (no dessert and cheese for vegans) Gluten-free ask for avail (+25 eu pp) CELIAC DISEASE IS NOT ADMITTED
Bike in the ancient Rome
All roads lead to Rome! If Roman roads are so famous the Ancient Appian Way is the Queen of the Roman Roads and you'll see it exactly as it was 2000 years ago. First we will meet at the Bar and have a coffee before we start. Than we'll bike through a park, to the most ancient Roman road, the Appian Way, with glimpses of rare beauty, and get to the ancient Roman Aqueducts immersed in typical Mediterranean nature. The ride is relaxing, with many stops, the pace is slow, you get to see Rome off the beaten path, enjoying the surprising beauty of mother nature and ancient ruins, just a few kilometers apart from the hustle and bustle of the city center. So GET READY TO RIDE FOR ALMOST 15 KM (10 MILES), through some of the city’s most unique sightseeing, discover hidden spots in nature, see some of the unknown gems of Rome and get back to your place with perfect pictures. Other things to note: You will have to be able to ride for 15 km (10 miles), almost all in the plain, part on regular roads (with cars), plus part on unpaved bumping roads. Bring a bottle for water, sunglasses and cream in summer time, a raincoat if rain is expected.
Handmade Pasta & Roman Sauces with Riccardo
ARE YOU READY FOR A ROMAN COOKING EXPERIENCE? You'll be welcomed into my Grandma's house to learn the ancient and famous art of making handmade pasta. We will make pasta from scratch. We will be a maximum of 6 participants like in a real Italian family to make everything more authentic :) You'll be able to make traditional Italian pasta like Ravioli, Fettuccine, Tortellini, Cappelletti, Farfalle or Spaghetti alla Chitarra. Using only the freshest ingredients, I'll also show you how to prepare famous Italian sauces. Since I was born and raised in Rome I will focus my attention on famous roman sauces like Amatriciana, Cacio & Pepe, or Carbonara. Don't worry if you're vegetarian or vegan, there is a special menu also for you! Of course, after cooking, we'll enjoy what we have prepared in a genuine Italian meal all together with complimentary wine :) * Vegetarians and Vegans are welcome! ** Please inform me about any food allergies or dietary restrictions. *** Possibility to arrange the class with options for other recipes like potato gnocchi, tiramisu, risotto, etc. if you book the private class. If you look at the calendar and don't find a date or time, send me a message in the chat.
Catacombs The Coolest Underground Tour
Literally the coolest tour in Rome! We go underground where it is 16°C (60°F for us Yankees) a great way to beat the heat With over 300 km of underground tunnels surrounding Rome, even if you go out there alone, they will not let you go down by yourself, only with a guide to assure you don't get lost and become a permanent resident. With 10 years guiding experience under my belt, I will take you off the beaten path and bring ancient Roman society to life, telling the Stories behind the art and architecture. Showing you the masterpieces that you absolutely have to see before you leave Rome. We first go down to the Basilica that was built at the end of the 4th century AD above the tomb of the two martyrs Nereus and Achilleu. Then we will walk down further to the Best Preserved Catacombs of Rome. I will introduce you to the early Christian community of Imperial Rome, and of Catholicism in the city between the 2nd and 9th centuries. Ending near the Appia Antica where you are free to continue your Adventures. Tickets not included please see notes Other things to note Some stairs involved, no wheelchairs access, comfortable shoes are recommended, temperature of the site is 16° C (60.8° F). Tickets are not included they will be purchased on site CASH ONLY (no credit card or bancomat): Adults: 10,00 € Between 6 to 15 years: 7,00 € 0 to 5 years: FREE
Join me for a tour you'll never forget! Spend a day like a true italian with a real roman man! Here you'll be treated to a typical 1950s style Italian breakfast "Cornetto & Cappuccino" at Mister Armando's coffee shop. We'll cycle through the oldest district of Rome:Trastevere, before heading for the Tiberina Island and the Jewish Ghetto. And here, it's pizza time! The pizzeria we will visit dates back to 1824, and you'll get to enjoy their delicious traditional Roman pizza! We'll continue by crossing the "Campo de Fiori" food market to be by famous Navona square. Cycling through the Foro Romano,the heart of Rome, we'll arrive at the Colosseum. Riding down from Aventino Hill, we'll head to Testaccio, one of the least touristic districts. Here we can choose to eat the traditional roman lunch at our private garden or by my private kitchen studio. I'll happy to cook for you a genuine roman pasta :Cacio e Pepe or Amatriciana or my gramma's carbonara recipe. Seeing me at work you'll enjoy a glass of prosecco eating some Italian snacks.. During our lunch we'll taste "glasses" of Italian wine. Desert and limoncello are guaranteed!! In case you want eat only the Roman street food, enjoy my other expedites Bikes and bites in Rome

Mambo ya kufanya karibu na Ostiense

Rome Panoramic Tour by Classic Vintage Car Spider
Rome Panoramic Tour: Jump back in the 60s on board of our classic vintage vehicles: Fiat Siata Spring 850 Spider from 1971 (2 people) Volkswagen Maggiolone Spider from 1975 (3-4 people) Mercedes Bens 280 SE Spider from 1970 (3-4 people) Volkswagen Samba T1 Spider from 1962 (6/7 people) Volkswagen T1 from 1963 (6/7 people) Let's join this tour with us if you wish to have a lot of fun and see the stunning views and panoramas of Rome in a classy way. While driving trough the ancient streets, embrace the "dolce vita" in the city which has inspired people to visit for millennia. Our tour focus on the spectacular views of the eternal city from the following hills: Aventine, Capitoline, Palatine, Gianicolo and Pincian Hill. We will recover from the long tour with a superb Aperitivo in one of the best cocktail bar of Rome in Trastevere neighborhood. We are happy to customize the tour in accordance to your needs. We are delighted to deliver a unique and unforgettable tailor made experiences on board of our vintage cars. Book a tour to feel the adrenaline of an old vintage movie in modern times!
Italian Folk Music Experience / concert & storytelling
As a music lover and musician, every time I travel I look for ways to engage with the local music. And I realised that this wasn't all that easy to do in my very own city. So we're here to change that. We'll create an evening of traditional italian folk music! Part concert, part talk; We will sing, play and help you understand the lyrics and stories behind the music. Italy's musical heritage is rich and varied, probably more than you think. You’ll hear Roman murder ballads, Neapolitan lullabys and Pizzicas from Puglia, and perhaps a dance step or two ... We will share the stories behind the music and hopefully leave you feeling like you’ve deepened your experience of Italy. ** The event will take place in a private venue in the heart of Garbatella, and right after the show you'll be able to go sample one of the many fabulous restaurants in the vicinity.
Real Roman Pasta - No machinery allowed
We'll meet and we'll have a typical italian breakfast, to get to meet each other, in a great old "bar", the meeting point of my loved historical neighborhood! I was born and raised here. After our breakfast we'll go home & you'll learn how to make 3 different kinds of the real handmade italian pasta in our cozy kitchen. Two differents doughs & 3 ways: Fettuccine, Ravioli, and Strozzapreti! We'll follow real tradition, so...No machinery at all for pasta! :) I'll teach you everything, we'll use just our hands to create something special! We'll use first quality, fresh ingredients, we'll cook our pasta and we'll enjoy the amazing meal we made together like a family! You'll taste a very good wine I'll select for you, and then an italian delicious dessert. Before we say goodbye you'll taste a typical roman espresso while enjoying a wonderful rooftop view of Rome from the private big terrace of my building! If you are a solo traveller and you'd like to be in a group, please text me before booking so I'll help you finding the closest day to join a group! :) Other things to note If you'll be around, ask me about New Year's Eve!! It's gonna be a special!! :)
Fotografie nella Roma autentica
Your trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the world deserves to be told! You will discover an authentic fascinating Roman neighbourhood where you can live and experience the real Rome. While we wander across the area I will tell you more about its history and we will have fun taking your pictures. But it all starts with a coffee together in the best bar of Garbatella! It will be an opportunity for you to walk around and enjoy the Roman life and beauty that you might have never seen alone. Types of photos available with my photographic style: - Individual and / or couple portraits - Fashion shoot, Lifestyle - Engagement/ proposal For any specific request (different location/ photos/meeting point etc.) let me know by contacting me on Instagram @martine.dicarlo77 I am even available to take you on a private surprise location photoshoot! Ps. My sessions are private: a maximum of 2 people. Ideal for the solo traveller, couple, family, surprise gift.. The meeting point is Metro B exit Garbatella, easily reachable taking the underground from Roma Termini. From there I will walk you to the most fascinating and enchanting areas of the neighbourhood. It is a jem off the beaten track, unknown to most people. You will live the real Rome and enjoy the secret hidden views ! - Remember to verify your ID once you booked -
La Garbatella, une visite insolite à deux pas de Rome
Découvrez le quartier de Garbatella, à seulement 4 stations de métro du Colisée. Une immersion insolite de 3h dans la cité-jardin de Rome. Crée dans les années 20, Garbatella est devenu le bastion de l'anti-fascisme et du communisme. Longtemps considérée comme un hameau populaire un peu infâme, elle est aujourd'hui l'un des quartiers les plus convoités de la capitale. Durant cette balade, nous découvrirons la piazza Brin, lieu historique où tout a commencé. Nous irons ensuite dans les cours des "Lotti" et ferons un arrêt au "Bar dei Cesaroni", point de rendez-vous des habitants. Nous ferons un passage obligé à la fontaine de Carlotta pour y boire 3 gorgées d'eau pour ainsi réaliser vos voeux! Nous clôturerons notre tour à deux pas de là, dans le quartier de Tor Marancia, musée d'art urbain à ciel ouvert grâce au projet "Big City Life".
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